Dehuman Nature

Who: Amber MacKenzie, Monstereo, Turnover, Jetfire, Ahmed Ibn Fahdlan, Raindance, Arcee, Silverbolt, Jayson Redfield, Powerglide, Bumblebee, Pipes, Whirligig, Foxfire, Markdown, Mirage, Astrotrain,
IC Year: 2029
Location: San Francisco
TP: Human Nature


Golden Gate Park

The woods here are evenly spaced, the roads weaving among the trees and carefully trimmed rows of bushes while giving way every few hundred feet to open patches of lush green grass, carefully watered by automatic sprinkler systems. People on bicycles, on horses, on foot and even a few riding in cars are all about, enjoying the sights, sounds and smells of the park that has provided comfort to millions of world-weary residents of San Francisco for nearly seventy years. Although not actually part of the Park, the nearby San Francisco Zoo still provides a rare glimpse of animals long near-extinct. Occasional breaks in the trees and other foliage provide spectacular views of the foam-flecked waves of the leaden sea.

Amber MacKenzie pulls up at the gates to get a parking ticket. Even though she's willing to pay through the nose for a close space, the crowds of people thronging the entrances force her to a distant space. "What do you want to bet that someone puts a ding in the car while we're gone?" she asks rhetorically. Turning in the seat to stare speculatively at Ahmed, she adds, "I think I should get a wheelchair for you, Ahmed... uh, Arachnae. No offense, but you look awful."

Ahmed Ibn Fahdlan raises brows, offering a smile, "Ahmed is fine for this form, Amber. It.. fits." He stares off, "No offense taken, I think it is best to concerve what energy I have left."

Amber MacKenzie ends up peeling off a few twenties to get someone to bring a sturdy wheelchair to her. Normally, she could drop him off on a handy bench at the entrance and go park, but she doesn't want to leave Ahmed - and Soundwave - alone in a public place. Opening the door for the 'man', she positions the wheelchair by the door, far enough away that he doesn't trip on the thing and fall. "Ready when you are."

<Autobot> Monstereo says, "Highlanders, the Gathering is soon upon us. Beverages and wheel chairs will be provided at the door. Jetfire, we rolling on those stage props? I've got my contributions in place and ready to assemble."

<Autobot> Turnover yawns, "Huh..?"

<Autobot> Jetfire says, "Sure. I'm done here. Just need a pick up."

<Autobot> Raindance says, "You can walk, Jetfire!"

Monstereo examines briefly the habitat built for the elephants. Pasture land with trees here and there. A watering hole pond with circulating water. And ofcourse the barrier for spectators to lean against and gawk at large mammals under normal circumstances. Once or twice zoo workers come to him to make sure Monstereo isn't doing anything to ruin the place.

<Autobot> Monstereo says, "Across the city?"

<Autobot> Raindance says, "I did!"

<Autobot> Raindance says, "I walked into a taxi and got here easy!"

<Autobot> Arcee says, "Where are you, Jetfire?"

<Autobot> Monstereo says, "With equipment?"

<Autobot> Turnover huhs, "..what.. is going on..?"

Ahmed Ibn Fahdlan slips the recorder into a pocket and gingerly hauls himself out of the car. "Need more coffee." Wry tone, mock-zombie as he winks then settles into the chair. "I think I have bruises on top of bruises." pausing to peer at his arms. "Thank you, Amber."

<Autobot> Jetfire says, "Autobot City repair bay."

<Autobot> Arcee says, "I can give you a lift if you need it."

Rhiannon Slim-Dhance enters the area wearing... a poloneck jumper and a lab coat. Oh, that's not very exciting, is it? She's munching on a packet of fudge that she got from the zoo giftshop as she bobs into view next to Monstereo, peering at the elephants. "Is it just me, or do they remind you of Sky Lynx?" she quips

<Autobot> Silverbolt says, "please. Sky Lynx too."

<Autobot> Monstereo says, "We're having a happy day at the zoo, Turnover. Perhaps one last shindig. /All/ are invited."

<Autobot> Arcee says, "I'll be there shortly."

<Autobot> Turnover says, "..I.. never been to a zoo before.."

<Autobot> Jetfire says, "Thank you."

Rhiannon Slim-Dhance is um... peering at the elephants on the display plaque.. yeah ... :(

<O-Autobot> Monstereo wonders if Turnover is being killed off, kept as human or restored to normal? Body got slagged... new body can be built, but if you're keeping it human or killing it off should know.

<O-Autobot> What is a Sky Lynx says, "New body not needed and wouldn't work."

<O-Autobot> What is a Sky Lynx says, "You'll see tonight. :>"

Monstereo pauses in his equipment-assembly. "Oh hey! You're the first guest to this tea party. I hope your day and evening turn out to be the best in your life ever."

"You're welcome," Amber responds genuinely, almost warmly, wondering how it is that Soundwave instantly antagonized her while she actually likes this Ahmed guy. Hmmmm. Manners. Easily pushing the wheelchair before her, she transports the two Decepticons to the entrance, buys a couple tickets, and enters the zoo proper. At least she doesn't have to buy a ticket for Soundwave. "Something about elephants?" she asks as she halts by a coffee stand. "This isn't as good as Starbucks," she confides, much to the vendor's annoyance, "but it's decent."

Ahmed Ibn Fahdlan makes an scowl face as he gets wheeled, "I do feel distinctly out of.. sorts in this." Giving the chair a look over, "But it does beat walking." He tilts his head, peering around, "I believe so.. Ahh, coffee!" Smile that warms his face, "I think I'm mostly made of coffee these days. That and rice. You are what you eat and all of that."

Rhiannon Slim-Dhance takes something out the bag slung over her shoulder and waves it. It is a thermos flask full of tea. "Yeah, and I even brought my own. So..." she ponders, looking at the cage. "What's the actual plan then? I don't want to die, but I don't really want my old body back that much..."

Late as ever, but that is to be expected when your not feeling to hot and you walk where ever you go. Turnover locates down the group, waving to them gently, "Hey--"

"How are you with chocolate?" Amber asks Ahmed. "You probably need some energy as much as you need the stimulant. Chocolate has both, come to think of it. Ever had ice cream?" She carefully sets the rubber brakes on the wheelchair for a moment and streeeetches backwards, then forwards to ease the muscle cramping. Though she's not complaining, the height of the wheelchair - or lack thereof - forces her to hunch over to push it.

Monstereo is currently in the vacated elephant pen at the zoo, surrounded by machine parts that need to be assembled. He's at the edge of the pen talking to Rhiannon at the moment though. At the park entrance is a banner reading "Welcome St MArv Hospital Patients" and there are various unmatching balloons all over the park. He answers Rhiannon, "Well, we still need to get this thing up and working, but the rough plan is to trap those kidnappers. And if necessary, force them to release the bodies... or if not, take thier remote control, their that laptop Goole keeps waving around like a boomstick, and use it ourselves. We have to see how it goes down. This is new ground we're breaking afterall. Gotta keep loose like a goose." And now, enter the Turnover. He gives a headbow. "Welcome to the park, where every day is a wild one. We hope you enjoy your visit. Fur, feather, or fin, You'll always remember you've b'in, to San Francisco Zoo. Tonight's show promises to be extra special."

Ahmed Ibn Fahdlan hmmms, eyes slitting, "I enjoy chocolate. It's.. a decadent thing.. and delicious." He looks back over at Amber, "Ice Cream? That is dairy is it not?" Momentary frown, "I've endevored to avoid animal products since my.. er.. the accident." Giving some passing people a friendly smile before heaving a sigh, "Is it tasty?"

Amber MacKenzie grins merrily. "It sure is." As ice cream vendors litter the park, she spots one nearby and buys a double-scoop chocolate ice cream cone. With a flourish and a fancy bow, she presents the treat to the wheelchair-bound Ahmed. "Voila."

Ahmed Ibn Fahdlan eyes the cone, then Amber, then the ice cream again before taking a tentative lick. Eyes widen and he mmmmms.. "Very nice indeed"

Rhiannon Slim-Dhance wanders about the area, sniffing the air curiously. "Ew, it smells like Powerglide before he realised he didn't have to sleep under bridges!" she exclaims, tapping the bars hard. "So once we catch them, then what? New zoo exhibit?" She grins widely, as Turnover arrive. "Oh, and here's another new exhibit!"

Turnover raises a brow at Monstereo as he looks up at the large junkion, "..special huh?" He smirks gently, "If... there is anything I can do to help, please let me know. I owe-- them for some things anyhow." Such as also losing his best buddy, Bit-- his orbatron.

Monstereo glances back to the parts. "I welcome any who have technical knowhow to help get this done, but I can manage I'm sure... wouldn't you rather see the sights and hang out with everyone else? I hear the monkey house is a barrel of laughs."

Amber MacKenzie buys herself a double-scoop strawberry-and-cream ice cream cone and licks it with obvious relish. "Yes. There are places that have better ice cream, but there's just something about ice cream and parks that goes together like rock and roll." She squats beside the man as she slowly, luxuriously eats her ice cream. "If you want to get technical, it has quite a few valuable nutrients in it, and in addition to that, it tastes good." Shading her eyes with her free hand, she stares off to the south. "I think I can see the elephant pen from here. We can head over there after we finish here."

Ahmed Ibn Fahdlan attacks, as that's a good work, the chocolate ice cream with obvious delight and relish. "This.. is.. phenominal..." Nibble.. "Delightful..." A few monets of happy enjoyment, "Worth the past 2 weeks of weirdness and hellishly oddness." Eyes slitting in enjoyment.

Turnover shrugs gently, the red head looking around, "I'm not sure really. I never been to a zoo before, so-- I don't know what to do here. I could wonder around, but-- truthfully," He glances down at the ground, "..I never know any of the autobots, till more recently now.. so.. I don't really have anyone to go around with. My-- creator isn't even here." He glances up at Monstereo once more, "But-- then again, I guess that is common for him." He places his hands in his pockets and walks towards where the big cats are, "..Only time he came when I really needed him-- was when I first arrived here on Earth.. I guess inventions are easily forgotten by bigger and better things..."

Rhiannon Slim-Dhance clicks her fingers and tugs at her labcoat. "Well Monstereo, strange at it may seem, I am actually very intelligent, and not really wanting to die today from going to see the monkeys instead of helping out. And anyway..." she waves her fingers in front of Turnover's face. "Turnover here's just like a little monkey!" She starts to make 'coo coo' noises

Jayson Redfield is here! Yes, he likes the zoo. Yay animals! He's currently wandering about, map in hands as he heads toward another exhibit. Oh, hey! Polar bears!

Turnover stops dead in his tracks, one leg kinda out, cause litterly, he stopped dead in his tracks, gotta admit, he had good balance. "..I am.. not a monkey." Blinks, "..wait.. what is a monkey?"

Monstereo tries his best to hide his amused smile that threatens to crack his face at Rhiannon's monkey talk. He turns back to the work at hand and wonders if this is going to work or blow up in everyone's collective face. He gets his tools out and begins so when 7 EST rolls around the machine will be built :p

Amber MacKenzie giggles. "Right. I'll remember you every time I eat ice cream now." Being the more experienced ice cream cone devourer, she finishes first and pushes Ahmed and Soundwave towards the elephant pens and whoever might be there. Just short of the gathering group, she parks Ahmed by a bench and sits down beside him to wait for what will come.

Rhiannon Slim-Dhance leaps forwards at Turnover. "Turnover, I don't know what it is, but there is something inside me, some primal driving force that just wants me to ruffle your hair." She tries to ruffle the poor boy's hair. "Don't worry, you can have my body, I don't want it!"

Ahmed Ibn Fahdlan finishes his ice cream cone, spending a few minutes licking his fingers off, much to the delight of some children who watch an adult do what their parents tell them not to with obvious relish. (Soundwave is in my pocket icly in recorder form) As he gets parked, he looks off at the pen, a sleepy expression crossing his face. "Think.. I might catch a nap. I'm certain the yelling will wake me up as it's bound to happen."

Jayson Redfield moves on to another exhibit. At one point he stops as he examines the map, then looks up. Turnover promptly catches his attention. He brightens, a very light blush creeping across his cheeks. "Turnover!"

Turnover acks as his bright fiery red-hair is fluffed even more by Rhiannon. If it wasn't already messy, it is even more so now! Thankfully part of it is still in a pony-tail. "I do not want to be a female, and hey!" He flails his arms gently trying to get her hands away, "..leave my hair alone."

He quickly steps back and tries to straighten with a glare in his gold eyes. "..My hair, hiss!"

Turnover then hears his name else where and looks over, blinks a few times and smiles sheepishly, "Hey Jayson!"

Rhiannon Slim-Dhance glares at Turnover as he... hisses. "Hey. Hey. Cut out that furry stuff, that's illegal don't you know, you'll get arrested!" She glances over to the Hyena cage, where all the Hyenas are lying dead from no-one loving or caring about them. "Oh what a shame" she says sadly. "If only Powerglide was here earlier with Hyena food..."

Jayson Redfield starts toward Turnover, then stops again as he notices Rhiannon ruffling the other boy's hair. And Turnover doesn't seem to like it. He blushes deeper and pulls Turnover away from her. "Uh...hey! Let's go see the hyenas!" And no, the hyenas aren't dead. They're just sleeping.

Powell Glyde just happened to have stopped at a feed store on the way there, what luck! "Guys! Guys!" He waves a plastic bag around, liquids from inside dripping out from the corner, "I totally landed a sweet deal on dead chickens and rabbits! Are there any Hyenas here? I hear they love this crap!" Then he sees Jayson and he drops everything, "YOU!"

Turnover sticks out his tongue at Rhiannon, "I'll hiss if I want to, so neeeh!"

Then he gets yanked away by Jayson with a yelp of surprise, he kinda hops along before he gets his footing to walk, and sighs, "Thanks.. I think." He smiles softly and then-- here comes Powerglide with the 'YOU!', which causes Turnover's eyes to go wide then narrow, "..does this guy ever give up..?"

Jayson Redfield stiffens and blinks. He cocks his head for a second then turns toward Powerglide, looking slightly puzzled. "Me?"

