Decepticon Space Station

Who: Compile, Revenant, Galvatron, Airlift, Rumble
IC Year: 2019
Location: Cybertron - Imperial Head Quarters - Spaceport
TP: Non-TP


Summary: A space station is needed to be built so that the Decepticons can keep a better eye on the Autobots and all traffic that comes and goes from Cybertron, and will be able to listen in on all radio traffic as well. The constructions takes place at Decepticon Spaceport on Cybertron.

IHQ Spaceport

Compile walks out from IHQ with a group of gumbie techs driving hover vehicles and other items used in construction. The hodgepodge ranges from cranes to transports. Compile is on the lead vehicle and finds an open area in the Spaceport to begin the building of the station. He climbs down and waits for those here to gather and he looks at them "Ok, we need to build a Space Station. It has to be small so we will build it in sections."

"Phase 1 of the Construction will involve the building of the main unit." and he pulls out a device that powers up with a 3-d image of the station. The screen flickers as it zooms in and as the station turns into a red wire frame and the wings are pulled away, leaving the middle or core of the station on the display. "First we are gonna build the main core. This will consist of five levels and they are from top to bottom, Command, Quarters, Docking, Sensors and finally Power Core. We will start with Level 5 firsts, that being the Power Core. The general shape is circular and this style will consist of those five levels.

Compile looks back at the group as part of the image flickers and turns green. "We are gonna build this thing slowly and make sure it is done correctly. Once we finish a section or Phases as they are called, we will transport it to a prefabricated building for storage. When we are finished with the sections, we will combine and connect them together then have our most powerful fliers assist in transporting the station into orbit. The Power plant will be the second biggest sections to build, with the Sensor/Communication/Computer Core being the biggest and largest. Everything will have to be reinforced and triple checked to make sure it will not be crushed as the other levels are added. Any Questions?" he states as he looks around "Good." he says as he sees there is none. "Then lets start. Bring out the beams and lets get to work." and he moves off with the Gumbies and they begin the job of building a Space Station.

First, a dump truck arrives and off loads a heap of beams and girders. The gumbies and Compile gather them up and begin to place the girders in the basic shape of the station. Then the group begins to connect and seal those items together. The group work in-groups of five as the beams are welded, checked, rewelded and checked again to be sure it would be stable. They work on a wall at a time, welding it together before they even begin to assemble the lower levels.

Compile works with the other Techs as they go to starting the station. Compile works on the first wall. He has the beams placed into there position and begins to work on welding them together. He works quietly as do the others and once he finishes with his welding; he goes and starts to work on the rest of this first of many walls. He has the beams placed every 20 feet and welded then he checks and welds and has his welding checked. This keeps up as he works on the wall, which as it grows becomes the size of Motormaster.

Compile looks at this as they finish and nods "Good, now we need to make another one the same size and place it on top of this. The techs and Gumbies nod and begin to copy what they just did. All of them work as a team, and none say much as they work. Knowing how important this is to the Empire, they are glad to do it, knowing that this will make them be great in the eyes of Galvatron. The team works on the wall and once they are finished, they move to a second pile of beams and begin to do this process all over.

After some time and a lot of effort, the crew stops for a rest as they look at what they have done so far. So far, only a quarter of the wall is made and laying on the ground not connected. Compile looks and figures in his head as he looks and listens to the others. After a small rest period, they start to go to work again, repeating the same process over that was done on the quarter section of the wall. Compile works and looks, as he is glad to see the others are working on placing the already made sections into a shape of some type. They work for long hours, on this one level and when they finish, they all stand and look.

"Good." Compile says to them "Now we need to work on a floor and then attach the wall frames to the skeleton." and they all move over ready for this next challenge. "Ok, let's go over the plans, we have to make the power plant the center point of the station. After we get the frame of this made, we will need to work on the next level, which will encircle the core. So that means the power supply will be enclosed completely and so we are gonna have to make it the strongest of the station." and the gumbies nod "But how we gonna do that?" asks one of the Gumbies "Easy, we will just set the foundation first. After we have this foundation set, we can add to it. I want to have the power Plant Shielded and protected from anything that may happen. Rather it be inside or out. So we will work on the flooring, then set the walls and go from there." and the group nods and gets to work with Compile leading the way.

