AKA Hi-Then-Die Squad

Hit 'Em High (Monstars' Anthem) (Space Jam Soundtrack)

Hit 'Em High (Monstars' Anthem) (Space Jam Soundtrack)

Squadron X's theme song, suggested by Blaster.

Squadron X is a team of Decepticons, known for their brutality and general dysfunctionality with the rest of the Decepticon cause. They were formed as a counterpart to the Wreckers, by former Wrecker founder Valve. They are very good at what they do, but tend to have some disorder or another that makes them unfit for the normal Decepticon ranks, making them equal parts elite aftkicking team and suicide squad. They operate with a level of independence that few Decepticon teams enjoy, given the freedom to do anything that hassles the Wreckers or other Autobots as long as it doesn't interfere with the Decepticon cause. However, they are still expected to obey Decepticon High Command, especially the likes of Galvatron and Shockwave.

Note: Any background information for any of the members of this team is subject to change as necessary. Of note, the IDW background for the characters given is unthemely; see Theme.

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