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Dead End
Name Dead End
Faction Decepticon
Function Warrior
Alt Mode Porsche
Type FC


"We are all just food for rust."

Sullen, fatalistic - sees little reason to continue the Transformers' war, so motivating him to fight is always a problem. Despite his conviction that he's just going to die senselessly in battle anyway, he has a certain vanity and spends most of his time shining himself. In car mode, goes 220 mph. Radar scan covers 200 mile radius. In robot mode, has compressor-air gun that shoots a 40,000 psi blast of air. Combines with fellow Stunticons to form Menasor.




I am coming for you, Ricky Bobby.


Wildrider: SWEET, we got the Matrix. Dead End: Yes, but not that it really matters.


In communist Russia, Car drives you!

  • Dead End is the second fastest thing on land. The fastest is Blurr. Drag Strip is the third fastest.
  • Dead End has the revolutionary power of RADAR!
  • Unfortunately, none of that matters, since everyone's just going to die anyway.
  • Dead End has to stay away from Sky Lynx, because apparently the beast likes his tires!
  • Dead End can play the theremin and was once a Nihilist Chaplain.
  • Dead End sometimes appears with a faceplate and sometimes without. He likes to change up the look. Not that it matters.



  • The Battle Of Vernier - Scourge has a diabolical plan - to build a gigantic Ultra Mega Vernier in Florida, and use it to spin the Earth off its axis. Can the Autobots stop him?
  • Tentacles of Doom - A group of Decepticons explore the remains of the old Antarctic base... and find unwelcome squatters!
  • Ghost and Sharks and Quints - Before anyone has time to puzzle over their strange wraith-like visitor, there are reports of Quintesson activity in New York. There, in place of the Statue of Liberty, they discover a Quintesson ghost-ship and loads of confused Sharkticons
  • Charr'd - The juiced-up Junkions gain the Decepticon's ire by attacking Charr itself!


  • 1996 - 1999 : Bzero
  • June 2009 - July 2009 : Chuck

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