Compile works and with the help of everyone sets the floor and makes sure that the beams are in a honeycomb pattern. He thinks as he realizes "Lets grab each section of wall and do a honeycomb pattern on them as well. That will give more strength." and they set to go to work on the walls of the station, fixing them up to give them more strength.

After many hours and many breaks, they finish the walls and begin to set them on the floor of the power plant. They pull in the cranes and they hold everything in place as the rest begin to weld the walls to the flooring. As they do this, the station begins to form an open salad bowl shape with the walls being the size of two Motormaster is stacked on top of each other. This wall is vertical and encircles the flooring. "Good job guys. Now we can take a nice long break and come back to work on the housing for the sensors and everything. If any of you people have ideas, send them my way and we need to research different variations of sensor equipment as well as communication and anything else. I want the internals of this place to be top of the line, so we are not gonna cut corners on this." and they all nod and with this first part done, Compile smiles to himself and looks "Now that is nice to see. Something that I will truly be amazed at and glad that I built it. Maybe this will show that Tapes are not second rate people to others." and he moves towards IHQ at an easy pace as the crew clean up and leave supplies in the prefab bunker for storage.

Soon, very soon, the Decepticons will have a base in orbit and then nothing will escape the planet or break in without them knowing about it.

With the finishing of the power core, Compile and those techs that want to help arrive, fresh and a new. Compile stops, as does the group as they gaze at the frame that sits before them. The frame is Octagon in shape; Unicronian alloy I-beam jetting up to a height of two Motormaster is in robot mode standing on top of each other. At every 40 feet, there is a joint of where two sections join, there are eight sections, and within the 40 feet wall sections, there is an I-Beam every 10 feet. Between these beams is a honeycomb design to give the structure a look of a beehive. The use of the honeycomb design gives more strength to the structure.

Compile smiles "Ok people, now we work on the next ring, the Sensors/Communications/Computer Core section. This will wrap around the existing ring, so we will need to have the beams be 60 feet long and the same height." and he states this as he walks down from where he was standing. Techs (Gumbies) move to the vehicles and bring over the beams as they work. The beams are placed and the end beams are placed 60 feet apart. Within the 60 feet, a beam is placed at 15 intervals. As the beams are placed, Compile and the crews begin to weld them into place. Once these are welded, they are checked and rewelded for additional joint strength. As a section of the wall is finished, groups bring in honeycomb inserts and those are placed in groups of four and sealed giving the space between the beams a honeybee hive look.

Unknown to the workers, the presence of the Lord of the Decepticons can be seen overseeing the work. Compile, not knowing of his arrival or watching works just like the rest of the workers. The group finishes this wall section and move to were another section will be set up. They go to work, repeating the process that was just finished and after they finish with this, they move on to the next, like an assembly line. After many hours of working and resting to look over the blueprints, the 16 sections are then moves and placed to where they will be built and held at, forming the wall. A second group brings in many smaller sections and places them on the ground, forming a honeycombed floor and this floor is 30 feet from the base of the power unit to the base of the Comm unit. This base circles the power unit and then machines and the taller gumbies move to hold the new sections into place as the rest go to connect them and weld them to the flooring.

Galvatron strides into the spaceport crimson optics glittering darkly. It would seem that someone has come to look at the grand workings going on.

