Name Afterburner
Faction Autobot
Function Gunner
Alt Mode Attackcycle
Type FC


"Following leaders leads nowhere."

Quick to anger, even quicker to attack. Hates authority, and is often defiant, uncooperative, and nasty-tempered. In vehicle mode, uses solid rocket fuel packs to boost speed to 450 mph. Tires secrete adhesive that enables him to drive up most walls. Carries 2 laser-guided incendiary missiles, and rapid-fire plasma pulse cannon. In robot mode, uses semi-automatic sonic blaster pistol. Combines with fellow Technobots to form Computron.



  • Has a personality more suited to the Dinobots.
    • Rather fitting, being built by one.
  • He can drive up walls in motorcycle mode!!


LogGrabber - 20 page(s) found in 0.080 sec. (2018/11/16 05:46:53)
  • Old School vs Techno School - Afterburner walks in on a training session throwing insults. Trailbreaker throws the first punch and a melee errupts between two Arkians and two Technobots.
  • Christmas in April? - Pranks and presents abound in an April 'Fools' moment. And Red Alert threatens Sideswipe - again.
  • Gestaltered States Begins! - 
  • Man Behind the Curtain - WHO brought Thunderwing back from the depths of space? WHY was the Autobot Penumbra found drifting and half dead? WHERE have the Deluxe Insecticons gone? WHO has been committing acts of sabotage and murder in the Decepticon camp? WHO has been plotting on the sidelines, setting up the pieces? WHO is the old enemy about to return? These answers and more are revealed when the Autobots stage a heavy assault on the damaged NCC.
  • Computron Ultimate Upgrade - 
  • A New Base at the Old Center - 
  • Onslaught Conquers the Moon - The Decepticons are up to no good on Earth's moon. Unfortunately, a strong yet calculating Autobot response is on hand.
  • 2035 Olympics- MW Full- Kenya vs Blast Off - It's Blast Off vs. Kenya Momesa in the Middleweight Full Combat- Round 2!
  • How Backfire Got His 'Groove' Back - Begrudgingly answering a house call to check in on Firebase 1172-A, the Seeker simpleton engages a Technobot who he mistakes for a Protectobot.. hilarity ensues.
  • One Small Step for Bugs, One Giant Leap for Bugkind - Afterburner, on Kup's insistence, brings a party to Vex.. where the Wreckers had evacuated a community of scientists from BUGS. His team's goal is to find out what lurks just beneath the surface of this planet.
  • Backfire and the Date of DOOM! - Having bested Torque in one on one combat, Backfire has arranged for their date in Iacon's own Maccadam's Old Oil House!! Attempting to woo her onto the Decepticon side, the Seeker simpleton fails and attempts to poison her instead. Special guest appearance of a Wrecker AND lots of Autobot channel chatter.
  • Sterling's Sterilization - Sterling is given a quick talk to, Fray gets a shield from Wheeljack, Trailbreaker displays some clever maneuvering with forcefield tech, Arcee and Chromia look to Tarn and beyond!!
  • General Hospital: Iacon "To Arcee or Not To Arcee" - After Arcee's run in with Buzzsaw a night before, the Military CO is left beaten.. broken.. voiceless (kinda).. the Autobots center around their fallen comrade, trying to solve the mystery that originated from Tyrest.
  • Upgrade in Progress - A predator waits until his prey shows signs of weakness or vulnerability...
  • Black Markets, Circuit Boosters, Silly Seekers, and More!! - Another raid under Backfire's belt, the Autobots can only look by helplessly as the Seeker makes off with more goods.. but is there a chink in the armor? What does Arcee discover when questioning the Zemurian merchant??
  • Autobot Channel Traffic: Backfire - A companion to the Black Markets, Circuit Boosters, Silly Seekers, and More!! log, this is a collection of the channel traffic concerning Backfire that was cut from the log to not interrupt from the flow of reading!!