Name Aether
Faction Decepticon
Function Aerial Support
Alt Mode Tetrajet
Type OC


"Serve the Kingdom, not the King."

Aether believes in fighting for the cause, not the commander. Seeks only to aid the Empire. While respecting her commanders' positions and stations, she is willing to cautiously disregard orders for the greater benefit of her faction. Extremely fast and agile, both as robot and pyramid-jet seeker. Highly skilled pilot; able to fly a transport vehicle almost as nimbly as herself. Armed with twin Negative Ion Projectors that can erode a hole in a 6" thick metal plate in seconds. Loyalty to Decepticon cause can be exploited. Somewhat naïve, not too tough.


Aether was first activated over 4,000,000 years ago, before the Ark Mission robbed Cybertron's factions of its greatest heroes. While loyal, her unwillingness to backstab and cheat to gain favor amongst her superiors left her as little more than a trench fighter. She continued her loyal service under the command of Shockwave, until severe energon shortages caused her to make a carefully planned decision. She volunteered to be placed in stasis until enough energon could be gathered to warrant her reactivation. This would mean indefinite unconsciousness, but would leave her alive... and perhaps garner favor, thanks to her selfless actions. She has recently been reactivated, thanks in part to the ever-increasing quantity of energon available.


  • Aether is mainly retired, though she can be brought out to play if necessary.



Aether was created and played by Emeraldbeacon.

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