Name Broadcast
Faction Junkion
Alt Mode Bullet Train
Type OC


"When picking fights, I dream of dynamite!"

Built to rule the audio tracks, Broadcast is the Junkions Rock N Roll Express! He has the strength to carry the Junkions up the charts and into victory. His musical adventures often lead Broadcast into a spot of trouble as he tries to battle the Decepticons views and keep his artistic freedoms. While he might be a little bit of a punk and stray away from the Junkions, Broadcast serves his cause with pride! His biggest fear is to be an one hit wonder and never seen again.


Broadcast was built from the parts of a wrecked train engine found on Earth along with some signal tower parts. Broadcast was built by a team of Junkions to be able to combine with other Junkions to form a knock off of the Power Rangers or Voltron. The other Junkions never were able to connect right and scattered along to form their personalities. Broadcast fights for Junkion kind and to perserve Earth. He hopes to release an album there sometime.


The Picture is made by the famous Zetenna [[1]].



       Mode 1: Robot                   Mode 2: Bullet Train           
      Strength      - 84                   Intelligence  - 51  
      Dexterity     - 58                   Leadership    - 9   
      Endurance     - 72                   Courage       - 71  
      Speed         - 75                   Technical     - 43  
      Firepower     - 9                    Energon Limit - 100 
      Mode 1:   Velocity: 17  -*-    Size: 7    -*-   Armor: 4     
      Mode 2:   Velocity: 49  -*-    Size: 8    -*-   Armor: 2    
       Attacks for Mode 1: Area_Melee Blade Crush Disruptor 
                         Kick Pistol Punch Slap Smash Taser 
       Attacks for Mode 2: Disruptor Ram Smash
       Abilities for Mode 1: None 
       Abilities for Mode 2: None
       Skills: Musical_Instrument Poetry Singing



  • Lost My Groove - The Junkions are under the influence of Juice, and raiding a space station. But their cause can be too alluring for some...
  • Junked - The end of the Juice? As the Junkions battle the Autobots and Decepticons on Junk, the puppetmasters behind the curtain are revealed.


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