Name Chromia
Faction Autobot
Function Bodyguard
Alt Mode Hover Transport
Type FC


"Let actions speak for you."

For millions of years, Chromia served as one of the crack troops of the Autobot underground on Cybertron. While tough and determined, Chromia retains a wry sense of humor. She believes that words are fairly meaningless without action to back them up. It is a philosophy she employs in and out of combat. Her blunt honesty sometimes puts off other Autobots, but those who truly understand her know that this is her way of honoring the Autobot ideal of truth. In vehicle mode, Chromia is able to reach a top speed of 320 mph. Her tires have been specially reinforced to withstand most artillery fire. Combined with her side mounted missile launcher and grenade launcher, she is a force to be reckoned with in battle. In robot mode, Chromia is extremely agile and able to move quickly around the battlefield while firing her weapon with deadly accuracy. Chromia is not very adept at creative thinking, preferring to use brute force most of the time.


Hover transport... with wheels.



  • Her +icfinger in 1996 (which was probably written sometime before then) read as follows:

Quote: "Knowledge is the greatest prize, the only desire."


In robot mode, Chromia has access to some of the finest sensors and detection gear that a Cybertronian factory ever produced, and she is continually finding ways to upgrade and improve them. Her main weapons are defensive in nature: flash grenades, chaff bombs, a null ray built into her right arm and a mini-missile launcher that can fire both incendiary and smoke missiles. In her hover transport mode, she is unarmed, and not particularly fast, but more maneuverable than anything has a right to be. Chromia's main weaknesses are her finely tuned and ultra-sensitive sensors and detection gear. One hit, if hard enough, will take most of these off-line, forcing her to rely on her standard five senses, rather than the hundreds usually available to her. Easily distracted and usually too absorbed in thought to pay much attention to her surroundings anyway. Unfortunately, due to the Autobot/Decepticon conflict, Chromia has precious little time to spend in the laboratory. Since the return of the Autobots to Cybertron, she has begun to take a more active role in the war, similar to her work during the resistance.

And the player's relevant +oocfinger info:


She's got your back.

Sometimes sounds like a bad impression of the stereotypical evil scientist, but tries her hardest to keep her excitement under control. Often reprimanded by Elita for her 'experiments' that go wrong, destroying portions of her lab, and any (most) adjoining rooms. Not a fighter by nature, Chromia wants nothing more than to sit back and explore the world of magnetohydrodynamic reactions, and contemplate the mysteries of the universe and how Elita's timestop ability interacts with the flow of quarks from one atom to another. Wants to know everything. Perhaps the friendliest of the Femmes, when she notices that someone is there...

(This is apparently what happens when someone writes a character bio without waiting for the Sci-Fi Channel to cycle through to "The Search For Alpha Trion" in its Transformers rerun rotation.)

Current player's notes:

I am meaning to play up her innate nature, that of a protector. She's super protective of everyone naturally and especially those that she has connections to. I hope to play her more complex than just a stiff bodyguard though, that there are REASONS and THE FEELS for what motivates her.


Rar! Grr!


LogGrabber - 28 page(s) found in 0.145 sec. (2017/08/16 15:12:20)
  • Chilling at Maccadam's - Prowl stops for a quick drink before another shift and runs into Chromia and Punch. Prowl gets on Chromia's nerves but too daft to notice why.
  • Prowl gets an assistant - Prowl gets a visit from Chromia who is looking to help with Tarn. Punch joins them and before you know it....
  • Here On Business - Defcon and Chromia finally meet up with a cop that has some answers.
  • Blurr and Chromia update Prowl - Blurr and Chromia stop by Prowl's office to give an update on the Tarn situation.
  • Talk Radio - Chromia has questions. Jazz & Bumblebee have answers. Kind of.
  • Gosh Tarn Surprise - Chromia waxes philosophical with a Combaticon, Trailbreaker practices self-pity, and the GOVERNOR of TARN makes his entrance!!
  • TARN-ations - The second meeting with Lightsinger goes.. well just a tad bit better than the first. A defensive strategy is formulated, angst is settled, and Trailbreaker learns about sarcasm.
  • A-TARN-shun!! - The dynamic duo, Trailbreaker and Chromia, are asked to tag along as backup to a Tarn PD force's search and seizure team. Then in comes a SWAT officer, a chef, and a Prime!!
  • Backfire and the Date of DOOM! - Having bested Torque in one on one combat, Backfire has arranged for their date in Iacon's own Maccadam's Old Oil House!! Attempting to woo her onto the Decepticon side, the Seeker simpleton fails and attempts to poison her instead. Special guest appearance of a Wrecker AND lots of Autobot channel chatter.
  • Sterling's Sterilization - Sterling is given a quick talk to, Fray gets a shield from Wheeljack, Trailbreaker displays some clever maneuvering with forcefield tech, Arcee and Chromia look to Tarn and beyond!!
  • General Hospital: Iacon "To Arcee or Not To Arcee" - After Arcee's run in with Buzzsaw a night before, the Military CO is left beaten.. broken.. voiceless (kinda).. the Autobots center around their fallen comrade, trying to solve the mystery that originated from Tyrest.
  • Meeting the Sci-Chancellor - The restoration at Tyrest proceeds slowly, Constructobots and Hoist overseeing the project. Rodimus Prime finally gets a minute with Tyrest's leader, Adjudicus the Sci-Chancellor. Torque, Fireflight, Chromia, and Trailbreaker get into drinking shenanigans while Blast Off spies from afar.
  • A Walk To Remember - On the way back to the shuttle, escorting a drunk Trailbreaker, Chromia and Torque finally get some girl time to eachother.. discussing the past, present, and future.
  • I've Been Working In The Magnetic Dampener Fields, All The Livelong Cycle - Trailbreaker sets out to accomplish the task given to him by Ultra Magnus after being drunk in public, Roadbuster advises the Femme fatale on Shockwave, and Arcee arrives to make sure her top two agents are on the case.. and girl talk.
  • When A Tool Isn't A Tool - Going to thank her for involvement with a certain Seeker, Specter gets sucker punched by Torque and everyone prepares for a fight that doesn't happen.
  • Trailbreaker's Secret Weapon OR How Chromia Learned All She Needed About Peaceful Negotiations - With Adjudicus demanding instant gratification of the Autobots, Chromia attempts to answer it with steel resolve and a soldier's wit.. Trailbreaker deploys his secret weapon: Bluestreak and all his feels.
  • Employing Torque's Contacts - While Torque and Chromia discuss the matter at hand, Shockwave and how best to take him down, Specter sneaks in and threatens to uncover their clandestine operations to Intelligence.. unless Torque speaks with a certain contact of hers. She is not happy.


  • The Chromia of 1995 to 2000? was Matt and was listed as "ADMIN - HelpStaff (Big)Head".
  • Sept 2008-Summer 2014 : Autobotfallout
  • Summer 2014 - PRESENT: Bluegal

    Looking better with age!

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