Name Breakdown
Faction Decepticon
Function Scout
Alt Mode Racecar
Type FC


"Keep your optical sensor to yourself."

Thinks everyone is staring at him, even Earth cars and stoplights. His self-consciousness hurts his performance. Finds heavy traffic nerve-wracking. When stationed on Earth, he sometimes wishes he were human, to blend in better. In car mode, engine emits vibrations that cause mechanical failures in other vehicles; prone to leaky fuel pump. In robot mode, carries a concussion rifle which also causes mechanical failures. Combines with fellow Stunticons to form Menasor.



Yes, I'm @#$%&# Breakdown. Stop staring at me.


  • Breakdown has a hyper-sensitive awareness to all forms of potential danger.
    • This makes him an effective scout, well, except for the countless false alarms.
  • Breakdown is really just an average Joecon trying to get through his day without dying.
  • Despite his abilities, Breakdown's personality makes him the black sheep of the Stunticons.



  • Tentacles of Doom - A group of Decepticons explore the remains of the old Antarctic base... and find unwelcome squatters!
  • Cattle Run: A herd of energon-producing Turbosteer somehow appear on Arizona... and on the scene is a Pretender-powered Blueshift going toe-to-toe with Prime!
  • Ghost and Sharks and Quints - Before anyone has time to puzzle over their strange wraith-like visitor, there are reports of Quintesson activity in New York. There, in place of the Statue of Liberty, they discover a Quintesson ghost-ship and loads of confused Sharkticons
  • Charr'd - The juiced-up Junkions gain the Decepticon's ire by attacking Charr itself!


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