Quickswitch's personalized copy.

The Autobot Handbook, also known as the Autobot Field Manual, is a standardized text that all Autobots are required to read as part of their indoctrination-- err -- training. It covers the basic moral principles, operating procedures and rules of engagement of the Autobots. While all Autobots are supposedly required to have read and memorized the Handbook, few even know it exists. Notable among them are Rodimus Prime and Cliffjumper.

The Handbook, in addition to teaching Autobots the basic tenets of their faction's philosophy, also gives rudimentary tactical lessons, including a section on using banter or chatter to distract opponents in a fight.

Most copies of the Autobot Handbook are bound and printed, but it is also available as a series of cassette tapes, read aloud by Seaspray.


  • 1. Freedom is the right of all sentient (sic) beings.
  • 2. An Autobot shall not kill except as the absolute last resort, no matter the circumstances.
  • 3. No smoking.
  • 28. No Autobot shall put their own life above that of an innocent being.
  • 34. Every culture has value, even if their customs seem strange or contrary. This does not apply to the French or to whatever Sleezardo is (Space French).


  • Quickswitch has violated several of the handbook rules. They aren't helping the Autobots win the war, and Quickswitch wishes those in charge wouldn't refuse to recognize this undeniable truth and the wisdom of a direct approach.
  • The Wreckers have their own code. Only they know what it is.
  • Sideswipe claims that Quickswitch's face violates the handbook. So far, he has been unable to cite the passage backing this up.
  • No smoking? Frag that - Encore
  • Autobot Handbook Section 12: Identifying Dangers sub-pararaph 27 AKA The Chromia addendum "In order to identify if Chromia is grumpy or if you are in danger, check if her optics are active. If they are you might want to be careful.
  • The handbook never specifies Dinobots, so they readily claim exemption. That is, assuming they even know it exists.

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