Ability Status Cost Rare Summary
Charge Available 4 No +4 energon during !passes.
Cloak Available 10 Yes Hide at will, sneak attack on reveal.
Construction Available 5 No Rebuild and patch vehicle and base objects, using TECH.
Crackshot Available 4 No Take aim for self or ally, using INT.
Demolition Available 5 No Build bombs and grenades, using TECH.
Dive Available 2 No Improve AGL underwater, using VEL.
Enhanced Senses Available 6 No Reveal hidden targets, hear mutters.
Evade Available 9 Yes Bluff opponent, dodge all attacks. Consumes ENG rapidly.
FTL Unavailable 6 N/A Travel insterstellar distances. Obsolete.
Flight Available 2 No Improve AGL at high altitude, using VEL.
Forcefield Available 6 No Cast around self or ally to use ENG in place of END.
Generate Unavailable N/A N/A Superior form of Charge.
Heal Available 4 No Revive, heal, and patch player characters, using TECH.
Hide Available 5 No Hide at will; no sneak attack on reveal.
Holograms Available 6 No Produce large convincing holograms. No combat effect.
Inspire Available 3 No Raise the COU of one or more allies, using LDR.
Interception Available 8 Yes Comprehensive powers over channel and point-to-point radio.
Jamming Unavailable 5 N/A Block point-to-point radio.
LR Radio Available 1 No Send point-to-point radio between planets.
Operator Available 4 No Humanoids gain a vehicle/exo-suit mode with its own point pool.
Pilot Available 2 No Pilot vehicle objects.
Radar Available 8 Yes Reveal multiple hidden targets simultaneously.
Recalibrate Available 4, 2 if the character already has Repair No Patch general stat damage, using INT + TECH.
Refuel Available 4 No Refuel allies' ENG. Fuel reserve based on TECH.
Reinforce Available 4, 2 if the character already has Repair No Patch ARM damage, using INT + TECH.
Repair Available 5 No Revive, repair and patch player characters.
Resupply Available 4 No Reload ammo for self or ally more often than NPCs.
Scout Available 5 No Boost damage for self or ally vs. target, using INT.
Sneak Available 8 Yes Hide once before combat, gain sneak attack on reveal.
Space Flight Available 4 No Improve AGL in space, using VEL.
Space Walk Available 2 No Slightly improve AGL in space, using VEL.
Swim Available 1 No Improve AGL in water rooms, using VEL.
Weaponsmith Available 7 Yes Build weapons for self and allies. Allied use consumes AP.


  • Abilities are not inclusive. (e.g. FTL does not include Flight, Dive does not include Swim)
  • 8, 9, and 10-point abilities require majority Wizard approval.
  • Enhanced_Senses does not require majority Wizard approval.

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