Name Bandit
Faction Decepticon
Function Air Warrior
Alt Mode Su-47 XF "Berkut"
Type OC


"Incredible circumstances require unparalleled effort, to provide a victorious outcome."

This dedicated and talented warrior gives 110 percent and more, everyday ...everywhere. His motivational attitude and keen battle sense makes him a great influence on what transpires on the field of combat. Bandit has an uncanny will to overcome the most deadly of odds. His incredible reflexes and unmatched agility make this seeker a deadly opponent. He tends to frustrate his foes and cause them to make mistakes in his flurry of attacks. Bandit flies at speeds well over Mach 3 and has yet to reach his limit. In jet mode, he is armed with an array of missiles, disruptors, and a 20mm cannon. In robot mode, his arms release and ignite napalm, creating flame-throwers. He can also fire blasts from his optics. This adventurous seeker enjoys taking the initiative and the challenge of turning a seemingly hopeless cause into a victory. He makes things happen and should never be underestimated.

Skills: Aerial_Combat/Tactics, Acrobatics, Space Combat Tactics, Willpower


  • Bandit's nickname is 'Bus', 'cause you're about to be taken to SCHOOL.
  • Bandit actually has a non seeker brother, Avalanche.
100 0946

This is an Anime Style version of Bandit that I drew in 2002.



  • Bring On The Blue - Collectors edition! The first appearance of Blueshift, at the Monacus Olympics!



  • Killarn Strike: Inception - Fusillade and Catechism report in to Galvatron for some pre-strike feedback regarding the Killarn metals factory.


  • Defcon Baits Bandit - Late to a title bout match? Try picking a fight with your on-time rival!
  • Combat Evaluations - Several combat rounds take place to allow Fusillade a chance to better size up the troops.
  • Medical Instability - Bandit and Catechism have been repaired from their valiant defense against the transorganic xenomorphs, but has permanent damage been done?
  • Goin' to SCHOOL - Get on the Bus! Bandit indulges Fusillade in some inaugural dogfighting. At night. With a black Sukhoi. What was she thinking?! She is reminded that it takes more than targeting hardware to nail nimble opponents.


  • Vindicator Destroys Panama - The Decepticons introduce Earth to the flying gestalt Vindicator, while the Autobots race to save the Panama Canal!


  • Test Run - The Decepticons decide to test the new Pretender shells... by flattening P'yongyang

Bandit Decepticon by Heatherbeast

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