This takes some time, as the pieces are huge and cumbersome to some. After four of the comm. unit, walls are placed, and welded tightly so they do not move, the crew rest as the Technical ones examine for any problems. Finding none, they resume their work, soon they have all 16 sections up, and this looks like a big octagon shaped bowl. The crew stops as people come in with the steel, titanium, Unicronian mixed hull plating, and theses are welded onto the walls. The inner side is done first, the wall that will house the power core. Once this is finished, huge machines are brought in to lift the frame as it is and this allows people to place the hull plating on the bottom of the frame as well as to install the hinges and test those for the power core. These hinges are placed on the outside and used only if the core is about to blow. Once the hinges and plating is installed, the hinges blend into the hull. It is then lowered and the rest of the hull plating is placed on the unit, making it look like a big salad bowl within an even bigger salad bowl.

The group stops and look up at the frame and they all nod with agreement that this will be one of the best units the Decepticon Empire will have at it's use. "Ok people, now we need a group to work on the next section and the rest will have to work on designing the power core to be efficient and state of the art. In addition, all of the sensors, communication equipment and the computer core. If we could get the blueprint for Tryp's computer core and modify it to be used for this station, it would be helpful." and someone says something.

Galvatron continues his silent observation of the ongoing work, perhaps nodding slightly in appreciation for the neat, organized way that the technicians are going about cementing together the massive beams.

Compile looks up "Turn off your radios, I don't any of us wondering what the hell that damn Insecticon is doing and what kind of trouble he has gotten into." he says as someone laughs. "Sounds like you hate him Compile." and Compile nods "You bet, ever since he showed up, he has tried to eat me and I am sure that he was that cocoon in the medical bay that was trying to eat or dissolve my brother Rumble." and they all nod. "Plus, if I catch that bug or anyone messing with this project, I'll make sure that they are stuck on clean up detail for the next 18 cycles and they will be the last to get fixed if damaged in a battle." and the group blinks.

"Now, lets get back to work. We have a lot of work to do and so we are gonna have to work as a team. So I want group A," and he points to a group of techs "To work on the power core. Group B," and he points to a second set "Work on the sensors. Group C, will be the rest of you. You I want to go to IHQ and search for the computer core design of Tryp and copy it, get the parts and begin building that and make sure you keep the personality matrix out of the equation. If one is needed, make sure it is not that advance." and they all nod as the group breaks off and begins to there task. Compile goes with group A and begins to work on the power core.

He and the others grab the equipment and parts needed and begin to build the power core from inside the frame. The group works quickly and each double-checks the other's work as they progress. The unit does not fill the inner octagon; it leaves enough space for an average sized Decepticon to walk around. The core also is not the full size of the core hole and the reason for this, it gives Compile and the techs a chance to have ample clearance to reach every part they can. Compile stops and after what seems like half the day, when it was only hours, they finish and begin to run all the wires. He looks as he looks to half of his group "Go and get the roof for the core made and be ready to set that into place. They nod and fly up and out of the hole to do their task.

Group B has also been working hard and has finished half of what they were suppose to do. As they work, the units are placed in-groups of what they are. Sensor units are in one group and the Communication units are in a second group. This group works and stops only to review the work of the others. Knowing how important this is, they want to be sure that there is no mistake and no errors.

Compile is looking at the 3-D blueprint of the station and sees that the Power Core and Computer/Communications/Sensors are finished and are green on the image. He nods as he looks up and sees how everything is going on. The Gumbies are installing the sensors and communications equipment while the rest are working on the new Computer Core. Compile checks something and heads over, checking all of the joints in the frame as well as connections of the units tot he power core.

Compile looks at the walls and makes marks on, and one area, a mark that looks like a door is drawn. Compile backs up, and cuts this mark out and then walks through it. He turns and looks at the frame and flipping his short-band radio and a few gumbies float over with a few sensors "I want you guys to modify these units and then connect it to the power core. Then, I want this amount of material and thickness," and he hands one a datapad "Molded, formed and placed before the final connections are down. This one room is gonna hold the manual override in case a problem arises. I also want a door made of the same material placed on the hole." and they all nod "Get to work." and he leaves to work on the Computer Core with the others.

Compile stops and begins to help the Gumbies on the core, which is a modified version of Tryp's. Compile works on the circuits and designing the components, while the others do there assigned tasks. As they work for 2 hours, they switch to check the previous 2 hours of work and repeat this process with each unit. It looks like bees building a hive to store honey.

