Name Bulk
Faction Junkion
Function Wrestler
Alt Mode Flatbed Truck
Type OC


"I'm the best there is ooh yeah and my Bulkamaniacs know it!"

Believes professional wrestling is real. Also believes the universe operates according to how professional wrestling works. In his mentality, the Autobots are the "good guy" wrestlers and the Decepticons are the "bad guy" wrestlers. The Junkions, of course, are members of a "stable" and Wreck-Gar is their "manager". He is flamboyant, loud, egotistical, and slightly nuts, like any professional wrestler. In robot mode, prefers hand-to-hand combat to ranged combat, and fights by imitating wrestling moves he saw on TV. Also stores "foreign objects" in subspace (steel chairs, etc.) Also has an optic-blinding "salt throw" attack (a la Mr. Fuji). In flatbed truck mode, can reach speeds of up to 70 mph and ram enemies, also uses a WWI howitzer cannon he can mount on the rear of his flatbed.



  • Active around 1996.



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