Name Brigand
Faction Decepticon
Function Tracker / Terminator
Alt Mode Sweepcraft
Type OFC


"You won't be needing this anymore."

An unrepentant looter... always picks the most valuable items off a deceased target, then pawns them off for as much energon as he can. Greedy, unprincipled... not very popular with the other Sweeps. Has uncanny ability to find objects of value... the Sweep most adept at tracking a lost item. Maintains contacts with other bounty hunters, black marketeers. As sweepcraft, has special element-detection sensors and frequency scanner, faster-than-light capabilities. As robot, has vulcan rifle. Extracurricular activities often draw the ire of Scourge.



Brigand stole from the Easter bunny.


  • Brigand would give Swindle a run for his money in a wheeling-and-dealing contest



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