Group 2 is laying the beams to start on the docking arms. Groups bring in the equipment and lay the first beams. A second group mimics the first group as the arms are made. However, only one of the arms will serve as docking shuttles to the station in an exchange of crews. Galvatron has returned to a position where he can observe the ongoing work on the space station. Arms folded across his chest, his optics smolder with a seething hue.

Rumble struts into the area from the outskirts of Imperial Headquarters like only the little punkass with the attitude can. Rumble is wearing his trademark smirk as he sees his brother working away on some Primus-forsaken project. He idly wonders what the Hell it can be. "Somethin' 'bout a space ship or somethin'," he seems to recall as he briefly read over the various Decepticon reports. -Very- briefly. He trots over towards Compile, ready to give him a smartass comment when his gaze also falls upon the oh so glorious Decepticon High Commander. Rumble gives the purple one a respectful smile, and then looks away back towards his brother - the smile already gone. He knows enough not to trifle with Galvatron.

Rumble steps up behind compile and taps him on the shoulder, "Ey." He says, grinning as the gumbies all follow his orders, "Looks like you got dese losers pretty well whipped, eh?" He gestures to the workers, who all give him glares in return. "Sure movin' up in de world." He thinks over the various commands that Compile gave. None of them looked like they were going to be very fun, and consequently Rumble does not offer to help.

Compile looks up at Rumble and nods "Yep." he says to him. "Galvatron wants this Space Station up and going, so for the last four days, I have been working on this station. Round the clock. I took yesterday off to get info on a experimental Computer Core based off of Trypticon." he says as he works. "So we are building that core today." and he stops and looks at Rumble.

The Gumbies continue their work on the Computer Core as Compile turns around "You wanna help Bro?" "I know it's not your thing, but you can help in carrying the sensors and communication equipment to those who need it.," he says as he sighs "I just wish that the Constructions were here to help. It would go twice as fast, but I don't mind. It will let me show Scourge and Reverent, that the Tapes are not second rate." he says.

He looks up and blinks as he finally spots Galvatron "Oh great." He mutters as he whistles and the techs look as Compile turns with his back towards Galvatron and gestures towards Galvatron's position and the others look and if you could hear real good, all gulp and go back to work. Compiles does the same "If ya wanna help Rumble, feel free." he says to his brother as everyone works twice as hard and makes sure that no errors are made.

Rumble whistles. Either he's impressed with all the hard work that Compile has put into this project, amused with all the hard work that Compile has put into this project, or disappointed with all the hard work that Compile has put into this project. He nods as if he understood all that stuff, "Right. Yeah, the computer core. I hear dat can be a real problem ta deal wit." He squirms as Compile asks him to help, "Carryin' stuff? C'mon, man. Surely there's /something/ that needs knocking down? Or breaking? Or smashin'? Or killin'?" Still, that point about the fricking Sweeps hits home. "Yeah, right. Alright, whad do I hafta do?" He eyes Galvatron as everyone else does. Rumble can't figure out why everyone's afraid of him. All you gotta do is follow his ramblings, smile and nod at whatever he says, and toss in the odd 'All Hail Galvatron!'s and you're set. "Where's de communication stuff? And where's it have to go?"

Galvatron stands there, how entertaining. He is watching the sheer level of work going on with a shrewd glower, a finger tapping idly on a forearm. Mental notes are taken, filed away for later on various personages present.

Compile looks and smiles "You see those stacks of Computers." and he points "They need to be taken and placed in the bowl over there. The outer ring. If nothing else, help them move it and all. If you want to connect some, feel free and have some of the Techs help." he says "These guys are good and keep us going after a battle." he states. "Besides, all the fun is on Earth right now. With this station, we can keep an eye on the Bots here, and make Cybertron ours again. Back before Unicron." he says.

