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Name Alex Hammond
Faction Terran
Function Psychologist
Alt Mode
Type OC


"To control anything, you must first learn to control yourself."

Alex Hammond has his own unique technique for analysing his patients. His maverick style makes him no less effective than more conventional people in the field, however. Generally easy-going and a good lister, but not too sociable. Often worries more about other's problems than his own. Willing to give his services to whomever wants them, be it human, Autobot, Decepticon or whatever else walks into his office. Very open-minded and willing to alter his most fundamental views on things, given good reason. Alex is virtually useless in combat situations and avoids them whenever possible. Spends much of his free time playing video games or going for long walks.


Alex has had a fairly uninteresting life. He received his psychology degree in a small university, then moving to San Francisco just recently at the age of 27.


  • Alex's primary patients were Matthew Sharp and David Pariah. And believe me, they needed it. He tried to give Samantha therapy, but she refused.
  • Amy Firebrand gave birth on his couch for patients to lie on. The stain didn't entirely come out.
  • He is very curious about Transformers, almost to an unhealthy degree. When the Decepticons had control of Africa, he considered journeying there to study them. It's probably for the best that he did not. As it is, he has only met Divebomb and Trailbreaker historically.
  • He once met the famous singer Sina.



The same player as Earthscorch since May 28, 1998.

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