Name Astracius
Faction Quintesson
Function Quintesson Commander
Alt Mode Unknown
Type OC


"Ahhh, another guinea pig."

Astracius is still the same cruel, cowardly menace he has always been. Only difference is he now commands the mighty Quintesson Empire...well what used to be mighty, and is struggling to regain what they had in that lost age. This is now Astracius' main aim, to bring his people back to their former glory, and therefore get them subjects to forward their science. More aware of others' needs now, he isn't so willing to waste energy needlessly, and so considers all proposed operations carefully. Evil to the circuit, his primary concern is always his own safety, would send whole regiments out to defend himself.


Pre-dating the Quintessons' original occupation of Cybertron, Astracius is not only aware of exactly who the Cybertronians' creator was, he worked with him prior to Primus departing to eventually create the Transformers.

While a mid-level scientist, Astracius performed untold horrors while experimenting on Transformer slaves during the original occupation. However unlike many Quintessons present was able to escape during the uprising.

Over the following millenium he increased his power within the Quintesson Empire, made easier by said Empire's slow decline. Eventually, sometime after 2008 he ousted Verdicus (the Quintesson who presided over the trial of Hot Rod and Kup) to become Maximus Domine.

He has shown a distinct interest in Humans over the last two and a half decades, particularly Krystal MacKenzie. He has also developed an unhealthy desire to kill the Decepticon Airwolf.

He also appears to have a deep seated hatred for any other Quintesson that gets in the way of his plans or costs him resources, specifically those responsible for the second occupation of Cybertron and the loss of Trokius, both events he views as horrific mistakes.

Despite the apparent exodus from this universe by the majority of Quintessons, Astracius evidentally remained to inflict his future plans on the universe.


  • Astracius maintains his position as Maximus Domine mostly by ensuring all new Sharkticons have an overriding obedience to him. Being a scientist has advantages.
  • Only Michael Jackson has had his face repaired more than Astracius. So far Chikome Ollin has 1 face, Galvatron has 2.

Scientific Ventures

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  • The Shuttle Job - The Autobots are about to launch their newly refurbished shuttle the Secutor when an alarm comes in of a massive assault on Cybertron. All shuttles scramble, but the Secutor can't seem to power it's engines on. Will the Secutor miss the party, or is it the focus of the attack?
  • 2035 Olympics - Heavy Full - Grimlock vs Shockwave - In the abandoned city of Karagandy, Shockwave and Grimlock have a showdown for the opening bout of the Heavy Full-Combat division of the 2035 Olympics. A mad squid presides over the event.
  • Astracius encounters Counterpunch - Counterpunch approaches Astracius with an interesting offer.
  • 2035 Olympics Science Contest - A contest of science, where things go BOOM! For SCIENCE!


1995 - As an OC Astracius has had the same player since late in the MUSH's first year.

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