He then goes back to work. He stops and everyone takes a 15-minute break and the techs go over the work that is finished. After the rest period, they begin again, working diligently and none stop. If someone hurts himself or herself, he is moved and one who is picked everyday to be the medic on duty works on him. the others fill in the gap, working to keep the Decepticon War Machine going none stop. Compile looks and two move over to him as he heads over to the blueprint and checks everything and makes notes on a datapad and writes up a log of today's events.

He glances around the area, checking everything, making notes on those who have done an excellent job and those whom are not techs learning. He smiles and types on the display and looks to see how much time it will take at this rate.

He sighs to himself as he looks and sees that it will take a total of three and a half weeks, give or take a few days.

Rumble sighs and nods, "Yeah. THIS time we'll take Cybertron back!" He sure sounds enthusiastic, but he knows damn well that it won't work. Heck, he doesn't even know what the plan IS, but he's certain that it'll fail miserably. This suits him just fine, of course, since it allows him to smash more things. The punk lifts up a pile of computers that's probably heavier than he should really be trying to lift - ain't nobody's going to think he's weak - and starts carrying them over to the bowl in the outer ring. During the break, Rumble spends it kicking a small metallic rock around and plotting how best to be a jerk to Blast Off next time he sees him. As the break winds down to an end, Rumble slowly tries and sneak out before someone can give him more work to go. There's a few helpless beggars out there with his name on it.

Compile leaves the machine and heads back over to work on building the Computer Core. He works with the others none stop, even when the break hits. As the group works, the Computer Core begins to take shape and after many, many hours, the Computer Core is finished. It is then moved into place with everyone helping and set down. "Good, now lets hook this thing up and call it a day." he says and everyone goes and begins to connect it.

Compile works and makes sure every connection is good and then double and triple checks everything. The others connect the wires and then run second and third leads as well. As the Computer core is connected, others connect the sensors and communication units and then connects them to the Computer core. Then the remaining leads from the power core are connected and a system test is run.

A few Gumbies return with portable power units and connect them to the power core AUX cables. Then Compile and others begin to run system checks on the units and as they do this, more units are brought and installed into there housings. Backup units are gonna be used to support additional systems and emergency systems in a power failure does occur.

Compile also begins to program the computer core and as the others work on the leads. Other techs help Compile as the Computer gets the basic programming. Compile knows that this won't do much, but getting the info going is better then nothing at all.

Once all of the programming and back-up units are installed, people come in and bring a roof for the unit "Ok, everyone out. unless you want to live in here till this thing is in orbit." and they clear from the power core and the lid is dropped and the power core is sealed away. "Ok, now get those leads ready. before we launch this baby, we will fill the power core up. Shut everything down and go rest till tomorrow. You all earned it."

Revenant arrives from the Outskirts of Imperial Headquarters to the north. Revenant has arrived.

Galvatron is overseeing Compiles work on the space platform. A dark, brooding air surrounds him as he seems to stare past the spars of welders ignited against metal, electrical systems hissing softly as lines are tested.

Revenant stalks into the spaceport his body has been repaired since his last encounter at least on the surface, he has come along to see what all the fuss is about this space station also it will give his internals time to fully repair whilst he plots his revenge. He flies up to the roof of one of the hangers to get a better view, hunkering down looking like a fearsome statue, watching and waiting.

Galvatron nods to himself as the workers start to pack up for the cycle, the tang of metal cooling still flavoring the air, tingeing it with hues of faintly wisping blue smoke. Breaking from his motionless stance, his arms unfold as he walks towards Compile, the leader of this venture, so to speak.

Compile and the gumbies are finishing up the instillation of the Computer Core, Sensors and Sensors. As well as a number of back-up batteries and instillation of the core program into the computer core.

Others are leaving to rest as the systems are shut down and in a matter of 30 minutes, Compile is the last one at the structure, checking everything and making small adjustments here and there. Once he stops, he gets out the scanners, scans every inch of the station so far, and logs it into the link with IHQ. He also updates the blueprint and turns as he hears metal upon metal. "I said you guys can le...." and he stops as he realizes its Lord Galvatron "M'lord, I did not know it was you. Forgive my words." he says to him as he snaps to attention and bows.

