Name Comcast
Faction Decepticon
Function Communications
Alt Mode F-15 Jet
Type OC


"Peace will come, and on that day, there will be those who opposed the Decepticons and the free. Which one do you want to be?"

Sent to report on the status of the missing Decepticon leader Megatron when he originally left for Earth, Comcast was fated to crash on the same planet as his leader. Recently revived in the Southern Hemisphere, Comcast is eager to take his place in what he feels is only a matter of time before the Decepticons are the righteous victors, and Cybertron is a planet of strictly governed peace. With the same Seeker Jet mode as many other Decepticons, Comcast cannot help but feel a sense of brotherhood with them. Neither Jet nor Robot mode carries overtly fatal weaponry, as he feels that a dead Autobot is a missed opportunity at a conversion to the Decepticon way. Instead, Comcast focuses on interference with the Autobots, sending and receiving Communications, and jamming signals. His lightweight construction allows for speed and maneuverability, at the expense of frailty, which is a definite weakness in the eyes of some of his more violent comrades.


Comcast was a long-standing Decepticon soldier serving under Megatron on Cybertron. When he departed to battle the Autobots on the Ark's fateful journey, Comcast served Shockwave for close to 1 million earth cycles. It was around then Shockwave ordered Comcast to follow the original flight chart of the Ark (decrypted from Iacon's dataries) to report back with the condition of their missing leader and his troops, and if necessary send a beacon for a)retrieval of Megatron and company, b)A Strike force if Optimus' Autobots have prevailed, or c)energon-gathering devices, to exploit whatever resources may have been found, by either faction. Unfortunately, when complications arose and the autopilot was damaged, Comcast's ship crashed and joined his many comrades on Earth, in stasis lock. He was finally uncovered recently in the Southern Hemisphere.


  • Comcast is boring.
  • There are unconfirmed rumours that Comcast bears a similar name to a cable/internet company. This is totally hilarious.



  • Songbird captured by Comcast - Comcast and Fulcrum attack a TV station, DepthCharge and Songbird come to the rescue, only for Songbird to be captured for Comcast's research on Junkions.




Comcast was created and played by Invisiblemoose.

Comcast by wizardofosmond

Inspired by the sketch above, here's Comcast in 3D

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