Powell Glyde points a finger at Jayson, his eyes narrowed, and his lips pressed into a scowl. "I have something I gotta say to you..." He picks up a bag of dead chicken and throws it to him, "Here, throw this in the cage for me, will ya? Those Hyenas look dreadfully famished!"

Rhiannon Slim-Dhance darts over to Powerglide, while staring at Turnover. "Powerglide!" she hisses, leaning into him. "Keep an eye on this 'Turnover' chap while I help Monstereo save all our lives. He was hissing at me, I think he might be some sort of sweep!" She then looks at the Hyenas. "Yeah, they do look hungry, are they even moving?"

Jayson Redfield stares. "Gross... Isn't there a rule against feeding the animals? And the hyenas are sleeping, anyway..."

Powell Glyde quirks an eyebrow, "No, he's too ugly to be a Sweep. Maybe he can only communicate through hissing. You know, like a snake or something?" He shrugs and throws the second bag of dead rabbits at Jayson, "This one too! Chop chop! I wasn't given the title of Cybertronian Animal Caretaker for nothing, you know!"

Powell Glyde had many odd jobs before joining the Autobots, you see.

Monstereo builds, more motivational movie montage music playing in the background. Technical Tetris being done to it.

Turnover twitches as he is called a 'sweep' then 'uglier then a sweep', "..why you.." He closes his hand tightly, grinds his teeth, but then just smiles, a nice-- big.. smile. "..ok.."

"Stop comparing him to a Sweep!" Jayson snaps at the others. He huffs and slips closer to Turnover. "He is NOTHING like a Sweep... I knw what those bastards are like from personal experience." Not going into detail. "And Powerglide, there's a rule against feeding the animals. Only the zookeepers can do that."

Rhiannon Slim-Dhance folds her arms, frowning at Powerglide. "Then why were you banned from all the Cybertronian nature reserves for putting your head in the cages of the turbo-owls? You're such a liar Powerglide!" She wanders back to Monstereo, clicking her fingers at the minibot. "Come on, we've got to make sure Monstereo doesn't /kill us all/"

Powell Glyde waves a dissmissive hand at Jayson, "Yeah, okay, you can your bum-chum have fun while all the Hyenas in the zoo DIE because you were too busy to FEED them!" He snorts and follows Raindance, "Hey! What did I say about bringing that up? NEVER bring that up!"

Turnover stares blankly and takes the 'dead' product away from Jayson and dumps it into a trash-can. "..lets just keep going... and maybe wash our hands while we are at it." He remarks taking Jayson by the arm now to head to a bathroom facuilty so they can wash there hands and continue one with this adventure for another hour.

Jayson Redfield sighs in exasperation. "The hyenas aren't going to die. The zoo staff takes care of them." He nods to Turnover and allows himself to be led. "So how are you handling being human?" he asks quietly.

Rhiannon Slim-Dhance wanders back over to Monstereo, taking a hammer out from her pocket. "Right then chiefy, what's the plan? How can I make sure it won't all fall apart horribly and backfire in some ironic fashion?"

Futuristic Pink Convertible <Arcee> takes everyone to the zoo! Including all the humanized TFs in the trailer she has attached that could not come on their own power and are in the background for serious-like.

Monstereo is not practicing Mad Science, he's making sure all the safty meassures ae properly in place. He even thought to bring rubber gloves and electricity resistant work boots for any who wish to partake in such things. They're all lumped together in a cardboard box at the moment. The Junkion doctor, more used to dealing with beings rather than building objects, works at a less than amazing pace you'd likely see from Constructicons, but he's doing it right. The vacant elephant pen he works in slowly starts to look less like a junk yard and more like it's old self as he picks up machine parts one by one to work on adding to the whole. He looks to the returning Rhiannon. "Ah... seen enough of the zoo? Okie dokie..." He steps over and reaches a hand over the barrier gap of the pen boarder. "Come on then. I'll take the high road, you take the low road. I've got spare datapads with schematics. Pretty straightforward. Just need to keep at it and hope the rest of the parts get here soon."

Turnover sighs and scratches his head, "Not bad.. I suppose. Trying to ignore what feels like a cold, sometimes get a little off-balance, but.. Ok, over all." He then washes his hands trying to get what stentch was left over off. "So many things I still don't understand and fear I never will. Its like when I was transferred over, where so many of the autobots surcome to human desires and emotions, my brain still operates like a machine."

He looks over at Jayson, "Kinda hard to explain," Dries off his hands, "But its like I still look at everything as a formula to a bigger mathematical problem.. or a new scientific theory."

Jayson Redfield nods slowly as he, too, washes his hands. Stupid Powerglide. That was just plain gross. "Don't worry," he reassures Turnover. "I'll help you in any way I can." He grins and wraps an arm around Turnover's shoulders. "By the way...have you come up with a human name for yourself, by chance? People might start giving you weird looks if you keep calling yourself 'Turnover'."

A policeman walks into the toilets as Jayson puts his arms round Turnover

Powell Glyde is standing there, staring at Raindance's ass instead of actually helping, or being productive in any way. It's what he does best.

Rhiannon Slim-Dhance has an amazing ass, it really is. She pats the animal which gives a neigh and puts a straw hat on it. "Wow I can't believe you only cost ten dollars to hire for the day!" she exclaims, letting the Ass carry some heavy equipment on its back

Turnover shrugs softly, "..not yet no, I'll.. think of something." He hears a clunk and raises an eyebrow and decides best not to look. "..come on.." He says softly as he leads Jayson again. Yea-- cuddly, Turnover hasn't quiet gotten use to that either.

So Turnover leads Jayson to where the wild dogs are, Wolves, Maned Wolves, Jackels and such, and stops at the Jackels, looking down at them for a moment. ""

Then looks over the sign and reads about them for a moment in a cerious nature that is Turnover.

Powell Glyde gives a thumbs-up at Raindance's ass. "That is a fine animal, my friend. A fine animal, indeed."

"Ooh, jackals!" Jayson watches the animals closely. "Sweet... Wild dogs are so cool. You see those wolves over there? Largest species of canine on Earth. Beautiful, aren't they?"

As a matter of fact, a blue-footed booby /is/ following Rhiannon around!

Rhiannon Slim-Dhance nods. "Yeah. And my melons are really firm too, you know!" she exclams, hefting two delicious melons from the knapsack on the Ass, and throwing one at Powerglide's head. "Perhaps you can feed one to the Hyenas..."

Joe Bumble moves from the Convertible and looks about, hands in his pockets.

Powell Glyde is smacked in the head with the firmest melon he has ever had the honor of touching. "B-but Hyenas don't eat fruit!" Raindance knew so little about Hyenas, and it was very unsettling.

Rhiannon Slim-Dhance starts to stroke her chin. "Hmm. Maybe that is why they are all dead..." she mutters. Inside the Hyena cage is a huge bowl of delicious, untouched fruit

Dominic Duncan hops out of the car and lightly pats it. "Thanks Arcee. I do appreciate this." he then rubs the seats. "Very nice leather too. I could've fallen asleep in there." he says before walking around her.

Futuristic Pink Convertible <Arcee> is sitting there with her engine lightly rumbling as stuff happens around her!

"Don't mention it, Jetfire. Be safe."

Powell Glyde throws the melon onto the ground near Jetfire's feet, pieces of wet fruit spraying all over his shoes and pants. "I'm over it."

Joe Bumble moves to Jetfire and smiles. "You take care also Arcee. Once the Decepticons are back, I expect this to be turned into an all out war." He says and gets covered in melon guts. "Powerglide!" He yells to the culprit.

Monstereo gazes out from the elephant pen briefly. More and more slowly start showing up to the zoo. "The Gathering..." Somewhere, a lion roars.

"POWERGLIDE!" shouts Rhiannon angrily. "Leave the lion alone and come help!" She skips up to Monstereo, giving him a little salute. "There's people all over, but /what if the plan doesn't work/? Is there some sort of backup plan?"


He shall single handledly build this machine, his skill is unmatched!

He arrives and waves, into the general area, wheever this machine is being built!. "Hey Guys! I heard you had some problems with, I dunno, being put into human bodies! So I shall save the day again!...

Pipes gets to work! He shall spend the next 5 minutes trying to pick up a large piece of machinery with his pipes. This is a futile effort.

Turnover looks over at the wolves but blinks as he hears some of the Jackals seem to 'bark', he raises a brow and walks towards the wolves pin. Reading the sign there and placing his hand in his jacket's pockets.

He glanced over to Jayson, "Earth has some remarkable creatures--to bad it seems so many are nearly killed off."

Jayson Redfield sighs. "I's sad. Sometimes, though, it can't be helped." He pauses for a moment, musing. "Like dinosaurs." It's a bit of a half-joke. "Y'know, Turnover...I was thinking of bringing you here myself. Just the two of us...without that group of weirdos hanging around." Why yes, he *is* ignoring Powerglide and the others.

Powell Glyde saunters over to Raindance and crosses his arms. "When have we ever built something in 40 minutes that wasn't destroyed immediately, broken, or overall useless?" He tries his best to ignore Rapist Jayson and his prey.

Rhiannon Slim-Dhance watches Monstereo build the device, then Pipes struggling with the block. "You know..." she starts. "Pipe reminds me of a dance troupe I saw the other day. There was this girl with a wheelchair in it..." She trails off, watching the Minibots. "You can do it Pipes!" she encourages. "You're one of the team!"

Turnover raises a brow, "But the Dinosaurs died on Earth.." Ponders on this, "I believe, if my calculations are correct," Here comes being the son of Perceptor, "4.5 billion years ago, or close to that amount with an astroid that struck the pacific ocean and caused a global alteration to the planets surface and enviromental fluxes, thus bring about a new speices in the evolutionary change." He blinks, "if you believe in evolution, though that is still a theory and yet has to be proven." Shrugs.

Jayson Redfield blinks. "I always read it was sixty-five million years ago... Isn't the Earth about four-point-five...six?...billion years old?" He frowns a bit. "Ah, whatever...dinosaurs still rock." He grins.

Powell Glyde watches the hand-less minibot and strokes his notbeard, " that you mention it, it reminds me of that too.." He begins a slow clap, a single tear running down his cheek, "Truely, a hero!"

Turnover raises a brow and glances upward slightly, "..or maybe it was, hard to say. It seems many of earth's scientist can never agree on the times or dates of such alterations of the planets or how they came to be." He shrugs, "However, that is never been my main interest, so eh."

Pipes looks around sneakyily. To the Right. To the Left. He presses his Pipes against the box and begins to simply push it instead of lifting. He whistles innocently. He is called out at, he suddenly withdraws his Pipes. "I //LIFTED IT!//!" he exclaims. "I did it, I swear!" he says, not really hearing what Rhi said, too worried about being caught not being awesome as he's supposed to be, and begins to walk away whistling inocently as he sweeps up the push marks in the dirt with his feet. Now the machine is in postion for someone to add to the bigger device to change captive Transformers back.into....

Transformers. Hopefully.

Dominic Duncan looks to Bumblebee. "Well....this is it I guess."

Rhiannon Slim-Dhance skips over to Pipe's box, looking at it. "What is it?" she questions, putting her ear against it. "Pipes, what's in it, this is very exciting for me? Is it some of your herbal remedies?"

Monstereo looks to Rhiannon. "That's a good question. I certainly don't have one except if athings go haywire, we do our best to keep cool and get the laptop by other means... without sacrificing innocents. Oh and warn the world." He then turns to Pipes. Pipes! Party on dude! Thanks for the... help." He was going to say hand.

Jayson Redfield shrugs. "Yeah...scientists are always arguing over one thing or another. I try not to worry about it and just rely on the books. Anyway, let's go see some more animals." He looks around and motions toward another area. "I think the pandas are over here."

Amber MacKenzie is still sitting on a bench not too far away with the sickly, wheelchair-bound Ahmed, who is napping with Soundwave stored safely in a pocket. She can clearly see the Autobots present and assumes that the others with them are the humanized Transformers plus the EDC. To the hidden Soundwave, she gives an envious glance. He is probably listening in on the Autobots' conversation. Damn him. Anyway, when poor Ahmed wakes up, she'll wheel him closer to whatever's going on, but in the mean time, she pulls out her camcorder and uses the zoom capability to examine the "humans" present, looking for EDCers. For crying out loud, isn't there *any* EDC presence?

Dominic Duncan taps away on a datapad and...runs into someone. He says excuse me until he spies the camcorder in her hands. "Well well. Trying to get the scoop anyways....aren't you Miss mackenzie?"

Pipes gives a Pipe Salute! He now goes to look at Animals with the rest for now. Because, Animals are cool.

"Oh cool, Dogs." he says to the Wolves and stuff. "Wait, or not dogs. Yeah, not really dogs."

Turnover follows Jayson to the Pandas and reads about them as well, "Human science is actually far easier then Cybertronian science-- then again, so is there mathematical formula." He shrugs and sighs, leans over on the sign and lowering his head, "..dangit.."

<Earth> Monstereo says, "Calling all Cons. Calling all Cons. Inviting you to get the scoop... tick tock tick tock. Radio me if you're not too ill."

Rhiannon Slim-Dhance takes out a large pair of crocodile clips and attaches them to tbe bottom of the bars of the elephant cage, as she looks at Powerglide. "Now, the question is, do I actually /want/ my body back..." she ponders out loud

<Earth> Fulcrum says, "What.. what are you talking about?"

"Well, I don't know much about Cybertronian science," Jayson admits. "I'm hoping that one of these days I'll get to go to Cybertron. Depends on my orders, though." He watches Turnover with concern, and places a hand on his shoulder. "You okay, babe?" Yeah, he's starting up on the nicknames now. Don't judge.

<Earth> Foxfire says, "What...?"

The banner over the zoo entrance still gently billows in the breeze reading Welcome St Marv's Hospital Patients while balloons of various make and model continue to adorn the entire animal park.

<Autobot> Monstereo says, "Friends. Come to the zoo for some happy final day fun. See the chimps and beavers. Tonight's show guarantees to be the most exciting ever.... one way or the other."