From his position atop the hanger, Revenant gives an expert appraisal of the construction of the space station. So far noting to himself any possible weak points that may arise that might be needed to be exploited at a later date, not that he would attack the station but you never know the information could be useful.

Galvatron comes to a stop, looking down at the small mech, "I see that your work here is progressing rather nicely." he intones, lips curving into a half smirk, half smile. "My commendations."

Compile nods "Thank you sir." he says simply.

Galvatron's sanguine optics study the station, "Walk me around this edifice you have constructed, Compile.. Tell me what you have wrought for my empire."

Airlift enters the area quietly, heading towards the launch pads until he notices others and heads over towards them.

Compile nods and follows "The Space station so far is only 33 percent complete. The Power Core was finished yesterday and was sealed today after the back-up units were installed. The sensors, communications as well were installed today. The Computer Core is a combination of Trypticon and IHQ. All circuits are made from Unicronian-steel alloys and sealed to withstand the heat of a sun. The hull is made up of a combination of steel, titanium and Unicronian metals. Tomorrow, when everyone is fresh, we will start on the docking mandibles and go from there.

In order to transport the station into orbit, the mandibles will be folded down and flush with the rest of the station. Once it is locked in orbit, the mandibles will deploy and power up to full. The weapons will include two top mounted lasers and nothing else. The station can hold a crew of 12 with enough storage room to hold 3 months worth of Energon. The bottom of the station has a drop door under the power core, in case the core needs to be dumped. However, if such a thing does happen, the back-ups will kick in and keep power to the station for a total of 3 weeks."

And Compile stops and looks at the Hull, the hull itself can survive orbital reentry, and 60 percent of it will survive if it does connect to a planet."

Airlift moves north to the Outskirts of Imperial Headquarters. Airlift has left.

Galvatron walks along with Compile, studying the station in its neonatal form, his smile blooming into one less sinister, more proud. "The work you have put into this effort is not going unnoticed, Compile." His footfalls ring heavily on the ground, "Have you had any difficulties procuring assistance?"

Compile looks "Well, I know that a few Constructs helped, but that's about it. to my knowledge, it was mostly wiring up the cores that were in place and not connected. The next phase is gonna be the mandibles. That is gonna take some time.

Galvatron hnns, that pleased smile shading darker, optics brightening, "Delicate work involved or do you simply require mechpower for that portion?"

Compile looks "Most of the work is big stuff, like welding beams and the hull plating. I got a group assigned to running the wires and that is done two days after we finish everything. The Wires are being especially designed to work faster then normal wiring we use and I told them to get everything right and take as long as needed.

Galvatron's brow furrows, optics now dimming as he stops to stare at a wall section. "Simple mechpower then." he comments, "Well.. I am certain that.. *volunteers* can be arranged for the next part of this operation."

Compile looks up "So, in two days, they will come in and wire up this part of the station and then two days after we do the mandibles they will run the wires, etc. That way we can get any design flaws out of the way and not be hampered." and he nods "As you wish sir." he simply states "The hardest part is done, the power core. Next we will work on the mandibles, then we will build the quarters and commend deck and install that. The Mandibles will be the last thing installed, because they will be collapsible for transport. I am also looking and seeing if we can make the station modular so we can upgrade it with ease and not have to worry about interrupting the flow of the station." He then continues walking with Galvatron "If this work, I would like to see if we could place a cloak on it to hide it from observation. Also, when we launch the station, we are gonna need to keep the bots busy from stopping us. Also, if possible, I would like to see if a sister station could be built in and around Earth. Maybe around Venus. That way we can keep an eye on the Earth. That one would need a Spacebridge. This station is mostly gonna be a lookout station and be loaded with sensors, communication gear and anything else that maybe necessary.

