Name Buzzsaw
Faction Decepticon
Function Reconnaissance
Alt Mode Cassette
Type FC

Off with his head!


"My bite is worse than my bark."

A reconnaissance expert with a certain artistic flair, he approaches each new mission as though working on a new masterpiece. His perfectionism and large ego often cause him to sulk rather than proceed if his plans go astray. Can pinpoint and photograph a thumbtack at 20 miles, and fly at 250 mph soundlessly. Carries twin mortar cannons. Diamond-hard, micro-serrated beak can carve up almost any opponent.

Nom Nom

This arm now belongs to me!


Buzzsaw is always watching.


Big Buzzy

Buzzsaw: 1 Omega Supreme: 0

Buzzsaw is one of Soundwave's creations; a very devious and cunning spy and sabateur. His service record appears, superficially, to be sparse, but he has seen action on EarthCybertron, and various other locations on which the Decepticon forces have required intel, forward scouting, and even a few scare tactics here and there. Truthfully, if you know Buzzsaw has been there, then he has done his job incorrectly.

When developed, Buzzsaw's primary role was that of a reconnaissance scout and intelligence gathering 

operative, but he quickly developed skills in interrogation tactics, honing them into a perceived artform. This has also been rumored to be his method for coping with the often times crude tactics employed by most Decepticons he works with on a regular basis.

Not the most offensively capable of the Cassetticons, he is one of the more fearless. The notion that he is indistructible is not foremost on his mind, but his precision with his own weaponry, including the dreaded beak that has claimed many optics, arms, and other limbs, gives him an air of superiority in the field. This, partnered with his own sadistic, almost 'artistic' mindset towards interrogation tactics and instilling fear amongst both Autobot and Decepticon operatives alike have melded together to forge a unique superiority complex within the Cassetticon himself.

Not that it is entirely undeserved.

I am awesome

It's about to get real.


  • Buzzsaw is the yellow one.
  • He believes everyone can only exist under two categories: Decepticon or Uneducated.
  • The Uneducated will be punished.
  • Buzzsaw's quote is accurate. This is only because he can't actually bark.
  • All conversations will be recorded for Quality and/or Training purposes.
  • A little class goes a long way.
  • His mortars are loud and destructive, but his music is always classy.


Buzzsaw attempts to perform facial deconstruction surgery.


