Missing image
Name Charles Asgeir
Faction Terran
Function Hit-and-Run
Alt Mode Unknown
Type OC


"The enemy of my enemy is merely another variable."

The Red Tiger of Prague is a fearsome Exo-Suit pilot of the EDC Forces, who made his name by defeating 6 Protectorate Exo-Suits in as many minutes at the Battle of Prague. But beneath his polite and affable exterior, Charles is a tangled mass of scheming, vengeful hatred-- all directed at the EDC, who killed his parents during a raid. Formerly the scion of the Blue Earth Syndicate, an eco-terrorist organisation, Charles was whisked away to safety when his parents died. Working under the alias "Charles Asgeir," he has infiltrated the EDC and now he waits, gathering support and power, until the moment is ripe to take back the world... for the strong. Charles believes that humanity cannot evolve until it has escaped the crippling weakness of "civilisation" and moved into space. It is his sworn goal to see humanity into a glorious new era.



  • Charles is not going to defect and attempt to take down the EDC any time soon.
  • No, you probably don't know his identity.



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