Galvatron continues to stare at the platform in progress.. "Detail, Compile. More detail than I had need of but very thorough." He narrows his optics in thought, "We have an operational space platform in the asteroid belt with a functional Space bridge on it, do we not?"

Compile looks "I do not know sir." he says and honestly, he doesn't know.

Galvatron lifts a brow, "Then we will have to find out, now won't we." he says mildly. "Although I do hope that if it is no longer there, that a report was filed." He gets a grim expression.

Compile nods "Yes. Perhaps, after this station is built, we can get that station up and running."

Galvatron hnns, tapping a fingertip on his chin, "Indeed. But this has priority for the time being. You have permission to authorize more assistance as needed, Compile."

Compile bows "Thank You M'lord." he says "After the last three to four days, I gave the crews time off to rest and unwind. SO that we can start fresh on the next phase."

Galvatron turns on a heel, "You..." he pauses, "Rest as well. A clear mind is always best to handle such delicate maneuvers."

Compile nods "I plan on it M'lord. I am just running final scans and uploading them to IHQ." he says with a smile "But I am enjoying the work for the station and can't wait to see her up and going."

Galvatron smirks crookedly, "I look forward to seeing... her up and running." Amusement fades the boiling anger that was present in his optics..

Compile nods to Galvatron and goes back to work.

Now that everyone is busy with the Earth Issues, Compile walks out to the Spaceport and begins to work on the Station. With him and gumbies being the only ones working on it, with no help from anyone within the faction, Compile knows that people care little for anything other then a medic to fix them after a fight. Compile smirks as he moves the rails into place and begins to weld them. He works by himself, and Gumbies arrive and begin to work on their jobs assigned to them.

Compile works on the lower frame with 7 other gumbies. They work on the next level, the docking section and begin to lay the bottom of the frame. They weld the frame in sections, working to double check everything as they do. They weld the beams into place as four of them work on welding beams between the two main beams. Breaking everything into sections ten foot across. Compile's group works on the beams that form the edge. He and the others lay the beams and stop once they have reached the length outlined in the blueprints. They then go and begin to lay beams in a grid work pattern. The second group come and begins to lay another line of beams like the original line, running the length of the docking platform. As the teams work, they alternate in pairs. One lays the cross beams, the other lay the beams lengthwise.

After a few hours of non-stop work, they finish the lower (Floor) section. Then go and repeat the process for the upper (Roof) section. As the teams work, more gumbies arrive and begin to move and place the walls into place. Compile works restlessly and with the others, have the roof section of level 3 finished in the same amount of time as it took to construct the floor of level 3. Compile and the gumby workers move to help the other gumbies place the wall beams and they work in teams, placing them on both sides. The teams of workers move none stop as they install the walls and finish. Some of the workers transform into their alt modes of jets and move the roof into place as the teams work to weld it into place. As they weld, the ones not helping come and begins to install the honeycomb inserts as a third team begins to install the metal plating that will be the walls, both inner and outer.

After the walls have been installed, Compile help install the plating and honeycomb inserts. He and the others work on this one section, which is the biggest, bulkiest and hardest to do. This is gonna hold the storage and docking connections for the shuttle and additional systems, such as backup banks and secondary systems.

After many hours, they finish the plating and all of the workers bring in all the heavy equipment and some that were transformed into there alt modes grab hold and they move Level 3 into place. Compile and a few others direct the movement and stop when they have the section in place. The 'welding team' moves in and begins to seal and connect the level into place and then a second team moves and rewelds as they double check everything. Compile and a few move inside and begin to weld the internal sections to strengthen them and to run the wires as the units that will go in this section are moved in.

A wall is moved in and slides into place as it is welded and a door is cut and installed. The words Storage are marked on the door and a terminal is placed in the wall. A gumby with a Computer chip and wires arrives and begins to install programs into the computer as tanks of energon and additional supplies (Oxygen, water, etc.) are placed in there assigned locations. The purpose for these is if any 'Terrans' come to the station, they will be ready for them. In either prisoner or guests. Once all of the wires are ran and the internal items are installed, sealed, checked and rechecked, the teams move out and land outside. They then go and work on the next level, Level 2. This level will be the quarters section and will allow those of various sizes to stay on the station if need be. It will also hold an emergency medical bay that will be for those injured while on the station only.