Powell Glyde watches Raindance, not understanding the science behind this monstrosity of a machine. "I've wondered the same thing. I mean, flying and shooting at crap is awesome and everything, but.."

Amber MacKenzie, jarred, almost drops her camcorder. Only good reflexes allow her to catch it before it hits the concrete walkway. Scowling, she whirls to see who the lout who bumped her is, and while he doesn't look familiar at all, something about his manner bothers and annoys her. With narrowed green eyes, she glares at the man who knows her name. If she hadn't seen that Silverbolt had *not* been humanized, she might think it was him. Must be a humanized Autobot, though. "Trying to see if there are any EDC officers are around, if it's any of your business. As for any scoops, I'm escorting part of the Decepticon contingent," she adds, gesturing towards Ahmed.

Mark Dowell can be heard coughing as he approaches the Autobots in the zoo. His face looks rather pale, and he seems a bit grumpy.

Turnover coughs gently and just leans there, "..I'm ok.. just feeling a little weak, that is." He stands up again and looks at his slightly shaking hand, then clinches it closed, "..probably should get something to eat." He then looks over to Jayson. "That-- and probably should head back toward the others soon as well."

Joe Bumble smiles and runs to Markdown. "Markdown, your here, great!" He says as he keeps by him. "Come on, it's about to begin."

Rhiannon Slim-Dhance strokes her chin. "Yeah. See, I like having limbs and being able to run about and be generally awesome and wonderful!" She winks at Powerglide. "But..." She then points to Turnover. "What if staying human will turn me into someone like that, how could I cope?"

Pipes sees, bright, colorful Ballons.... he eyes them....

So Bright.. beautiful... and a lovely momento of that day some Transformers got turnt into Humans.

Suddenly some balloons are not where they were. They might be in a chest compartment of Pipes or something. They'll probably end up in the Museum later. For now, Pipes is contuing to see Animals abound until he is possibly needed again.

Who's this dapper older gent in turn of the century Russian military gear? Who can say? But he's scowling at some equally grumpy looking bears as he mutters into a cellphone.

Mark Dowell manages a weak smile at Joe Bumble. "Thanks... *cough* Hope this works..."

So, um... someone brought Wendy/Whirligig on a stretcher. The fair-haired femme is completely comatose now. Fun times.

Monstereo snaps his fingers in front of Pipe's optics. "No time for love, Dr Jones."

Powell Glyde blushes a bit at Raindance's wink, "Awesome and wonderful. Yeah, whatever." He looks over at Turnover and shivers, "Is that a risk worth taking?"

Jayson Redfield nods and starts leading Turnover back toward the rest of the group. He was hoping for some time alone with him, but oh well. Maybe later. "C'mon, let's get you a slice of pizza or something. You're probably just weak from hunger, maybe."

And somewhere in the background, Foxfire/Blaze Renard is hanging around. Being sick.

Joe Bumble raises an arm as if to help the larger man. "Come, lets get you more comfortable with the others." He says with a smile as he tries to help his friend.

<Earth> Monstereo -- Local San francisco Zoo hosts a special day for patients of St Marv's Hospital, so seeing a bunch of sick people roaming the zoo won't look unusual. Wheelchairs are made available to those who need them. Balloons ... have gone conspicuously missing. The elephant viewing area is off limits due to a possible pregnancy.

Rhiannon Slim-Dhance leans on a railing. "Eh, well I don't want to go dying on anyone Powerglide. That's be worse I think. Still..." she looks down at herself, pondering

Mark Dowell nods as he shambles after Joe. "Right, of course. *Hurfff* Oh, geeze, being human was REAL fun up until this point..." He stares curiously at some elephants. "Man, this place makes me feel small..."

Monstereo worries that Soundwave himself hasn't showed up to check his work on the machine. He is sure he's following the plans right, but it is still an untested technology. He works hard though as his montage music files continue to play out.

Fulcrum stares morosely at the bears, who stare just as morosely back. "You think YOU have problems" he grunts. "At least you're too dumb to realise how horrible it is to be trapped in a horrible sack of flesh and hair." He turns and idly surveys the crowd, noticing a few Autobots and recognising a couple of the humanised ones. There's that one that was pretending to be Arachnae! Hmm, he could go over and punch her in her human mouth..

Joe Bumble nods. "Dont worry, everything will be alright soon Markdown." He says, patting the man's arm since that's all he can reach.

Turnover nods to Jayson and allows him to lead him, however when they get there, it is getting heavily crowded. He sticks very close to Jayson, actually his hand is slightly taking ahold of his arm shirt as he lowers his head. He-- really wasn't feeling to good right now, very weak, tired-- and kinda shakey.

Powell Glyde stands beside her, his arms still crossed. "I would've done anything to get back to normal, but now I'm all confused. Being like this has taught me so much, but.." He shrugs, "Eh."

Rhiannon Slim-Dhance nods. "Yeah, I've learnt much too, these past few weeks!" she announces, about to go into one of those moralistic speeches. "I've learnt that... uh... um... eer..." She pauses, thinking. "Okay, I've not learnt anything at all, I guess."

Mirage is around, somewhere. Really just keeping everything in order and making sure things don't get too out-of-control, since he isn't humanized or anything.

Powell Glyde smirks, "Aw, c'mon! You can't seriously say you haven't learned /anything/ from all this, can you? Geez, even I've gotten somethin' outta this."

Jayson Redfield isn't letting Turnover out of his sight. He wraps an arm around him to keep him close as his gaze sweeps over the crowd. He has to wonder if he's the only actual human among them. "You're shaking," he murmurs to Turnover. "Let's find a place for you to rest."

Mark Dowell nods to Joe. "I appreciate that.. I hope you're right. If not, I hope the other Autobots find a way to blast those bastards to hell." Coughing, he addresses humanized Fulcrum next. "Hey! It isn't so bad! You don't have as much control over your body, but it's interesting! Everything feels... *different*. But in a way that... oh, geeze, how can I articulate it?" His brow furrows.

Yes, some face punching is certainly in order, especially since they're all going to die soon anyway. Taking his cane from the rail, Fedot begins to make his way slowly towards Rhiannon, wincing slighly as he power-limps through the crowd.

Rhiannon Slim-Dhance rolls her eyes as she watches the preparations. "Uuuugh. Okay Powerglide!" She turns to him, raising a finger. "One thing. I learnt /one/ thing, okay? Happy?" She turns back to look at the Hyena cage. "Okay, two. Hyenas don't like fruit"

"If they dont get us back to normal, then they will stop at nothing to stop these beings." Joe says to Markdown and looks to see who he was talking to, watching everyone about him now.

Turnover nods and finds a location to sit down at that isn't to far from the area, but isn't in the crowd either. "..I just need something to eat, that is all.. just hungry.." He hopes that was all that was wrong.

Though didn't Andi tell him to /not/ eat Junk food, and-- wasn't Pizza a form of Junk food? Like he actually knew what the difference was...

Powell Glyde throws an arm over Raindance's shoulders, "Well, duh. Even someone as dumb as Foxfire knows that." He grins, "What was the other thing?"

Mark Dowell nods grimly. "They better... they damn well better."

Jayson Redfield doesn't consider pizza junk food. But that's just him. He sits beside Turnover and watches the crowd. "Yeah, that's probably just it. Rest for a bit and then we can get you something to eat." He yawns and leans back on the bench. "This place is huge; I'm getting tired, myself."

"You there!" Fedot calls out to Rhiannon and her companion in his heavilly accented barritone, waving his cane in the air. "Halt!"

Monstereo puts the finishing refinement tweaks on the machine... which looks like a big clunky NASA space probe with an RKO scaffold tower and four large strongly forged glass tubes surrounding it. There are alos many cool science looking things all over it like a working jacobs ladder, one of those cool glass bulbs with blue electricity dancing in it, and one of those cute plastic bobbing birds dipping its beak into a glass of water. And don't forget the simple controls. Power control knob. Various blinking lights... and the obligatory mechanical throw-switch. Here in the elephant pen, Monsy has put in a good days work while more and more assemble in the zoo on this special day for St Marv's Hospital patients.

Rhiannon Slim-Dhance freezes as Powerglide touches her again. "...that credit card fraud is bad?" she attempts, before leaping up as Fedor arrives. "Uuuugh!" she shouts. "Its a /blind person/!"

Blue Microcassette Recorder falls out of Ahmed's pocket.

Powell Glyde frowns. That wasn't exactly the answer he was looking for. "No, I mean-wait, what? A blind person!?" He gapes in terror.

Wendy Gale has nothing else to pose in with. She's still in a bad way, completely catatonic, and her eyes are open... but is she seeing anything?

Turnover nods and seems to stop shaking a little, he crosses his arms against his chest and kinda leans against Jayson, seeming to nearly doze off, but he doesn't allow himself to fully do that, no--

He has to keep an ear open, he wasn't sure what could happen or.. really what this was all about, though he had a general idea.

<Autobot> Saboteur Foxfire says, "Zoo...zoo...zoo...FOXES!"

<Autobot> Monstereo says, "They too are here!"

<Autobot> Saboteur Foxfire says, "Foxes foxes foxes..."

<Autobot> Monstereo says, "Don't ignore the penguins... they need attention too."

Jayson Redfield smiles a bit and wraps his arm around Turnover again, keeping him close and just letting him rest. And during this time...he hopes nothing happens. That would really suck.

<Autobot> Saboteur Foxfire says, "...Penguinbots. We need penguinbots."

<Autobot> Powerglide says, "That Jayson guy killed all the Hyenas."

Monstereo recieves calculations from the hard-thinking Soundwave and does some programming into the device computer to regulate power flow as well as frequency channeling. But that's all boring stuff. Go look at the aligators!

Decepticon Shuttle <Astrotrain> tears across the sky like a flaming bat out of hell! Though two things are note are that he's not really a bat, for obvious reasons, nor is he really flaming. His coated underside is merely glowing from a rapid re-entry from orbit, the quickest way to get to his target as needbe. And it helps when you don't give a flying hoot about local airspace and who your sonic wake may or may not disturb anyway. Good thing the locals were expecting this 'meeting' and flights in the area have been diverted elsewhere.

Tipping forward, Astrotrain's large transport form bleeds off speed at a rapid pace until he pulls up at the last second, using a long stretch of empty road as a makeshift runway to touch down in a screech of tires, which soon gives way to the shifting of transformation as he takes onto his more ground-based form. Steel wheels chugging heavily, he continues to decelerate amidst puffing clouds of smoke from his large stack, until he finally rumbles to a halt, the rear ramp dropping from his back end with a heavy *THUD*.

"S'too bad..." He mutters. "...woulda liked to shoot em up a little. For old time's sake. Maybe they coulda prop up Brawn or Ironhide so we could shoot em with the Boss again, just for giggles!"

<Autobot> Saboteur Foxfire says, "Who did what now?"

Joe Bumble hears something and looks to the exit, seeing a familiar purple train. "Astrotrain..." He says, clenching a fist. He then runs towards where the train was.

Animals here at the wonderful San Francisco Zoo are momentarily spooked by the flight entry of Astrotrain. They settle though, they've seen all kinds of weird while living here.

Blue Microcassette Recorder sits on the ground for a moment, right next to Ahmed and Amber, then..

Keith Howard suddenly rips out of Astrotrain's back hatch and roars into the zoo on his Harley-Davidson. "Haha, make way for America, suckers!" Children scream as they dive out of the way of the motorbike, he narrowly misses Joe Bumble, and apes angrily beat at their cages and holler at the noise from the engine. After driving around the other humanized Cybertronians in a few circles before he finally brings the bike to a halt.

"I am here, fools, and I am ready for your..." His face turns a few notches paler. "One sec..." He rushes over to a waste bin and sticks his head in it. "BLAAAAGHHH!" After a few moments of shivering and wretching, Keith sticks his head back up and approaches the others on wobbly legs. "Uhh... I do not feel very well!"

Soundwave stands up, towering over the nearby humans.

Illidan "Sunder" Stormrage exits Astrotrain's hold, helping his brother Devlin "Dredclaw" Romanov out by letting him lean on his shoulder. "It will not be long," he says earnestly, "We will shed these accursed forms and take our rightful bodies--and our rightful places as Hunters." His Hyoomanized Wingsib is too weak to respond with anything but a rumble of nonverbal agreement.

Walther P99 remains tucked into Keith's leather jacket pocket, staying quiet so as not to attract attention. The element of surprise!

It's actually denim. *American* denim.

Amber MacKenzie sees Soundwave bail and transform from his cozy hiding place in Ahmed's pocket and knows that whatever this is is going down, *now*. With no EDC officers in sight - only a few Autobots - and the Decepticons' fine old tradition of stabbing allies in the back as soon as the emergency is over, she starts to edge away from the center of activity with only a quiet word of farewell to the still-napping Ahmed. Taking careful advantage of every bit of cover, she almost seems to vanish from view. At what she hopes is a safe distance, she takes cover behind the sturdy concrete wall around a gazelle enclosure and uses her camcorder to zoom in on what is happening.

Dominic Duncan smirks at Amber and chuckles. "There's some here, don't worry." he says before obviously looking over Amber. "Yes, You have Arachnae and if he's trying to stay low, SOundwave." he then looks to Arachnae. "Well....if you're here Soundwave, I have the materials and the data. Let's find a hiding spot and you can give the data the onceover so we can get this started.

Aleksey Nabokov makes his way out of the tranport, in a more subtle way. Shaking his head as Keith just seems to tear through the area. "Sometimes I wonder about that one..." He says, placing a hand on his face and shaking his head in utter disdain. Though as his head rises up, he makes his way over towards his comrades, and grins slightly. Things will be getting interesting, that's for sure.

Joe Bumble acks as he is almost ran down and looks to the big purple train. "Astrotrain...You have circuits showing." He says, pointing at a random area on the train before running back in, to check on how everyone survived being ran down.

