Daniel Witwicky
Name Daniel Witwicky
Faction Terran
Function Troubleshooter
Alt Mode Exo-Armor / Exo-Runner
Type FC


"I make your business my business."

Brought up as much by the Autobots as his parents, DANIEL WITWICKY has been involved in the Cybertronian war for as long as he can remember. As an adult has ventured out to the stars to explore, giving wings to his innate curiosity and getting into all sorts of new trouble along the way. An experienced pilot of both exo-suits and shuttlecraft. Possesses his own Exo-Suit, a slick update of previous EDC transforming Exos. In robot mode it is capable of operating in most environments, and gives Daniel new ways to get into more trouble with the benefit of its stealth systems. In hovercraft mode assists allies on the battlefield by harassing enemies with a variety of weapons. Daniel can often get himself into situation beyond his control as a result of his curiosity, however as he has grown up he has learnt to improvise far more.



  • Daniel is an excellent cook.
  • Daniel has an affinity with the Dinobots that stems from his childhood, and has a measure of influence over them to this day.
  • A hoverboard fan since childhood, can still rip air with the best of them.
  • Favours gym workouts since rejoining the EDC.
  • Due to after effects from the Fountain of Age TP now appears to be in his early 20's.

Diary of a Mascot

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  • Trouble in Germany - Autobots intercept some Decepticons in the land of beer and chocolate.


Formerly: First played by 2k5's original TPStaff Wizard, then by Astracius (several times), then a couple of unknowns.

Current: Astracius

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