Bored on Patrol

Who: Catechism, Foxfire, Grimlock, Impulse, Jayson Redfield, Antoinne-Rigide Picard, Ramjet, Silverbolt, and Talazia Keldahoff.
IC Year: 2029
Location: Earth Broadband
TP: Non-TP


While patrolling New Crystal City airspace, Ramjet decides to get a kickstart on re-igniting old rivalries.

<Decepticon> D-56 Ramjet says, "Hnn.. how to .. oh yes."

<Earth> Ramjet transmits, "*zzhhh* -verbolt. I know you *klkkzz* hear me."

<Earth> Grimlock says, "Me Grimlock hear you!"

<Earth> Former Prime Picard says, "I hear you too!"

<Earth> Ramjet says, "Eh? Grim-*bzzchh*-k? Give Silverdolt a message for me."

<Earth> Foxfire asks flatly, "What is it?"

<Earth> Grimlock says, "Me Grimlock give you PUNCH IN FACE."

<Earth> Ramjet says, "*yzzzzzchh*.. yourself in the face. Might be *ffffzzzz*-ent."

<Earth> Ramjet says, "This is the l-*zzzzrrkkk* .. let a Dinobot distract *kzzzzrchh*."

<Earth> Foxfire says, "Hearing a buncha static.  Probably not important!"

<Earth> Ramjet transmits the sound of aggressive knob-twisting.

<Earth> Sounding like Mike! Nate Briar says, "I think he's on the toliet. Yeah, he's trying to flush."

<Earth> Ramjet says, "Stupid Earth digital network.."

<Earth> Foxfire snickers.

<Earth> Ramjet says, "Analog was much better. Nnnh."

<Earth> Ramjet says, "Can you hear me now, chopperface?"

<Earth> Grimlock says, "Me Grimlock hear, but me bet you have nothin' to say!"

<Earth> Sounding like Mike! Nate Briar says, "He's done with the pooper, Grimlock."

<Earth> Ramjet says, "ME HAVE ONE THING TO S... hnnnh.. I have one thing to say."

<Earth> Ramjet says, "Tell Silverbolt that the skies of this world are no longer friendly."

<Earth> Ramjet says, "Uh.. again."

<Earth> Foxfire says, "Whateeeeever you say, conehead."

<Earth> Ramjet says, "Lock it up, Firefox."

<Earth> Ramjet says, "And that goes double for your human friends."

<Earth> Foxfire says, "It's Foxfire.  Not Firefox."

<Earth> Talazia Keldahoff says, "Who IS this nut?"

<Earth> Ramjet says, "It doesn't matter what your name is!"

<Earth> Foxfire says, "That would be an idiot Deception, miss."

<Earth> Grimlock says, "Psh. Air not important anyway."

<Earth> Ramjet says, "This is D-56 Ramjet, Decepticon Aerospace and the skies are my castle."

<Earth> Ramjet says, "..and I like to live alone."

<Earth> Talazia Keldahoff says, "you have a castle up there?  is it heavy?"

<Earth> Jayson Redfield says, "All I'm hearin' is 'blah blah blah'..."

<Earth> Impulse says, "After all those nasty rumors about you being best friends with Blot, I can't IMAGINE why that would be the case."

<Earth> Grimlock says, "Him am king of NOTHING."

<Earth> Silverbolt says, "Ramjet...I know you like me and everything, but I don't want to kiss you, nor hold hands with you.......and you know 
the restraining can't come within 10 miles of me."

<Earth> Ramjet says, "Too bad, Autoscum."

<Earth> Silverbolt says, "I just.....don't like you like that."

<Earth> Ramjet says, "I want you. I want you close."

<Earth> Ramjet says, "I want to feel your plating crumple against my cone."

<Earth> Silverbolt says, "I'm not that kind of BOT!"

<Earth> Ramjet says, "And, after softly creaking, give way so I feel your internal wiring snapping against me."

<Earth> Sunder says, "Why Ramjet, you should play your games with my brother Singe.  He would appreciate it greatly."

<Earth> Ramjet says, "Your days are numbered, Aerialbot trash."

<Earth> Sunder says, "Yes, they are numbered!  If that Seeker does not take you down, the Sweeps certainly will!"

<Earth> Silverbolt says, "Oh well.  I should go talk with megatron again.  at least he sounds intelligent before he blasts you.  Ramjet would 
only bore me to death."

<Earth> Grimlock says, "Blah blah blah. Septi cons talking like always. Booooooring."

<Earth> Ramjet says, "When I get done with you, you're spending the rest of your life-cycle wingless and limping on the ground where all you 
and your kind belong."

<Earth> Ramjet says, "Oh, and your little dog, Raindance, too."

<Earth> Impulse says, "That sounds vaguely disturbing on so many levels.  It's official... you need serious counseling.  I have an idea, 
though:  Soundwave is your resident New-Age Sensitive Decepticon Mom.  I suggest talking to him, okay?"

<Earth> Silverbolt yawns too.  "hey Ramjet?  Get in line."

<Earth> Ramjet says, "I don't stand in lines."

<Earth> Silverbolt says, "the only thing I've seen you do is suck afterburner.....and you seemed to like it."

<Earth> Ramjet says, "I butt through them."

<Earth> Catechism says, "Don't talk about Soundwave that way!"

<Earth> Jayson Redfield says, "Soundwave...?"

<Earth> Silverbolt says, "Aaaanyways.  I'm going to go back to what I was doing."

<Earth> Ramjet says, "Buying lubricant?"

<Earth> Ramjet says, "Make sure you get -plenty-."

<Earth> Ramjet says, "You're going to need every ounce of it."

<Earth> Silverbolt belches into the connection before it clicks off.

<Earth> Impulse chuckles.  "Let me guess, little femme:  you're already going to Soundwave for counseling, aren't you?  Maybe you should talk 
to your little friend here and tell him the benefits of hanging with Big Blue and Boxy."

<Decepticon> D-56 Ramjet says, "Ramjet here. Patrol cycle is complete. Switching to off-duty." 

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