Rhiannon Slim-Dhance shrugs as the blind guy seems to vanish. "I have no intention of becoming a Turnover!" she exclaims to Powerglide. "I... I don't know what to do. That's if I even get a choice. That's if I even don't /die/"

Mirage notices Astrotrain flying in, actually not reacting much to the entrance since it's usually one of his... less flashy attempts. He cants his gaze over to Soundwave as he transforms and sighs. As long as the monotonic 'Con doesn't create any trouble, he could care less. His invisibility fades out and he appears, apparently in a less-crowded area nearby the humanized Transformers.

Turnover sits up again, and notices the crowds growing, that and Astrotrain just flew in, "..My my my, what a party we are going to have here tonight." He rubs the back of his neck. "Jayson.."

Turnover smiles, "..can we get something to eat now?"

Somewhere, a giraffe breaks wind and is ever grateful his nose is so high up away from his tail end.

Locomotive waits until everybody had disembarked before he transforms, rising up into his big, oh so familiar frame as he crosses his arms over his chest. Immediately followed by a sudden half-hearted lunge in Joe Bumble's direction. " shut up! That was a wardrobe malfunction and I'll stomp ya into a stain if ya get within reach again!"

Powell Glyde grabs Raindance's shoulders and shakes her, "Calm down, woman! You're talking crazy! No one wants to be a Turnover, not even Turnover!" He presses his forehead against hers, "Just chill."

Joe Bumble laughs at the attempted lunge, even laughing loudly so Astrotrain could hear him. "Better be careful Astrotrain, there are femme bots here as well, wouldnt want them to see anything." He calls out before going to Jetfire. "Hey."

Dominic Duncan waves to the bee. "Everyone getting here?"

Jayson Redfield overhears Rhiannon and Powell and rolls his eyes. "Stop talking like that! 'Don't want to be a Turnover'...ugh. His name shouldn't be used like that..." He looks back to Turnover and grins. "Sure thing. Can you walk okay?"

Rhiannon Slim-Dhance looks totally distraight and crushed. "But I might turn into a Turnover Powerglide! Or blind like that blind guy! Or or...!" She points at Jayson. "Whatever that guy is, Omega Supreme or whatever!"

Astrotrain fist shakes in Evil Villain Indignation! "Yer just lucky I'm supposed to be keepin it low key right now or I'd play 'punt the imitation humie far as I can'!" With that, he returns to crossing his arms over his chest once more, glaring out and waiting for what is going to happen.

Jayson Redfield stares at Rhiannon. "I'm *human*, thank you very much."

Turnover just stares at Powerglide and Raindance, then quickly flashes them the middlefinger, a human trait he picked up, before he hooked his arm around Jayson and dragged him along in a huff, "Yes-- food eat.. bloody slaggers.." He said with a hint of that british accent kicking in.

Keith Howard grins as he gets close to the humanized Autobots. He bumps into Jayson's shoulder, and asks, "Hey. Hey. Hey. Wanna beer? Got one in my jacket."

Turnover says, "no thanks--"

Powell Glyde completely ignores Jayson's poor attempts at defending his boyfriend, "Try not to worry? I'll still be here, remember?" He doesn't even see Turnover's RUDE gesture.

Rhiannon Slim-Dhance looks towards the ground, pretty glum. "Yeah, maybe..." she mutters, wondering when things will get started. "We'll see..."

Jayson Redfield groans at Keith. "You again...? And no. We're underage. Go away."

Monstereo enter more of Soundwave's calculations into the device... musing to himself what he missed out on not being one of those afflicted with a human body but glad nonetheless he has been able to act in his normal body. Oh to know what a burger taste like...

Powell Glyde lifts Raindance's chin up with a finger and just grins at her. "Guess so."

Joe Bumble looks to the giant Astrotrain and laughs harder. He looks back to Jetfire and chuckles. "I dont know which is worse, being stuck like this or a decepticon having modesty." He says with a grin.

Amber MacKenzie fidgets in her hiding place, her camcorder set up and recording. No EDC in sight - at least no one wearing the uniform - and there are a bunch of Decepticons in plain sight. Maybe the animals have seen it all, but the humans haven't. Some are gawking like the morons they are. Haven't they ever seen a Decepticon attack on TV? Not that this is *supposed* to be an attack, but she's afraid it'll turn into one afterwards. "Get the hell out of here," she hisses at a couple of Brazilian tourists from behind her wall. They look at her like she was a freak until she curls all but her forefinger and thumb into a gun like shape and threaten them with it. When Decepticons aren't frightening enough, a really really *really* lame "gun" is; they run away.

From the zoo park speaks emits a tinny voice, "The zoo is now closing. Would all visitors please make their way towards the main exit. Thank you for coming, and drive safe."

Time. Time is something of the essence, something to be savoured. And for the past few weeks, the humanized Transformers have had to savour their time the best they can, with the threat of death hanging like the sword of Damoclese over their heads. Some have spent their time getting to know humanity. Others have spent their time just fooling around. Other still have taken up other pursuits. But now this is to end.

Time has just run out.

The zoo is quite a busy place still, despite the bustling of all the humanized Transformers threatening to take it over. And so perhaps it is with little surprise that from the lizard house, slips a figure. A figure dressed in an impeccable grey suit and a bowler hat, carrying his trademark briefcase and standing before the delegation, clapping slowly as he looks around, his expression stony. Inspector Goole has arrived.

Wendy Gale is... still out of it. Just thought she'd throw that in there!

Dominic Duncan walks his way towards Soundwave and chuckles at the Zoo announcement. "good timing. This way we can get our stuff done in relative quiet." He says as he walks over past Soundwave. "Got everything Soundwave?"

Aleksey Nabokov moves into an 'at ease' position, but can't help raising a brow towards all the happenings around him. Personally, being free of this meat sack would be a Primus-sent gift. He easily stands tall above almost all the other humanized 'Cons, being easily the most noticable in a crowd. Amber should recongize this one very quickly.

Joe Bumble moves to the humanized transformers who were unable to move, patting Wendy on the head and Peace. "Dont worry, everything will be over soon." He says softly to the women, trying to comfort them even though he knew they couldnt hear him.

<Autobot> Saboteur Foxfire says, " more foxes?"

Once they have something to eat, this being Pizza. Timothy takes a seat near the main group, eating his slice of pizza contently, before he glances up with those gold eyes to notice a figure of 'death' to him walking toward them. He stops in mid-bite, and places the slice down. His eyes narrow slightly as he just stares in that direction.

So much for a nice last day in the Zoo with Jayson and others he never truely got a chance to know.

Monstereo feels the chill of villainy entering the story at this point, but has yet to identify the source. He pauses in his last minute preparation of the device. Looking over his shoulder and around the park from inside the elephant pen.

Keith Howard sneers. "That is it, I have had it with your un-American attitude towards beer! Prepare to face my wrath!" He reaches into his jacket and pulls out MEGA... beer. A mega-beer. "But first I will drink!" He pops open the cap and chugs away, at least until Inspector Goole appears. "PBbbBBTBbbBTtt!" Keith sprays beer from his mouth, so shocked is he to see the Inspector!

Astrotrain turns to look towards the clapping individual, staring waaaay down, then off to one side. The expression on his face says everything.

"...THIS is the one causin all the trouble?"

<Autobot> Saboteur Foxfire starts coughing...then falls over, apparently.

Mirage turns towards the lizard house, his optics narrowing slightly as he spots someone fitting the description of the same 'human' who had set the timer on the humanized Transformers' lives... and had later destroyed Turnover's body. "Apparently," he comments to Astrotrain as an aside, looking right at the Inspector. /Just what is he planning /this/ time?/ He wonders, his expression stony but making no move to threaten the 'human' at all.

Jayson Redfield watches Keith in disgust. "Gross, man... Just go away!" A chill runs down his spine at the sight of Goole, and he inches cloer to Turnover, gently placing a hand on his arm. "Just stay there," he murmurs, not taking his eyes off the inspector. "Just finish eating...I'll keep an eye on this punk..."

Inspector Goole doffs his hat at Astrotrain as he gives a small smile. His expression is dour though, not quite the charm of his first apperance, nor the raging spirit of vengeance that was his condemnation of Turnover. Today it is all about business. He strides through the zoo towards all the Transformers, confidently, taking in every sight with his eagle sharp eyes, nodding in appreciation. Until finally, he stops near a table and sits down.

"Strange" he finally says, speaking calmly and clearly. "That you should choose this place, one of captivity and cruelty to be the place where you sign over your old lives to us and begin an existance of grace and freedom."

Ahmed Ibn Fahdlan remains asleep in the wheelchair Amber kindly pushed him to the zoo in. Evidently, he cna sleep through anything.

Turnover nods gently and continues to the eat the pizza, his eyes still locked onto the Inspector Azrealian alien like he still had a target system. They were narrowed and burning with anger.

He listens to what the Inspector has to say and takes a hard bite out of the pizza and nearly makes a growling noise. Oh, he had some words to the autobots over what happened-- but he was still raged over what took place.. sadly, that was one day he never forget.

Amber MacKenzie does indeed recognize her old friend Aleksey. Damn. Looks like Silverbolt was right about him after all. Here's hoping she never sees him again, so she won't have to apologize. After receiving a text message from an unexpected source, cause for a widening of her eyes, she goes back to work, turning the gain up all the way. Now who's that? She zooms in on the good Inspector, studying his face through the viewfinder and not recognizing it. Zooming out shows some interesting reactions from the Transformers there.

Joe Bumble hears the voice of a familiar being and growls, fists clenching. He then goes to run over to Goole. "How can you talk so calmly after all you done!" He yells as he continues running to the Inspector.

Jayson Redfield clenches a fist and grits his teeth. The more he hears, the angrier he becomes. "What would you know about freedom?" he snaps at Goole. "Blackmailing them into surrender isn't freedom! It's slavery!" Stay calm. Don't attack. That would only jeopardize things.

"We're supposed to do what with the who-now?" Astrotrain muses, pausing to pull out a datapad. "...okay I REALLY shoulda been payin attention to the reports more other than 'We got turned into squishies!'."

"Zzzzz...snk.. eh? What?" says Fedot, who had stopped for a nap on a bench half way to Rhiannon. "Where'd she go? better go see what all the fuss is about" he mutters, cane tapping on the paving stones as he moves towards Astrotrain. At least SOME things don't change.

Keith Howard gives the Inspector a murderous look before reaching into his jacket... and pulling out another beer. He pops off the cap, tips it back, and chugs.

Monstereo becomes alerted to the happenings and appearance of Goole elsewhere. Average normal non alien humans slowly gather themselves during the standard closing time exodus.... getting last second pictures snapped off, making sure children are accounted for, and fumbling for keys. The Junkion radios his two counterparts in this plan, Soundwave and Jetfire, "What's the 411?"

Mirage actually doesn't react, not even flickering an optic. He quickly kneels and lashes out his hand in front of Joe Bumble, long before the human boy could get close to where the stopping point is (so it wouldn't hurt him), much less the Inspector. "Bumblebee, calm down. That will only make things worse," he advises quietly, then looks up at the Inspector. So it is him. Small wonder everyone's reacting like this, then...

Aleksey Nabokov moves towards Keith, and gives him a small smack to the chest. "Give me one of those." He says in an angry tone. Possibly, or rather, it IS because the Inspector had shown up.

Somewhere, in the nocturnal house, a bat poops on another bat flying below it.

Inspector Goole calmly takes out some sheets of paper and an ink pen and lays them out on the table in front of him. "Documents of surrender" he explains helpfully to those around him, as abuse is hurled his way.

He smiles at Jayson. "My boy, the race I come from is older than you could possibly imagine. We have circumnativated galaxies, we have seen the births of universes and we have watched new dimensions unfold from the universal snowflake. We see outside the sphere of things, while you are small and trapped inside."

The Inspector gets to his feet again, waving a finger as if making an elementary point. "Unlike you, we are not warlike. We are surgeons, we cut out the cancerous cells of the universe. You would not be angry at a surgeon for removing a cancerous tumour, even though the cells on their own, individually do no harm to the organism?"

Ahmed Ibn Fahdlan wakes up, dimly remembering ice cream, coffee.. He peers sleepily around and fumbles for a cup of rather cold coffee. Sipping, he grimaces and peers about, trying to make sense of the general swarm of humanity in the area. A sneeze and his nose starts to bleed a bit and he slowly, and irritably gets out of the wheelchair, pulling a handkerchief out to staunch the flow. Eyes narrowing, which does little to obscure the blood hued sclera surrounding the golden brown irises, he looks to see who is about. "Great, the zoo is closing.. and my coffee is cold." He doesn't recognize the humanized cons, only having seen one or two in passing and they were relegated to the memory engram of the hopelessly human due to lack of introductions. "Amber?" Confusion wars with concern before settling on that irritated expression that knits his brows together, "Slagnabit, what, in primus name, is going on now?"

...yeah. Still catatonic. There's little Wendy can do right now but gaze at the sky without knowing she's actually gazing at the sky. Otherwise she'd be protesting rather loudly.

Keith Howard oofs as Aleksey accidentally smacks the secret pocket where a certain gun is being kept. "Oof! Careful, you silly Russian man! You will, uh, break my beers! But very well, you may have one of them! I smuggled many, and I hope to enjoy as many as possible before I expire!" He pulls a bottle out and offers it to Aleksey. As he resumes chugging his own beer, he looks at Goole out of the corner of his eye and muses, "*Glug* What language is that odd man speaking! It does not sound American!"

Turnover stands up and walks beside Jayson, his eyes still locked on the Inspector, "...I don't have anything to live for." He states simply, " is my last day-- so I have nothing that can be given to the jack-- nor be taken away."

As Inspector speaks Turnover walks toward him, "Surgeons huh? What if this-- cancer your trying to move has the right to live-- why does your race, with its vast technology want us?" He places his hands down on the table, looking the Azrealian right in the eyes, "What could you possibly offer to us? Our lives-- sadly, my life is already gone, so truthfully." He narrows his eyes, "You have nothing to offer me-- and if a race so great as yourselves can't fight a war alone-- then what greatness are you?"

Joe Bumble growls at the human but stops when Mirage tells him to. He sighs and goes back to where he set the large red boombox with the Autobot symbol on it. He even wore a shirt with the symbol on his chest.

