Name Burnout
Faction Autobot
Function Emergency Rescue/Security
Alt Mode Rescue Chopper/Ford Bronco
Type OC


"When in doubt, do it by the book."

Burnout is a pessimistic autobot. He tries to stay out of a fight until the last possible moment. This large Autobot seems to lack the luster in his green optic sensor. In bot mode, he reluctantly wields a standard laser rifle. In his rescue chopper mode, armed with a pair of electro-blasters mounted on his winglets, he flies at subsonic speeds and can carry passengers. In his Bronco mode, he has a grill mounted flame launcher. Burnout is a strict follower of police procedures; Rodimus Prime or Ultra Magnus call on him when a crime needs to be solved or someone needs to be rescued. He feels a bit overwhelmed with the time spent in the war, and at times can get rather nasty, though he never allows something to interfere with his duties.



  • Active around 1996.



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