Name Collateral
Faction Decepticon
Function Artillery
Alt Mode Leopard 2E
Type OC


"Close is good enough with a big enough explosion."
If you want someone to hit a target with pinpoint accuracy, to turn on a dime and to strike nothing but what they're aiming're not going to want Collateral. It's not so much that she's a bad shot, more that she's, well...sloppy. And sees no reason to change that, so long as she can still fufill her function. Indeed, her idea of going above and beyond is to use an excessive amount of force, just to make sure she hits what she's trying to, and she certainly carries enough armament to do so with her Leopard 2E alt-mode. And while in robot mode, her cannon doubles as a club she wields with surprising skill, compared to the way she shoots with it. Nonetheless, her slow speed and reaction time can easily be capitalized upon by those faster, and her disregard for her surroundings - fellow Decepticons included - have gained the ire of her superiors more than a few times.


Collateral was built via creation factory, approximately 5 million or so years ago. She fought well, but much to her dismay, was one of the many Decepticons deactivated by Shockwave during the absense of Megatron and Optimus Prime. Not that this was unjustified; her wasteful behavior was considered a liability, and even when Energon became plentiful, she was reactivated only in time to miss the death of Megatron (and Optimus Prime, and a number of others). Her first mission as an active Decepticon resulted in her being sent to Charr for displeasing her superior, and she's just now been transferred out from it.


  • The mun considers Collateral's themesong to be 311's 'Beautiful Disaster'. A close runner up is Great Big Sea's cover of 'End of the World'.
  • She and Scavenger have unofficially adopted Jayson Redfield. After much discussion, they have named him 'Megajaysononebreakertron'.
  • Apparently she and Runabout are an item.



  • Mining For Fish - Collateral and Scavenger try their luck at fishing - and make a few friend. Or pet, depending on how you look at it.
  • Pinkstreaker - Part 1 of a train wreck. Runabout goes to pick up Collateral's gift for Christmas; Sideswipe interferes.


  • Artoni

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