Walther P99 is getting increasingly annoyed with Americon. He should've chosen one of the Sweeps to carry him... but no, Americon seems to be the least ill, it had to be. He stays quiet in the pocket.

Fedot Mikoyan-Gurevich lurches up to the group, in time to hear a bit of Goole's remark and put two and two together. "Surgeons die to disease just as easily as their patients" he glowers, leaning on his stick and giving Goole the evilest Look he can muster.

Now standing behind the boombox with the Autobot symbol is a lanky white man with no arms. He seems to have snuck in unannounced. He taps Bumblebee on the shoulder and whispers, "Yo, Bumbles...I got some late seating. What's the haps?"

Jayson Redfield stares. "The age of your species doesn't give you the right to do this. Think what you will of Earth, but if you call *us* warlike, you're no better!" Yeah, he has a gun hidden on him. He may be suspended, but he's not unarmed! He grips the gun and pulls it out, but the movement is anything but threatening. It's just a precaution. "Now give the Transformers their bodies back, you alien *bastard*." He glances to Turnover for a moment, his expression softening for a brief second, but then he glares back at Goole. "You destroyed Turnover's body. What right did you have? You're nothing more than a *terrorist*!" Jayson lowers his voice. " *do* have something to live for...and so do I. Both of us...can get through this. And so can the Autobots."

<Autobot> Saboteur Foxfire growls deeply...

<Autobot> Monstereo says, "Steady..."

<Autobot> Saboteur Foxfire says, "He...he did us..."

Joe Bumble whispers a few things to Blaster, speaking very very quietly so that Goole wouldnt overhear. "I got this for you, and a sling so you dont have to hold it." He says, showing the boombox to the human. "See, identical to your original form, wouldnt you say?"

Astrotrain continues to watch from the background, which he can do cause, y'know. Being in his original Cybertronian body he can look over all the humans with ease. "...surrender what now?" He looks through the datapad again, finally finding the spot about the terms, and such. He looks back at Goole, then back to the datapad. Then goole again.

Goole, Datapad, Goole, Datapad.

"...BWAHAHAHAHAHA!" And with that, the triplechanger pitches over backwards into an empty animal pen, crashing through the fence as he is unable to stand up amidst his guffaws.

Cathrin Sturm slips in the back, to fill up space in the background. She may not be a Seeker anymore, but she can still fill up crowd shots with the best of them! Her cargo pockets also contain some things that are very... questionable. And was her face on a wanted poster just recently? No, no, ignore her. She's nothing.

<Autobot> Monstereo says, "Yup... remember, life is a wheel. What goes around... comes around. Say, that's pretty good. I should write that down and sell it."

'Psst' can be heard, as Aleksey pops the bottle open. Then without regard for the no littering signs, he tosses the cap aside! However, his eyes shift down towards Keith. "You know, only swine drink this trash..." He then leans the bottle back, and gulps down the beer. Though after sighing, and leaning the bottle back down. "Sad that it's all we got around here."

<Autobot> Saboteur Foxfire says, "..." Quiet, weak laugh. "Crazy Junkion."

A Superb Bird of Paradise settles on Astrotrain's head, shaking and prancing in a colorful display.

Human Blaster, almost, that a tear? Yeah, it is. 'Cause he can totally do that because he's a human. "Bumblebee... you....You're amazing." He smiles broadly, forgetting, for a moment, that his body is falling apart by the minute.

Somewhere, a peacock struts like John Travolta. Elsewhere, John Travolta struts like an octogenarian he is.

Inspector Goole turns towards Fedot, giving the man a smile. "We do not fear death. We simply fear the inability to complete our work, to tend to the mind of the Great Archon that the universe makes up. Every thought on every planet in every galaxy..." he fixes the Decepticon with his own gaze. "All of them, they are neurons, firing in the mind of the universe. And some of those neurons are sick and diseased. It is our sacred duty to fix those neurons through any means neccessary.

"This... Turnover" Goole mutters, a twitch visable on his face as he looks to Jayson. "With his friends made a crude attempt to attack us, endangering the lives of many of my fellows, and so endangering the Great Work. This was an irredeemable act. We are all created falling, it is up to ourselves to lift us up."

Joe Bumble smiles and gives Blaster a pat on the leg, raising the sling up. "Kneel down, I will set it up on you." He says with a smile to the limbless human.

Walther P99 thinks that's quite a moving statement. He'll have to remember that one for one of his speeches.

Mirage remains kneeling for now, but just studies the Inspector. "Do control yourself," he sighs softly to Astrotrain as he tumbles backwards into one of the pens in a laughing fit. "I hardly say this is a laughing matter." Although, perhaps to Astrotrain it is. Luckily, this certain spy doesn't have to deal with the Triple-changing drunkard. "Inspector, if I may clarify..." He states quietly, lifting his half-mask up into his helm, " was not an attack. It was merely an attempt to access Subspace to retrieve their bodies with the technology they had available, nothing more. They had no knowledge that your race is connected to that realm." Although that might not've stopped them, though he doesn't say so outloud.

Ahmed Ibn Fahdlan coughs, still holding a handkerchief to his nose as he slowly makes his way towards the more talkative group, overhearing some of the end. Quizically, he inserts, "It is up to everyone to lift themselves up. How they choose to do so is their choice. To force *cough as lips turn blue* everyone underneath a mantle of slavery for the 'greater good'." Pause to air quote, nose still bleeding, "Makes you no better than the Decepticons." Lips quirking into a wry smirk. "How noble of you to make this choice for the rest of us, the multiple species present. How utterly hypocritical too. How positivly amusing." A bark of a laugh, "The universal constant, there will *always* be tyrants."

Astrotrain is, about this point unaware that he's picked up a new, living chapeau. All that can be seen of him is his legs sticking out of the enclosure as he racks with more guffaws.

"...surrender...hostage...bodies...ah ha ha ha ha! Can't breathe...and I don't even breathe!"

Fedot waves his hand dismissively. "That's all very well and good, but you, personally will not survive this, alien. You will never see your great work completed, or even moved forward the slightest amount. For daring to inist on surrender from the Decepticon empire, your pathetic existence will be snuffed out. We will crush you and grind your bones into dust. For all your honeyed words of repair and surgeon, your real goal is power over those who you consider your inferiors. A game we are far better at, for the Decepticons at least have the honesty to admit our goals.

Human Blaster kneels down as Bumblebee suggests. The end.

Keith Howard pulls the beer bottle away from his mouth for a brief moment. "So, uh, you want to tend the whole universe? Do you guys have a plan to prevent universal Heat Death? I do not like the idea of being eternally cold!" He starts chugging away again.

Keith knows about Heat Death theory thanks to his surprisingly high Tech score of 82. That score is one of the reasons why the MSE gumbies don't let him near their experiments.

Turnover eye twitched, his hands tightened, "I-- you..." He looks downward, then yells right at Goole, "How dare you! Your murderes! We didn't know!" He stands back and narrows his eyes, breathing deeply, trying to keep his nerves calm. "We didn't know that by taking that action it would be harming your people's lives. We did not realize that was part of your existance, autobots do not harm life, we try to make the wrongs right, however we also fight against enslavement. So do you honestly believe the autobots would want to turn themselves over to a race?"

He shakes his head, "We fight against that, we fight for freedom and justice.. not for enslavement-- but for the rights of equality."

Joe Bumble slings the boombox over Blaster's shoulder, smiling as he makes sure that it is on him securely and stands back. "Done."

Wendy Gale would say something like, "So you have the right to kill and defend yourselves, but we don't? We're just expected to die because you feel like the world owes you a favor? What kind of lame, pathetic excuse is that?" That's what she /would/ say. If she still had any level of lucidity.

Human Blaster stands up, looking rather proud and smirky...much more confident than an armless man with a thirty-year-old tapedeck slung over his shoulders should be. He calls out, almost more loudly than is necessary, "This is more like it, baby!"

Joe Bumble will say it for Wendy. "So you have the right to kill and defend yourselves but we dont?! We're just expected to die because you feel like the universe owes you a favor?! What kind of lame pathetic excuse is that!?

Aleksey Nabokov tosses the bottle to the side, the glass shattering on impact with the ground. A chuckle leaves the Russian however. "Your arrogance is astounding." He says, and shakes his head. "As is your ignorance..." Though, he stops as Fedot speaks up, being that he was gonna say something along those lines. "I am believing, you need a real lesson here da?" He holds himself back from attempting anything foolish.

At Fedot's words, Inspector Goole simply hits a button on his laptop, displaying a hologram of the prone body of Galvatron in Oord Space, crackling and breaking and tearing as electrical waves wash over it. "It was not just Turnover who was punished" he says simply, darkening his gaze at Fedot. "It would be the work of an instant to reduce your own true form to a barely functional smoldering heap. Do not try my patience!"

He steps forward, pacing slightly, looking at the argumentative Autobots. "So ignorance is an excuse is it Turnover? May I destroy one of your cities simply because I did not realise sapient beings lived there, and expect no recourse, no retaliation?"

And finally, he turns to Joe Bumble with a smile. "Nature" he says slowly. "Is a cruel mistress, despite what you might be led to believe."

"Listen to them!" Jayson implores Goole. "No one meant to cause your race any harm! Trying to get their bodies back wasn't an assault! You *are* murderers!" He's agreeing with pretty much everyone at this point. "You're the scum of the universe!" He jerks slightly at the sight of Galvatron's body, then snarls and steps in front of Turnover protectively as Goole addresses him.

"I got your nature, right here!" Joe Bumble yells as he runs to try and punch the inspector, his rage just hit it's peak with that statement and he is uncontrollable at this point.

Cathrin Sturm listens to others put it a lot better than she ever could. It's the problem with those who supposedly want to build a 'compassionate', 'better' society. Call a shoe a shoe and cut the hypocrisy. The Decepticons want to take over the universe by any means necessary. It's simple. It's *honest*. And they're *Decepticons*. Is that nausea she's feeling, or she just disgusted?

Turnover gets behind Jayson, though not by choice, but by rather protective nature that is Jayson and the more passive nature that is Turnover. After all, Turnover is a scientist, a mechanic, he isn't a fighter and was never taught to fight. Just how to crack down codes and formulas like a super computer that his mind was. He goes silent, nothing to be said that moment expect gritted teeth and sneer. "..jerk.."

Walther P99 listens with satisfaction as the Decepticons rebel. That's the defiant Decepticon spirit!

Powell Glyde is too busy looking at the Hyena display to notice anything.

Somewhere, a bumblebee gets the urge to sting a lizard.

Human Blaster ...can't really hold Bumblebee back, but using the upper part of his torso, he bends at the waste and tries to obstruct Bumble's path towards the Inspector. "Bumblebee...let Mons...uhh.. I mean... we're peaceful things! yeah, that's it!"

Jayson Redfield murmurs, "'Jerk' is an understatement..."

Ahmed Ibn Fahdlan snorts, nose bleeding still, eyes slit, "You are not nature, despite whatever has been forcefed you from your creation point." A wheeze, a brow raising before he smirks, "So.. this is because we hurt you? And your reaction is violent? Fascinating, but in context, you're just as we are, if more powerful." Padding closer, "If it's vengence you want, some form of payment for whatever grief some of our species caused you, an eye for an eye then fine." Stopping and staring at Goole, "Kill me as your retribution, oh high and mighty one and let my people go. Fair trade, life for life." Smirking, "Unless, like a child who's favorite toy cut them because they were too thick to understand how to use it, you're just having a tantrum."

Keith Howard yells, "Hey! He hasn't answered my question yet!" and chucks an empty beer bottle at Bumblebee. "Jerk! Wait your turn!"

Americon misses Joe Bumble with his grasp attack.

"We all must die sometime" replies Fedot, though he can't help but be a bit taken back, face turning pale and leaning more heavily on his cane. He needs his body! That's where he keeps all his stuff!

Mirage is silent for a short time. The 'good' Inspector does have a point--ignorance is not a viable excuse, even though it is true. They truly didn't know. Still, his attention is diverted as he suddenly swipes one hand at Bumblebee to grab him and pick him up before he can get there. "Stop and think for once," he growls at Joe Bumble, regardless if he succeeds or not. "Don't make things worse for the others, if nothing else."

Mirage succeeds in grasping Joe Bumble, throwing it off-balance.

Aleksey Nabokov begins to have a coughing fit of his own, his hand clenching to his chest as he breathes heavily. The large Russian still seems to glare at the Inspector. Though if Avalanche was going to expire anytime soon, he was gonna take someone with him.

Joe Bumble was going to go around Blaster but wasnt fast enough and fell, the bottle missing by inches. He is grabbed by Mirage and tries to get free but is unable to. "Let me go!" He yells but stops once Mirage says the last part, calming down almost instantly. "But it isnt right...What he is doing isnt right!" He yells to everyone.

Inspector Goole sighs heavily, his face an echo of disappointment as he watches the scrabbling before him. He turns back to his briefcase. "The foundations of the old must be destroyed in order to rebuild properly and solidly" he speaks, softly. "The worlds we have taken, they are paradises now, risen like phoenixes from the ashes. We would do the same for Earth, but..."

He pauses, straightening his hat, looking Bumblebee straight in the eyes. "No." he says. "It isn't. But it /is/ necessary. We will take this world with or without you, and there is NOTHING you can do about it..."

Astrotrain is still back in the pen. Laughing like a schizophrenic epileptic.

Fulcrum mutters to Arachnae, "I... how... it would... to weaponise..."

Powell Glyde silently hopes the Hyenas will be O.K through all this.

Meanwhile, at that very moment off away in the vacant elephant pen, the quirky Junkion medic and budding engineer has been building this big clunky looking device that looks like a NASA space probe meshed with an RKO radio tower and a series of large strongly forged glass tubes arrayed all around it. He ,eticulously has been entering programming and calculations and rechecking everything so nothing is done half-aft. And now he feels the vital moment has arrived.... His montage music cuts out and is replaced by a tense silence...He turns on the power, the entire machine hums to life... his hand stretches out in a closeup, trmbling slightly... grasping the switch, he drives it up into place! The machine glows to full life as it draws upon the world around it, leeching the energy programed into it to locate and attract! "St Marv, pray for us!"

