Name Cosmos
Faction Autobot
Function Reconnaisance and Communication
Alt Mode UFO
Type FC


"Reach for the stars, but never leave your friends."

Cosmos finds outer space lonely and boring, will usually amuse himself by zig-zagging through meteor showers or scaring humans by hovering over their backyards at night. He has the capacity for long range travel and can refuel enroute thanks to a hydrogen powered fusion drive. When on earth acts as an advanced communication and reconnaissance satellite in Earth orbit. His optical sensors can see a bicycle at 600 miles. Has pinpoint accuracy, high-powered particle beam. Not well suited to function on the ground as a robot.


Unlike the other Ark originals who came to Earth with Optimus Prime, Cosmos never took an Earth mode to help him blend in with other vehicles. Was this because of his role in the original lineup? Was this for another reason altogether different? No one knows for sure.



The Truth Is Out There


Thrust Ain't Seen Nothing Yet


Welcome aboard!


Open the pod bay doors, Hal.


Last Action Hero


Too much Warcraft.


Cosmosis Prime!!

  • Who ate all the pies? Cosmos did!
  • Cosmos is sensitive about his weight. ._.
  • Cosmos once defeated Sixshot. Sixshot refuses ever to speak of it.
  • Cosmos is the only Transformer to possess GADAR(Gravitational Direction And Ranging), which permits him to detect the position and (sexual) orientation of objects within several light-years' radius.
  • Cosmos invented crop circles.
  • Spends a LOT of time out in space, alone.. or drinking ener-wine with Blast Off. Don't judge him.


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  • Copernicus Assault - The Decepticons launch an attack on the EDC spacestation.
  • Berger Time - 
  • Air Race 2029 - A brutal aerial deathrace in an underground ice cavern infested with monsters! It doesn't get more hardcore than this! Gold: Blueshift! Silver: Sunder! Bronze: Ramjet!
  • Survivor: Transformers - As part of the Olympics, a baffling survivor-type game is held. Who will win? And who will deny knowledge of the whole affair!
  • Hospitality In The Hospital Waiting Line - Cosmos and Skydive wait in line for repairs, the hospital is overworked with injuries coming in from Nova Cronum. What happens next is a generous back and forth, with some pained feelings at the end of the discussion.


Formerly: Dinobut

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