Application Costs

STATS: (Str, Dex, End, Spd, Frp, Int, Ldr, Cou, Tech)

  • See Stats for explanations.
  • Cost 1 point per point (6 Strength costs 6 points)
  • Minimum 1, maximum 10


  • See Velocity for miles-per-hour equivalents.
  • Cost 1 point per point (4 Velocity costs 4 points)
  • Minimum 0, maximum 10, but MUST be logical speeds for a mode.


  • See Size for height equivalents.
  • Costs: 5 is FREE. Every size above 5 costs 2, every size below 'costs' -1. (Size 7 costs 4, size 5 costs 0, size 3 costs -2)
  • Transformers without at least 8 in total sizes are made with 58 points, not 80. Note this is sizes, not size costs.


  • See Ranged Attacks and Melee Attacks for attacks and costs.
  • No more than 4 points between attacks per mode. (ie: Fire (1) and Rocket (5) are fine (5-1=4), Fire (1) and Plasma (6) are not (6-1=5)

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