Of course, as everything is going on, Wendy's just sort of progressively getting worse. Unlike her comrades, she can't really protest. She's always been a pacifist... peaceful little thing, no real desire to hurt anyone. She had designed weapons, of course, but always been guilt stricken for days afterword. And this... her legacy? Dying as her mind fails rapidly to dementia simply because she was created in a race this awful alien hated? Why? They weren't /gods/. How dare they presume to be?

But all of this is a thought she will have to have later. Right now, there isn't enough left of her mind to remember how to speak... let alone how to form complex contemplation.

Aleksey Nabokov leans towards Fedot, and whispers something as well.

"Phoenix from the ashes..." Jayson's grip on his gun tightens. "To die...and be reborn..." He snarls dangerously, and finally cocks the weapon, pointing it at Goole. "This world is not yours to take! I won't let you!"

"Then I would rather die then be a tool to a monster like you." Joe Bumble says, glaring right back at him and calls out with Jayson. "NOR I!"

Fedot Mikoyan-Gurevich looks up from the cellphone he's muttering into and stares at Aleksey. "We may not HAVE a later" he replies out loud.

Ahmed Ibn Fahdlan headtilts, hearing something, bringing his handkerchief up to his nose, wiping blood away. "Hmm, after millinia studying invisibility, on the eve of my destruction I find myself graced with it. How positivly ironic." Startling, he looks over at Jayson and then the humanized 'Bee. A shrug and a look towards Fedot, brow lifting inquisitivly, "Well, I did have ap roject for forcing subspace dumps on the unwilling." Eyes twinkling devilishly.

Keith Howard pulls out a gun from his jacket. Oh my gosh it's Mega--wait, no, it's just an ordinary gun. "What is with you people!?" he grumbles as he points it at Jayson. "I want an answer to my question before you shoot him! And even then I may not let you shoot him! It depends on whether or not he can answer the question!"

"You do not have a CHOICE my boy" Goole speaks as in one motion the bowler-hatted figure raises up a hand in which has appeared a revolver, no emotion visable on his face at all, no hatred or fear or revulsion as he blasts off a shot at the human who dared to threaten him.

He is just a man doing a job, after all.

And then, something goes wrong. Goole jerks his head around, a look of actual surprise on his face as Monstereo's machine whirrs into life, the air around the cage crackling with energy, arcs of power moving up and down the bar.

"STOP!" he shouts, an element of panic in his voice. "What do you think you're DOING?"

"Hnn" grunts Fedot, peering with interest at Goole. "It's actually working?"

Joe bumble leaps out of Mirage's hand and leaps down, just in line to feel a great sharp pain. He hits the ground and coughs, blood pouring of the large hole in his chest. "Ow..." He says as he tries to get up, stagging to his knees before falling back down in a pool of his own blood, glaring at Goole. "Stopping you..." He says weakly, panting.

Astrotrain slowly starts to get to his feet again, the laughing fits gone as he's recovered, it seems. "Whooo, that was a good one! Okay, what'd I miss?"

OH yeah, here's the alien being, and crackling energy, and is he looking a bit panicked? "Oooh! I didn't miss it yet!?" And with that he sits up straight again, waiting to see what happens next.

Keith Howard looks around quizzically as Goole tries to shoot Jayson, but instead hits Joe Bumble. "Uh, so..." He glances at Nabokov as he keeps his ordinary gun trained on Jayson. "Should I still shoot the kid? I am confused!"

Cathrin Sturm grimaces when the shot rings out and reaches for one of the pockets but pauses. Orders, orders...

Monstereo busily monitors the machine and what is happening with it, working to make sure it doing what he needs it to do. He calls over his shoulder to the questioning from afar, "You are hereby sentenced to imprisonment for an indeffinate term. There is no appeal. There are no phonecalls to your lawyer. There will be no conjugal visitations. Welcome to the Rock!" He cues a hard rock guitar power chord recording.

Jayson Redfield just stares. And stares. And stares. "Holy--" Goole just tried to SHOOT him! And Bumblebee took the bullet! Startled, he nearly drops his own gun, but manages to keep a good hold on it. He kneels beside Joe to check the injury, but as he is not a medic, all he can really do is try to stop the bleeding. "You're crazy, man," he says quietly. He glances up at Keith's voice and raises an eyebrow. "Try to shoot me and I'll shoot you right back, freak."

Joe Bumble's injury is pretty serious. He coughs blood and chuckles. " an autobot...I will protect...being human doesnt change a thing." He says as he spits blood to the side, trying to stand but his strength is quickly leaving him.

The device starts to suck Goole's fellow aliens into the cage directly from Oord space, the interior crackling with the energy beings, full of purplish light as the humming increases. Goole himself staggers as his true form is forced to filter through his human body, starting to look like a human Tesla Coil as arc after arc of electricity shoots off him.

The Inspector falls onto the table, hefting himself up and gritting his teeth. "Stop...!" he gasps as more and more power arcs off him... a surprisingly large amount, swelling in power and size. "You... don't know what you're doing..." The Inspector makes an unsuccesful grasping motion towards his briefcase

Ahmed Ibn Fahdlan chuckles, "Probably not, but you.. should've done more research before you came down here talking slag and shooting your mouth off..."

Fedot Mikoyan-Gurevich turns his somewhat cloudy gaze on the bleeding Joe Bumble. "Hn, he'd be an Autobot then? One less irritation around" He looks back at Goole, his face creasing in an expression of satisfaction. "Physician, heal thyself"

Astrotrain watches as Goole starts to contort and do all that neat science-fiction stuff that happens when the villain is exposed to dimensional warping effects!

And then he spots Goole reaching desperately for that briefcase. So what does Astrotrain do? What instinct demands of course!

A single step brings his large body over near Goole, as he plucks up the briefcase between thumb and forefinger. "Awww, is this what you want? Here ya go..." He starts to offer it up, then quickly jerks it away. "JUST KIDDING!"

Aleksey Nabokov begins to chuckle as the great Inspector is begging for the device to stop. "Now I can die happy..." He grins and shakes his head, but the gets into a small stance as Goole reaches for the case.

Monstereo indeed does not know what he is doing. That is the nature of things when dealing with aliens with experimental technology. But hey, he does know what he is doing within the limits of his own small perspective of the universe. He circles the machine, making adjustments for efficiency, corrections for vibrations, and cool orchestration music plays from his soundsystem to the tune of Ode To Joy aka the Win Ben Stein's Money theme music.

Keith Howard jumps a bit as electricity begins shooting out from the Inspector. "Woah! That is shocking!" His trigger finger pulls reflexively, firing a bullet that narrowly misses Jayson Redfield's skull. "Oh, sorry about that," he says, grinning at Jayson and Joe. "I did not mean to fire yet! It was way too early!"

Astrotrain does it a few more times for good measure.

"Here ya go...just kidding!"

"Here ya go...just kidding!"

"...haw haw haw! I could do this all day."

Human Blaster poses, for Chrissakes! Seeing Bumblebee go down, he hits a knee next to the fallen Autobot, and would try to console him, if he had arms to console with. He can't even play an inspiring tune, as the tape deck attached to hi...wait...tape deck! With some contorting, Blaster manages to hit the "play" button on the tape deck, and soon, everyone in the area is being treated to the sounds of...

"'re once...twice...three times a laaaaaad-eeeeee"

  • click*

Blaster quickly hits the "stop

"Stay down," Jayson orders Joe. "It's a bad injury. Save your energy and try not to move too much--I don't want you losing more blood." He goes quiet for a moment as the bullet whips past his head. The corner of his left eye twitches. "I swear to God, I'm gonna beat the hell outta you with the handle of my gun..." Yeah, Keith is *really* getting on his nerves. And speaking of the gun, it's pointing at Goole again. "You *bastard*! You expect US to listen to YOU, when YOU haven't listened to a damn thing WE said?! I should just shoot you where you stand!"

Human Blaster poses, for Chrissakes! Seeing Bumblebee go down, he hits a knee next to the fallen Autobot, and would try to console him, if he had arms to console with. He can't even play an inspiring tune, as the tape deck attached to hi...wait...tape deck! With some contorting, Blaster manages to hit the "play" button on the tape deck, and soon, everyone in the area is being treated to the sounds of...

"'re once...twice...three times a laaaaaad-eeeeee"

  • click*

Blaster quickly hits the "stop" button, and looks at Bumblebee apologetically. Having no other recourse, he decides that singing is the only thing left for him to do. In a creaky, human voice, he starts to softly sing out the first thing that comes to mind...

"You got the got the power...."

Inspector Goole falls to his knees as more electricity drains off him, the air positivily buzzing with static and the very atmosphere around him turning a deep hue of purple. He bleeds light from every orifice, clutching at empty air as Astrotrain takes the case. "You.. should have done /YOUR/ research!" he hisses, as the flow of electricity looks like it won't abate any time soon. "I..." he falls down further, steadying himself. "...I am the size of a /sun/"

"Good" Fedot remarks. "We can use you as an energy source. Someone fetch some cables."

Ahmed Ibn Fahdlan ever so gracefully settles down, a wicked smile on his face, "How delightful. You should power our needs for a *long* time, then." Eyes narrowing to slits.

Aleksey Nabokov looks up at Astrotrain, "Comrade, why don't you look inside his precious briefcase?" He asks, out of curiousity.

Ladies and gentlemen, subtle plot advancement!

Cathrin Sturm briefly wonders what Goole-flavoured energon tastes like. Probably terrible.

Keith Howard just smirks at Jayson, perhaps unaware of the threat to his own life. Then, he glances at Fedot and Fahdlan skeptically. "Uh... so, um, does anyone have a really, really big energon cube? For like... a sun?"

Ahmed Ibn Fahdlan coughs, growing pale, somewhat unaware that he's sporting blood tears now along with the perpetual nose bleed. "Oh.. if the physics are right, he'll be powering his own prison."

"The last being that thought he could rule me was only the size of a large planet," rasps an icy, hateful voice. "I must be moving up in the world."

Something small springs out of Keith's pocket, tumbles through the air, expands a thousandfold and lands with a resounding THUD of iron-shod boots on the ground as Megatron assumes his full size. He raises his right arm, the fusion cannon glowing ultraviolet as he levels it at the cage where the aliens dragged out of Oort space are coalescing, an unnatural inky light which casts strange shadows. "You know what this is, don't you? Antimatter. A unique property of this body. I contain the natural enemy of a sun; a BLACK HOLE. If mass is energy, and energy mass, then I can kill you. Now, alien: OBEY ME. I am MEGATRON and I can SLAY YOU ALL. Give my people back their bodies. RIGHT NOW."

The pistol expands many times as it sails through the air, transforming into the mighty Megatron!

Fedot Mikoyan-Gurevich gapes at Megatron, some fleshy organ in his chest contracting painfully. He'd heard the voice on channel but didn't believe it. "Meg..Meg..Meg" he stutters, clutching at his chest.

Joe Bumble groans as he continues to try to get up. " help..." He says before hitting the ground again. He coughs heavily as he see's Megatron. "Optimius..." He says and begins to stagger back up. "I avenge Optimius...before I die..."

Monstereo amazes at the continuing influx of energy into the imprisoning device.... "Uh... wow... uh..." He scratches his horned helmet in consideration... He could try hooking up the device to use up some of this building enrgy, but what would that mean to the beings he is capturing? Using them like batteries. Oh the moral dillema. If the increasing power becomes too much, what will happen to the machine? Should he stop the leeching before it gets too much and hope he has captured enough of the aliens to make them no threat? He looks around for help... none in sight. Drat. He's in charge of himself in this matter. Decisions decisions...

Cathrin Sturm didn't believe it, either. She's always been good at deluding herself, but now.... now there can be no delusions, only painful clarity burning away her comfortable self-deception. She falls to her knees, head bowed down, a name murmured on her lips, her pathetic human voice doing it no justice, "Megatron."

Aleksey Nabokov quickly moves to a knee, as he looks up to Megatron. "Lord Megatron has spoken. You best follow his orders, Alien scum!" His expression becomes cold, as he looks to Goole. "It seems the mighty have fallen..." Heh heh heh, the Russian Deception chuckles darkly.

Astrotrain guffaws again as Megatron transforms, all glee and grins like he was in on a huge conspiracy that's just been blown wide open! "Hahahaha you tell em, boss!" And then he realized he's standing right next to the aliens, which that antimatter gun is being pointed at. " sec!"

And with that he very quickly shuffles over beside Megatron, still holding the briefcase in hand, fumbling with it as he tries to see if he can pry it open and peek inside.

Jayson Redfield can only stare some more. "So that's Megatron..." He is clearly in awe, although he has to wonder how Galvatron went back to Megatron. He can puzzle about that later, he supposes.

Human Blaster snaps up at the presence of Megatron. His player would be loath to describe the kinds of feelings that come from billions of years of hatred and loathing...face it, Galvatron's only been around for about twenty-four years. Megatron....Megatron had been the source of Blaster's ire for as long as, well, for as long as Soundwave had been...and without the awkward comradery that two equally-matched foes gain for one another.

Dear Christ, if Blaster had arms, Megatron would so be feeling a light beating around the ankles right now.

The air around Goole continues to crackle manacingly, a high humming filling the air as static charges lance into the sky and clouds start to gather, the level of background radiation rising slightly too, but mostly kept in check by Monstereo's cage. He tries to struggle to his feet, but is unable and falls again

Astrotrain will find that while the briefcase looks like a briefcase, it is something far, far more technological and pretty impossible to open.

The Inspector stares at Megatron's cannon and Monstereo's cage, the once mighty and impassible alien now reduced to a pained figure. "Okay!" he gasps at last.

"Okay, I'll /do it/"

Keith Howard scratches his chin as he listens to Fahdlan. "That is interesting! However, this prison will have to be very large, I would think! Which is why I propose using France--" Suddenly, Megatron rips himself right out of his jacket pocket. "HOLY SH--" Keith stumbles backwards, surprised by Megatron's sudden exit from his denim living space, and falls over onto his back.