They begin, by looking at the blueprint of the station and then they move to work on this level. They start like before, laying the beams and then welding them into place. They work for long, as this is the most difficult section to build. With all of the sections for the crew and any guests as well as the tiny medical bay. They weld and work as they place the beams and then go and install honeycomb inserts and then begin to install the iron plating that form the external and internal walls. The crews work non-stop and once they are finished with one section, they move to the next and work like a well-oiled machine. Making sure everything is correct, they double check there work and a third group triple checks to make sure it is properly done. Any errors are redone and then checked by the crews. Once everything is finished, crews move in to move the structure and it is placed. It is then sealed both externally and internally.

Crews then move and begin to install the internals of this section/level. Such as small beds that fold up into the walls as well as some medical supplies for emergency repairs and fixing of troops. Nothing major, just stuff that is required on all Decepticon ships and stations. As these items are installed, the crews begin to work on the last section. The Command Deck.

Quick, to the Command Deck

Compile looks over the blueprints as does the others and they read and study. "Now listen guys, this is the final part of the station. Let's do it right and slow. I want this to be the best any of us have done. So no slacking. We will start with the frame. Once the frame is complete, we will install the inserts and then the walls. We will then run the wires and install the computer terminals." and he thinks "We are also gonna start this project on the station. Therefore, we will do the walls, then the roof. The Roof will be the last thing installed. Therefore, we can get the equipment installed and moved into place. We will have to install the windows and once everything is done, install the programming and wait. Then we can launch the unit." and they all nod and go to their tasks.

All of the crews move the beams to their places and then begin to assemble the Command level, Level 1 and the last bit of the construction. They work on the frame for the walls and they weld each section as they go. They then double check and triple check to make sure, it is right. Once the wall beams are in place, the position of the windows are cut and sealed. As this goes on, the remain Decepticon Gumbies work on running the wiring and the final installation of the core. Compile finishes his task of the windows and waits as they are brought in and installed. Not 1, not 2, but 3 panes of glass is brought for each of the windows and then installed and locked into place. After the windows, the honeycomb inserts are placed and locked down with strong welds that seal them and keep them from moving. After this, the plating of the hull is brought and welded into place. All the time, the crews double and triple check their work.

Compile backs up and looks at the left over equipment and calls for some gumbies. He talks to them and they nod as he points to the pile of leftovers and then to the station. "I want you guys to take those leftovers and weld them on the outer hull and then put the remain hull plating over them. This thing is gonna be durable when we are finished with it." They nod and run off as Compile adds "First, do one piece at a time. The honeycomb sections then a piece or armor. That way if we run out of one, we are have the extra over in storage." and they nod "Yes sir."

Compile then goes and helps install the components that are being brought in and runs wiring and after that is done looks. "Ok, everyone clear out. I am gonna activate the Computer Core." and he flips the switch and waits. "Good" Compile says as he nods and reads the screens. "It's working. It's running good." and he looks "Ok, bring in the techs to install the programming while we finish the station." Then the hustle is on. The crews move in unison and the builder's work on the frame and plating, while the techs work on the programs and the rest work on installing lights and systems. Compile works in all three from time to time. "Good, almost finished. Once we are done, shut her down and I want a 24 hour guard on this thing. I want the guards to be tripled and I want the best that we have." The crew nods and soon the best guards so far appear and begin to take up position. While this is going on, The crews work on the station and finish the installing of the walls, and everything else. As they work, crews begin to install the two weapon systems and the communication dishes. After a long day of work, the station sits finished and groups work on polishing and painting it.

"M'lord, Your station is complete." Compile says to no one as the crews break and the guarding begins....

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