Name Bullet
Faction Autobot
Function Air Warrior
Alt Mode Projectile
Type OC


"Get me into the action, fast!"

Bullet was originally built as a partner for Big Shot, an Autobot artillery specialist. One of the smallest Transformers known, Bullet was designed to be fired from Big Shot's massdriver weapon, allowing extremely rapid deployment of this scrappy bot. At some point during the Great War, however, the two were separated, and it's been a long time since Bullet even knew for sure that his partner was still alive. However, deployment to Earth has helped him start to get over his loss, since he's just the right size to interact with the squishy natives of that world. They do break a little easily, though. Saw some action in the year after the death of Optimus Prime, and then largely faded into the background.

Bullet's main attack is to simply ram into an opponent at speeds sometimes exceeding the local speed of sound. In the event that doesn't take out his target, he can either transform and use his surprisingly potent melee strikes to pummel a small (but likely vulnerable) part of his opponent, or use his autocannon to pepper the enemy with 20mm shells. Against foes who are well-defended against matter-based attacks, he's fairly ineffective, lacking energy-based attacks. In a pinch he can try to use his rocket thrusters offensively, but they're hard to aim.


Bullet was also featured on the cover of the BotCon 1995 program.

Redesigned the look of Bullet in 2008:


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