Amber MacKenzie suddenly realizes that this antelope pen isn't far enough away, but she doesn't dare move out of hiding. Megatron?! She stares at the image in her camcorder with wide, horrified eyes then confirms with the naked eye, and the image is the same. Compressing all the data she's gathered so far, she uploads it to her ISP account. If she doesn't make it out of this, at least her family will know what happened. That done, she returns to watching as the events unfold, petrified.

"And make it SNAPPY," hisses Megatron in his dry, ironic voice, full of pride and evil triumph.

Astrotrain leans over Megatron's shoulder, speaking for good measure. "Hey Boss, if ya go ahead and paste him, ya could always keep the old body, and we could go bleed some other planet dry when this one blows up. I'm just sayin, ya know...if ya wanna go ahead and shoot I'd totally be for it!"

Fedot Mikoyan-Gurevich's vision clears, though there are still spots in front of his eyes, a roaring in his ears, his decaying human body struggling to remain functioning. "I..I..I have no idea what's going on" he admits.

Megatron raises a hand silently with two fingers outstretched to tell Astrotrain to hush about that for now.

Astrotrain, at Megatron's instructions does indeed hush up, and goes back to fiddling with the briefcase which won't open. "Stupid thing! Maybe I need a big rock to break it open!"

Ahmed Ibn Fahdlan blinks, looks up.. blinks again at the voice and the form. Absently, while slumping, blinking blood out of his eyes, he comments, "It should be self-restricting..." trailing off and scrubbing at his eyes, "Now this.. isn't something I'd expected." Sitting on the ground, glancing at Fedot, before shrugging, eyes slowly closing. "Damnit.. I wanted once last coffee..." Lips blue, face gone sickly yellow white, the rest of him a blackening bruise.

<Autobot> Monstereo says, "Guys... I don't want to kill these aliens... so leeching their energy is likely not an option... but the enrgy may build to more than this thing was built to hold... I have no idea how much more there is out there. Are you getting near to getting a hold on the means to retrieve your bodies?"

Cathrin Sturm slumps over where she is kneeling. Pain. She's never paid much atttention to pain. She doesn't pay much attention to it now, instead propping herself up with one shaking arm so that she may see their glorious leader lead the survivors to triumph.

Joe Bumble is up and about, a large bullet hole in his chest as he continues to bleed. The azrealean sucker worked and now the group is faced with the fact that there is too much goole to fit in it! But even worse, Megatron is back and has his arm gun aimed at the device! Joe Bumble begins to stagger, the blood loss showing as he is pale, holding the hole as he tries to stagger to Megatron.

Honestly, Wendy /wishes/ she could panic. She really does! Or she would if she had that much mental capacity left. Instead she lays there and is catatonic. Sad, isn't it?

"What?" mumbles Fedot uselessly as his comrades fall around him, his cane barely keeping him standing "What?"

Turnover this whole time had been.. kinda dazed out, perhaps because of the fact that for one, his body wasn't doing so good and thus it was effecting his level of focus in that moment of time. There.. was Megatron?

Goole was.. becoming an energy ball--

And-- did he just try and shoot Jayson?

Turnover quickly shook his head and staggered back, he clinched his teeth and got down beside Bumblebee and Jayson. "Where did he get hit-- and do we have anything to place over the wound?"

Then he notices it and tears part of the bottom of his shirt, then tries to place it on the wond, placing down Jayson's hand onto of the cloth and then applies his own hand over Jayson's. "We have to keep pressure on it.."

Inspector Goole is shouting now, on his knees as his electrical mass continues to grow, becoming critical as power arcs into the skies. "OKAY!" he yells loudly. "STOP IT! STOP IT! STOP THE DEVICE, YOU WIN!"

Jayson Redfield nods firmly as he assists Turnover in attempting to stop the bleeding. Two people make it easier! "Chest wound--looks like it just narrowly missed the heart." He bites his bottom lip. "Damn it all...he took a bullet meant for me. I can't say that I wouldn't do the same for someone else, but's pretty intense." He snaps his head up at Goole's shouting. "What the...?"

Keith Howard winces as he lies on his back. "Hm. For some reason, I cannot stand back up!" He coughs up some blood, and manages to lift his right arm a few inches above the ground. "That is very strange! I am ordinarily very strong by human standards! Perhaps I can move my legs!" His legs wobble around a bit. "I cannot! This is distressing, as well!"

In a situation like this, surprise is of the essence. To conceal one's strength can be quite useful- especially when dealing with, well, double-dealing sneaky-types. And, well...flying through the air is hardly a good way to not-be-seen- at least, not when one flies as slow as, say, a Dinobot.

Emerging from the ocean, however, is another matter entirely.

"RRAAAGRH!" Grimlock says as he emerges from the water- double-blaster in one hand, sword in the other- looking all the world like the star of a kaiju movie.

"Me Grimlock sorry me late! Who me need smash?"

"See, you still have something you can learn even from we poor primitives," gloats Megatron. "Shut it down!" he shouts to Monstereo. "The alien has admitted defeat!"

Monstereo conducts SCIENCE! and SCIENCE! is blinding. The vacant elephant pen he works in has never been so well lit up at this time of the day. The energy beings siphoned from their realm into the imprisoning chambers of his towering device grow brighter with every being added. He decides that, at Goole's words shouted, tactically lowering the leeching rate of the machine may be wise... so he slows it down just a little bit with a tap of the power flow knob. "This ain't Singsing. This ain't Stonewall. This ain't even the DMV. This here is my house. And in my house there's only one rule. No shenanigans." He waits to see that Goole is on the up and up.

Mirage, apparently, is not fully able to keep up as events suddenly move very quickly. When all is said and done (and the player manages to catch up on all the chatter), he sees one 'Con that he'd thought was (for all intents and purposes) dead. "Megatron," he mutters softly, standing well back and out of the way of everything going on. Great, as if things couldn't get any worse... but perhaps if everyone gets returned to normal... "Let's see if the good Inspector holds to his word," he comments quietly. Goole has thus far, when it's beneficial to him... but now?

Aleksey Nabokov quickly turns towards the roar of the Dinobot, gritting his teeth at one of the most hated 'Bots. "Grimlock, this is what I have been waiting for..." He chuckles, and coughs. Deep dry coughs, as he spits up blood. "I need my body!" Avalanche roars in anger, as he needs to take down the foolish Dinobot with his own, -original- hands.

There are very few things that will cause Avalanche to break away from any order. Dinobots are one of them, but he currently has defeated two...and he wants to add another notch to his belt.

Turnover continue to hold down the spot and glances over as Goole screams, his eyes sadden for a moment, "..such an intelligent race.. yet such.. idiots by the fact that time has never taught them truely nothing-- yet if we destroy them.. what will happen to the races that serve under them.. would we also destroy all those races as well?"

"Something I don't want to think about," says Jayson quietly.

Joe Bumble coughs and yells in pain at the pressure applied to the wound. He could feel his body beginning to numb. "Grimlock...Megatron..." He says weakly, as if trying to talk but just coughs more blood.

Ahmed Ibn Fahdlan, without the triple expresso coffee drink of doom to keep him going, slumps over and curls up on the ground so lovingly warmed by the sun. A rattling sigh, he closes his eyes and falls unconcious with an oddly peaceful smile on his face. Him, his nosebleed and everything.

Astrotrain blinks as Grimlock emerges from the bay area, half tempted to bring out his own rifle and point it at the Dinobot for good measure. But...there's still the matter of the aliens and getting all the robot bodies back and all that good stuff.

As Megatron calls for the device to be shut down, the triplechanger offers for good measure towards Goole. "Just for the record...we don't -care- about this planet, so if ya doublecross us and we gotta paste ya all the same, it's no sheet metal off our backs, ya know?"

"Don't *move*," Jayson commands Joe sharply. "You'll be of no help to anyone if you let yourself bleed to death."

"He will obey," sneers Megatron. "He knows that we can hurt him." He turns to address Goole directly. His cannon is still charged and the cross-dimensional linkup still open; it thrums deeply, audible in one's teeth, and stars are visible swirling through the bore. "It's been a long time since you felt pain, hasn't it, Goole? The longer you go without the worse it is when it inevitably revisits you. Pain makes you hard. You are soft as cheese."

As the machine stops, the electrical blasts around Goole quieten, then stop. The Inspector slowly and shakily gets to his feet, taking a moment to brush down his jacket and straighten his tie, as if that would restore his dignity. He looks to Megatron, but it is Monstereo he addresses. "The terms are this" he says quietly. In return for destroying your device, I will deactivate the death protocols on your human bodies, and return you to your original frames." He says this matter of factly, calm again

Fedot Mikoyan-Gurevich sits down heavily, his cane finally slipping from his hands, an old, confused man, the tightness in his chest growing again, sure that there was something important he should be doing as he stares uncomprehendingly at the robot who he knows.. and that.. other.. the one..

"Accepted," replies Megatron, who is still pointing that giant cannon at Goole whenever he's not pointing it at his comrades. "You first."

"Terms? TERMS!?" Astrotrain fairly blanches. "Yer making terms on us? Did ya miss the part where the roles got switched and yer the one doin the begging!?" The triplechanger is practically vibrating with eagerness. "C'mon boss! Just say the word, transform and I'll blow this guy back to the beginning of the universe!" He almost says *please*

Human Blaster stands up, only to find that one leg doesn't get up with him. "Oh fuc...." He cuts himself short. Time to be a leader. "Inspector! Add one final condition to your and your people never.../never/... step foot on this planet again." But, he is too late, Megatron's already accepted. Killjoy.

Turnover yells at it Monstereo, "Accept it! At least we can save Bumblebee here before its to late!"

Astrotrain then says after Megatron's words, "Doggonit."

Quickswitch stared upon the sight the former Decepticon leader, wordless to see the "late" Decepticon leader, whose image and ideal had terrorized Cybertron in its darkest cycles. He was numb, numb to his weakened human condition and numb to the splintering miasma of his mind and flux of shock and confoundment and burgeoning rage, through what remained of his present form. He felt it at a distance, like a storm, "Megatron..." The image, commanded by a single-eyed cyclops to their ruin. Quick shifted, in shock. And somewhere, the notion penetrated the segmented mind that return to their bodies was imminent. Hope swelled within him, along with doubt, and even regret and resentment.

"Now, Astrotrain, it is not the time to be inconsiderate," gloats Megatron. "The enemy has shown throat. He has abased himself. Besides... he will remember that we can always build another machine. Now that he's been burned, he won't reach into THIS fire twice."

Monstereo shuts off his Ode To Joy music and the quiet hum of the machine is the only ambient noise. The whole zoo is still from shock. He looks into the eyes of Goole, the thing that wears a human body. "I think that would be fair... the only reason we built it was because of you. Restore our people and leave us alone, and we'll have no use for it. That's logic, Bones."

<Autobot> Saboteur Foxfire says, ""

"No...use...laying down..." Joe Bumble chokes out and yells in pain.

"Aw shucks, Boss. You know me." Astrotrain shrugs, actually giving a bit of a grin and a shrug. "I'd just as soon set him on fire and burn him to a crisp while we all had a good laugh about it. But...yer the boss."

Mirage nods once in silent agreement to the terms. That seems fair to him, as far as he's concerned. Just as long as things get over-and-done with before someone actually dies.

Monstereo taps on the glass of one of the giant tubes. "You hear that, your parole is up."

Inspector Goole walks heavily towards a chair and sits on it heavily. "Fine, fine" he intones, gesturing to Astrotrain. "My briefcase please. It /is/ rather important, and you will find that only I can open it." He then addresses Monstereo. "You know that we have always kept our word. You will keep yours, or there will be consequences." A threat? How droll

Astrotrain blinks, lifting the briefcase up, then looking at Megatron. Should he?

Monstereo nods. "Play nice. We all go home without booboos."

Turnover kept the pressure down, his face growing with concern as he looks down at Bumblebee, "..hang in there..." He whispers and yells to Monstereo, "Hurry up!! We are running out of time for Bumblebee!!"

Jayson Redfield winces a bit, remember when he himself had been shot. Joe's wound, of course, is worse than his had been. For the most part, he is quiet, listening to the commotion around him, his body tense. "Bumblebee," he whispers. "Stay with us..."

Keith Howard groans as he weakly reaches into his denim jacket. Slowly, he pulls out... a collectible gaming card. "Blue... Eyes... White... Dragon... last one in the whole world... I never got to tell you... I... love... America..." He drops the card onto his face, and his arm falls to the side.

The catatonic form of Wendy Gale gives a quiet sigh as the pale blue eyes close, fingers going lax. She's not gone, but like so many others here... time is just not on her side.

"Give him the case, Astrotrain," replies Megatron with an airy gesture.

Astrotrain grunts, and indeed tosses the briefcase towards Goole, none-too-gently for that matter. "Here!" He says, exasperated, like he just gave back a two-year old girl the doll she'd been crying for the last two hours.

"Me Grimlock thought him Megatron dead?" Grimlock thinks aloud- and he takes a moment to look over the matter at hand...confused. not that out of the ordinary, at least. Still, he shifts his grips on his weapons.

Avalanche's little assault, however, goes completely unnoticed- unless you count the doglike *shakeshakeshake!* Grimlock does to get some of the water off of him (and onto teeny-Avalanche).

If Amber weren't so frightened, she'd roll her eyes. Riiiiiiight. Even if the aliens keep their word, the Decepticons definitely will not. They never do. She curls up behind her wall, hugging her knees to her chest and keeping her eyes fixed on the viewfinder sitting innocuously atop the same wall. If she's going to die, she wants to know about it.

<Autobot> Grimlock says, "Me Grimlock am confused."

" talk..." Joe Bumble says, pale and limp, becoming cool.

Ahmed Ibn Fahdlan does the lie down, breathe slowly thing.

<Autobot> Saboteur Foxfire is breathing heavily. Yeah, he's still sick.

Aleksey Nabokov opens his eyes wide, as water rains down on top of the Russian human. "Slaggit!" He yells in anger, as his coughing begins to get worse, and he goes to his knees. Obviously, his health is failing like the rest. Atleast they didnt have to die, and be drenched in water!

"Don't you DARE give up on us, Bumblebee!" shouts Jayson, becoming more frantic.

