Name Bloodwulf
Faction Decepticon
Function Tracker/Terminator
Alt Mode Sweepcraft
Type OFC


"The hunt never ends."

Stubborn and strong-willed, Bloodwulf is seldom deterred from his chosen path. Tireless and completely dedicated, but borders on obsessive in his actions. Will trail a target until either he or it is finished. Strongest of the Sweeps. As robot, carries laser rifle. As sweepcraft, has radar-reflect pinpointing scanners, dual laser beam turrets, and faster-than-light capabilities. Tunnel vision often hurts him as much as it helps him... often walks right into traps by concentrating too intently on his prey.



  • Bloodwulf was terminated in a brutal battle with the Alt-U Millitant: Chikome-Ollin.
  • A.K.A. "The Stubborn One" or "The Feral One"



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