Name Caterwaul
Faction Autobot
Function Morale/Interrogation
Alt Mode Cassette
Type OC


"Helloos, wants to be friends?"

Highly intelligent...well defined self-preservation streak. Won't fight unless cornered. Acts cute to put others off guard. Possesses strong empathic detection abilities, able to read the emotions of others. As lynx, runs 150 MPH, side mounted sonic projectors fire bolts of concentrated sound. Hopes one day to make everyone his friend... he's less likely to get blasted that way.



  • Active around 1996.
  • Was he a cassette who turned into a lynx or a robot who turned into a lynx? Anybody?
    • Cassette that turned into a lynx, unless there's been more than one use of the name.
      • Cassette it is!



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