Name Deadfall
Faction Decepticon
Function Tracker/Terminator
Alt Mode Sweepcraft
Type OFC


"Better to let the quarry catch itself."

Indifferent, uninspired slacker... would simply sit in the command center all day if he wasn't given orders. Has extreme motivational problems, likes nothing better than to watch the world go by. Puts more effort into avoiding work than he does the actual work. Expert at setting snares and traps... best Sweep at coordinating ambushes. As sweepcraft, has abscence-recognition scanners plus microbot-deploying pods to detect prey, faster-than-light capability. As robot, has laser blaster. Rarely gives his all even when spurred to action.



Deadfall could be thought of as the Shikamaru (off of Naruto) of the Sweeps.

Killed for extreme laziness.



Deadfall was primarily played by "Amy," until the character was eventually killed.

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