Missing image
Name Acid Bath
Faction Decepticon
Function Assistant Technician
Alt Mode Acid Creature/Star Freighter
Type OC


"I was only t-trying to h-help ..."

Created by the diabolical scientist Axefist in a sadistic experiment that fused alien mental patterns on a crystalline matrix to serve as a data-core. After serving Axefist for some time as an inept assistant, Acid Bath fled the secret interstellar laboratories after his master vanished in bizarrechemical explosion. After drifting aimlessly through the cosmos, he returned to Cybertron where he joined the war effort for something to do with his life. A skulking, belligerent coward; has to be threatened to perform even the smallest task. Leaks corrosive fluids where ever he goes. Manufactures a variety of acids inside internal chemical pools. Coated with an unknown alloy that renders him impervious to his own toxins. A mutated triple changer, transforms into some sort of acid-secreting creature and into an interstellar cargo hauler.



  • Active around 1996.



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