LogGrabber - 52 page(s) found in 0.232 sec. (2017/08/18 01:22:58)
  • Totally Metal - 
  • Goth Opera - The Matrix Quest leads the Autobots and Decepticons to the planet Goth where they will discover their fate. And maybe an old friend...
  • Southwestern Skirmish - What starts out as a routine, boring patrol turns into a free-for-all over the desert.
  • Bird on the Balcony - Buzzsaw makes arrangements to catch Blast Off at the opera for a few questions.
  • Gone the Tape Bird - Buzzsaw is running one of Soundwave's experiments in Germany. The Autobots try to steal it.
  • Drums of War - Soon, hordes of Decepticons will swarm out of Darkreach to take make the Autobots of Markon pay for years of treachery. But first, a party.
  • King of Seekers: Skydive versus Ramjet - Skydive fights Ramjet in a battle of speed versus brute strength. Who will win? And who will Blast Off be more disappointed in?
  • MY Domain - The crossing of flight paths lead to a frightening glimpse of Blast Off's not-so-civilized nature and Air Raid's lesson in "class". Buzzsaw assists/makes things worse.
  • Tower of Markon - The Autobots and Decepticons battle over a region near Markon.
  • Sonic Sabotage - The Decepticons have a sinister plan to keep Crystal City's populace under control. The Autobots have a plan to foil that plan. Whose plan will prevail?
  • Race for...Second place? - Blast Off gets his one-on-one race with Blurr, while disguised as "Streamline"... but will it be what he expects?
  • Oil Raid - Decepticons attempt an oil field raid- and the Bots try to stop them.
  • Determination - Blast Off provides a lesson in combat to Airlift- and both seek to provide a lesson in pride. Rumble and Buzzsaw observe and ask questions.
  • Rise of Silas - Scorponok's ready to take over the Decepticons again, but it seems that someone is trying to beat him to it!
  • Rise of Silas - Decepticon Aftermath - After retreating from the captured Trypticon, the beleaguered Decepticons return to Darkmount and lick their wounds.
  • Prelude to a Rampage - Airlift is more fully reunited with longtime friend and comrade Arachnae, and things don't really go quite as he'd planned. This is the prelude to the events of Rust Seas Rampage.
  • Rust Seas Rampage - Epilogue - After the battle in the Rust Sea, Airlift and Blast Off are in need of significant repair. Thankfully, Carjack is there to see to it, with the tape's making an appearance for good measure! Follows the events of Prelude to a Rampage and Rust Seas Rampage.
  • Spoils of War:The Wharf Effect - The Autobots third and final attempt to reclaim Nova Cronum
  • Between Two Minds - The Decepticons decide to snap Scorponok out of a comatose state induced by Silas--it's the only thing that'll make his loyalists shut up!
  • Nova Cronum Chaos - Its all out warfare in Nova Cronum! But with two Autobot jets on the field, is there going to be a bit of rivalry?
  • Weeeeird Science! - After working to understand the research, Airlift installs powerful new weapons in his allies to assist in the struggles against the Autobots.
  • Death to Blast Off - Blast Off has been drawing the ire of a lot of 'bots lately, for a lot of reasons. Air Raid's rallying has them in the heart of Decepticon territory to try and kill him off, and it's a very, very bad idea.
  • Epic Bar Brawl at the Steel Balloon - A quiet, personal discussion between Arcee and Springer doesn't quite go as planned, and serves as the catalyst to an epic bar brawl which will surely go down in history as one of the Steel Balloon's most epic throwdowns!
  • Thunderwing's Stalkers - Unbeknownst to him, Thunderwing has picked up a bunch of crazy stalkers!
  • Decepticon War Council - Galvatron returns and calls his command team to Castle Decepticon to explain their failures during his absence (i.e. beg for mercy).
  • Overlord Revealed! - The true master of the DJD reveals himself!
  • D.C. Diversion - On Galvatron's orders, Razorclaw leads a strike team to create turmoil on Earth, so that the Decepticons may keep their focus elsewhere in the galaxy.
  • Planting Seeds of Doubt - Near the end of the titan Olympic bout between Defcon and Roadbuster, a couple of Decepticons see a golden opportunity to plant some seeds of doubt into one of the most stalwart freedom fighters the Autobots have.
  • 2035 Olympics - Heavy Full - Defcon vs Roadbuster - SO MUCH GUN! There is no other way to sum up a fight between one gunslinger space bounty hunter and the Wreckers' own titanic walking armory.
  • The Undoing - Buzzsaw and Blast Off seek out Tarnian rebels to encourage.
  • Blast Off delivery service - Punch intercepts Blast Off bringing ammo and propaganda into Tarn. Things get out of hand.
  • 2035 Olympics Tape Slobberknocker - It's the Olympics, and they wouldn't be complete without a beat down, drag out by the hair and stomp on your enemy cassette match up led by the two Tape guardians. This year it's in an actual wrestling ring, but everyone gets to play dirty.
  • How Backfire Got His 'Groove' Back - Begrudgingly answering a house call to check in on Firebase 1172-A, the Seeker simpleton engages a Technobot who he mistakes for a Protectobot.. hilarity ensues.
  • TYREST-orations - Neutral scientist and recluse, Farsight, hosts a lecture in Tyrest.. but a pair of Seekers have different ideas!! Can Arcee and Fireflight foil their plan? What does Buzzsaw intend to teach everyone's favorite Femme?? Tune in for all that and more, also stunning return of Polarity to action!!


Savage Ravage  

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