Inspector Goole catches the case in one hand effortlessly and slams it down on the table in front of him. He fixes Monstereo with an 'I'm watching you' gaze and then flicks open the case, the lid opening instantly to his touch.

"You had a chance" he says softly. "To become something greater. And you squandered it. Fine. Keep falling." And with that speech, he hits one of the normal-looking buttons on the laptop and suddenly the air around all the humanized Transformers seems to burn violet, the process pushing the Transformer bodies out of Oord space, returning the minds from each individual genetically tagged marker on the bodies back to their original forms.

There is a flash of lightning in the sky as the static discharge in the atmosphere increases, and then...

Anyone who was humanized, whereever they are, will now find themselves back in their Transformer forms, with the dead form of their human body lying behind them, its use extinguished. Of course, as with all loans, the returned Transformer bodies are not in the best condition from their stay in the alien's subspace realm, most will find their armour smoking, and their energon systems severely depleted

Jetfire slows down to a 'reasonable' speed or lands, and transforms into his robot mode.

The human body was near its limit. Quentin Switch was unaware of everything that went on, his mind tugged taut at its already unravelled seams, in six different directions. The circulatory system continued with a rattle. Voices, familliar buzzes. penetrated the haze. Turnover...? Bumblebee's hurt! No, no man no, he cannot help them, those he admired most and his friends! And what the frag is Megatron doing here. Alive?! The human Sixchanger slumped to the ground already, laying there, little more to do than wait for their collective fate. Whatever happens, happens.

<Autobot> Durango says, "Hmm...mUfff.......WHATTHE..."

<Autobot> Saboteur Foxfire says, "PRIMUS!"

<Autobot> Durango says, "*sounds of crashing and screaming*"

<Autobot> Whirligig says, "Nnh..."

<Autobot> Durango says, "Uh..sorreh...uh..I'll fix that...uh...sorreh...ewww...uh...weird...aahhhh...*click*"

Fedot Mikoyan-Gurevich sighs and slumps over onto his side. What a horrible way to go.. and just he's fading into the darkness.. his vision flickers, then returns in perfect digital clarity, friendly readouts informing him that his armor is dented and could he have some energon please? "What.. What? Ah! Hah!" he booms, straightening up, flexing robotic fingers, holding them up to check that he is indeed his old metal self again. "Hah!"

The two formerly-humanized Sweeps, who have been huddled in the background due to the illness their bodies had been suffering from, now find themselves back as they should be. Well, almost. For some reason their armor is very hot, practically smoking, and their energon levels are quite low. A sudden realization strikes Sunder. He turns to see the dead form of Illidan, his former vessel. "At last," he murmurs.

Cathrin Sturm continues to lie sprawled on the ground. Her position is awkward, one arm propping up her head, her legs twisted, but she pays no heed to the pain wracking her body as her neurons fail, one by one, their cell walls lysing. Yet, still, her fogging eyes watch, ever watch the Lord Megatron. There is a jolt, and she is reborn - injured and aching all the same, but deliciously, wonderfully, alive. Against all damage alerts, the Seeker staggers to her feet, standing tall and straight, and she snaps off a proper Decepticon salute, a war-whoop of joy emittig from her voicebox.

<Autobot> Saboteur Foxfire says, "I...I'm a fox...the fox is BACK, baby!"

In the autobot city else where...

Peacekeeper glares down at Sky Lynx, "I hate you.."

"...mrh.. not my fault...hey.. who has ahold of my tail?"

Random autobot, "..sorry?"

Turnover watches the events and steps back quickly as Bumblebee seems to.. appear, "whoa!"

"I would rather fall, and make that pit my kingdom, than bend a knee to any master, however high," replies Megatron haughtily, cannon gradually winding back down as he sets his hands on his hips, glancing around with satisfaction at the restoration of the Transformers. A single look and nod to Monstereo recognizes his contribution as Megatron turns away.

"Oh, and one last thing, yes?" adds Megatron to Goole. "If I ever see you or any of your kind on this planet or any other that I have laid claim to, the fires of your burning body will warm my meeting hall. Tell whatever rulers you have that the Cybertronians are off limits."

Whirligig sits there on the ground next to her dead human form, her expression still a bit... blank. There is, however, a very distinctive click, several beeps, and a whirring noise from her. Her internal systems are catching up with themselves. After all, her mind wasn't /there/ when she left her dying human body!

<Autobot> Arcee says, " everyone back to normal?"


Uh, Blaster's back.

<Autobot> First Aid says, "That-- would be a yes.. and whatever you do.. don't go into the medical bay yet."

Jetfire steadily gets up from his 'slumber' and groans loudly.....especially once his systems come online. Oddly....he was only a few feet from Amber.

Monstereo turns to the machine and finds the simple to operate control that says "FLUSH". He pushes the small lever and the machine is thrown into reverse, releasing the alien energy beings from their captured state more gently than their capturing went. The glowing tubes darken as they are emptied of Goole's people. When the machine finally ceases, Monstereo locates another super simple control switch that says "KAPUT". He pushes that one. The machine jumps and wiggles in midair, and then every single part of it breaks away from the others, raining down in a shamble of bits and pieces with a waif of smoke coughed up. "Uh... I'll clean that up..." Then the nod from Megatron, and wow to the surprise character return by the way, makes him smile. "My brother!"

Ahmed Ibn Fahdlan had succumbed to blissful blackness and the transition from human blackness to native self is met with a peaceful snort from the smoking medic type as wings curve around her frame and she continues to nap, system's noting the depletion and refraining from triggering a boot sequence.

Grimlock is looking surly too! Nothing like showing up to smash some heads, only to discover that the heads that're to be smashed are technically non-existant. He hmms, and glances around as the other Transformers are restored to their proper bodies!

"Hr. Much better. Me Grimlock know who is who know." and with that, he shoots a significant glance over towards the battered and smoking Decepticons. "You go now!" he says, though something in his tone almost says that he wishes they wouldn't.

<Autobot> Arcee cheers. "But you're all okay!"

"Blue.... eyes..." mumbles a red, white, blue, and charcoal black robot on the ground as he rolls around, arms thrashing about. Suddenly, he sits up, optics flashing online. "WAAAHH! I just had a horrible nightmare! I was this disgusting yet sexy human, and I ran around, and stole food and cards and beat people up!" He stands, brushing off some of his blackened paint, and falls off in flakes. "Good thing it was just a dr--WHAT THE!?" He jumps as he spies Keith Howard's dead body on the ground. "That guy looks EXACTLY how I did in my dream!"

"Holy cow!" That's an understatement. Alarmed, Jayson jerks back, watching as the Transformers appear, including Bumblebee, who is no longer tormented by the bullet wound. "It...they...they're back! All RIGHT!" But there's the issue of...the human bodies laying dead. Jayson suddenly feels a little ill and practically clings to Turnover. "Oh, God..."

Joe Bumble does try to hold on. When the button is pushed, he gives a last breath and becomes cold. The transformer next to the dead child form he had. After a few seconds, his optics glow blue and he begins to get up. He looks to the human body and frowns, reaching to pick up the corpse. "I...didnt want to kill it..." He says softly.

<Autobot> Blaster says, "I...HAVE....ARMS!!!!!!"

<Autobot> Saboteur Foxfire says, "The...the human bodies...dead..."

"Yeah!" Astrotrain offers for good measure from alongside Megatron, pointing a finger in Goole's direction as well.

"Now make like a tree and GET THE HELL OUTTA HERE!"

<Autobot> Saboteur Foxfire says, "I can smell the death..."

Light washes over the human form of Aleksey, and he screams out in pain for a moment. Though, slowly rises up a gigantic tiger. A feline growl escaping it's mechanical snout. For a moment, the creature just seems to shake with life, as it continues to move. It's claws digging deep into the Earth itself, and then, like a fire igniting; the Optics burn to life. They look like rubies snatched from the very pit themselves. "Free...FREE OF THE PRISON!" Roars Avalanche.

The roar drags out, as the smoking, Dinobot sized tiger transforms. The roar becoming a bellow of triumph now. "Now you." He says, swinging his hand to the side and pointing at Grimlock. "We have a fight to decide!" Without so much as a concern for his energon levels, Avalanche leaps at the Dinobot commander.

Megatron throws out his right hand to the weakened Decepticons. "Decepticons! We have had a victory this day! Transform... and RISE UP!" He springs into the air, bootjets igniting as he rockets into the sky.

Beep. Beep beep. Beep beep beep. "Whoza...?!" All at once, Whirligig's robot form boots up and her optics flicker brightly as memory and coherence race back into her, her body seizuring rapidly for a moment before she just... plunks back, hands on the ground. "What just happened...?" She looks down, and her optics pale. "Yeek...! That was me! It's dead!"

Catechism kneels before her now deceased human form, an oddly blank expression on her face. She's been through complete rebuilds prior, only her laser core remaining the same. She's never been sentimental about her old parts. Though... she hasn't yet had the Vindicator components stripped out of her frame. It's possible that she never will. What should she do with her human body? Crush it, the way that all weak things deserve to be crushed? Keep it? Get Mixmaster to put it in formaldehyde? That body as only human, but it housed a Decepticon warrior, all the same. She stands and levels an arm gun at the corpse and immolates her old body, a pyre for a fallen soldier, not looking back as she takes to the skies after Megatron.

Fulcrum's smile turns to a scowl as he goes through a system check. What have these aliens been using his body for anyway? Signs of damage from hyper-accellerated rounds, explosive projectiles, laser weaponry, fire.. actually, this just sounds like a normal Decepticon raiding party. He's got barely any energon left too.. hn. Enough for one thing though. Fulcrum turns his gaze down on the pathetic figure sprawled on the ground before him. What a strange and pathetic shell, he thinks. Still.. it was interesting. The blacksmith brings one arm around, and with one damaged heat-ray, incinerates his human form, in seconds reducing it to a fine ash that is almost immediately blown away in the wind, his stance almost the mirror of Catechism as she immolates her own form.

Mirage watches as everyone seems to return to normal, thank Primus. He steps back to give the returning (and recovering) Transformers some space as he makes sure everyone who was human is restored back to their true forms. "It seems as though at least one phoenix has returned from the ashes," he comments under his breath as he watches Megatron soar into the skies, "although that is one I wish had never been reborn..."

Inspector Goole straightens up as the task is done, nodding silently to Monstereo and Megatron, a stern expression on his face, and he snaps up his briefcase.

"The time will come" he snaps. "The time will come soon, when you will need our help. When the danger approaches, and you will come to us on your knees and beg us to fight side by side with you. And we will deny you." With that, his eyes hidden by the shade of his hat, he simply turns and leaves the area, leaving the Transformers to get things back to normal.

Apart from Turnover, who didn't have a body to go back to.

And... Megatron

Americon's robot legs pop out metallic feather-like objects as they and his lower torso split apart, also revealing an eagle head. The arms and robot head join the main body, and his guns convert into tail feathers and rocket launchers. Americon is now a bald eagle!

Astrotrain moves to follow after Megatron in short order, lifting off like all good Decepticons. A thought suddenly occurs to him then as he spins about and moves to fly just slightly above and behind his leader. Megatron, Galvatron. What does it matter to him? He's got a cannon on his arm and his name is 'tron' at the end.

"All aboooooard!" He hollers out, transforming in short order as he rises up higher into the air, his entrance hatches opening up.

Bumblebee looks to Jayson and Turnover. "I want to preserve this body. I died to save someone." He says as he holds the corpse. "Do you guys need a ride?"

"Oooh, Party time!" So says Grimlock! All this buisness of 'new bodies' and 'restored to one's former self' is neatly forgotten as Grimlock takes up the matter of battle- as the wannabe-predacon leaps, he neatly, almost offhandedly, raises his double-blaster and gives the 'con a shot right towards his faceplate!

Almost as an afterthought, Grimmy looks over at Inspector Goole as the man departs. "What him squishie talking 'bout?"

Jetfire looks over his body and....literally walks around Amber and her hiding place. he then looks over Megatron. "Seems we owe you one, Megatron. Never thought I'd say that."

Arachnae sleeps...

Amber MacKenzie barely has time to register a falling Jetfire heading in her direction, and she desperately dives as far out of the way as she can. The dive turns into a controlled forward flip, taking her even further away as she launches herself feet first into the air, arches her back, and ends up on her feet again. Perfect landing. Turning around she *glares* at Jetfire. "You better not have broken my camera," she growls at him. Remembering Megatron and the Decepticons, she forgets the annoying Autobot and turns to look after them. Thank God, they're leaving.

Turnover blinks as looks at Jayson look ill over the dead human forms. He raises a brow, it really doesn't bother him-- yay for robotic understandings and lack there of human?

Turnover then picks up Jayson under his arms, at least-- he was feeling better.. for the moment.

Turnover then watched Goole leave and frowns, "..yea.. lets hope that really isn't soon. "Come on Jayson-- lets get you out of here."

"Dead," Jayson whispers, wide-eyed and trembling. "They're all dead..." He swallows, and manages to nod at Turnover's suggestion. "Y-yeah...let's go..."

As Goole departs, Raindance hovers into the air in his awesome robot mode again, and tilts around, looking at everyone. "OH PRIMUS!" he emits loudly. "I UH... HAVE SPACE AMNESIA. YEAH..."

Monstereo cleans up his own mess, and leaves the bodies to the judgement of those better suited and more rightful. Hey, maybe feed them to the Sharks and lions and hyenas and lawyers and bears and bugs and lizards.

Megatron glances back at Jetfire and the other Autobots, his expression hard to read. Does he have some sympathy for them, some sense of brotherhood? He did say Cybertronians, not just Decepticons. No, probably not. He turns away and disappears into the night sky with his army of misfits and murderers.

Somewhere else in the city, a recently graduated blind law student is offended!

But not really.

Blaster flashes a quick glare at Raindance. "RAINDANCE. Get in here!" He points at his chest. In his hand is a miniature version of himself, which he shunts into subspace. He'll make a little momento of it later.

Robotic Bald Eagle <Americon> takes a moment to salute Keith Howard's dead body before he transforms into bird mode, and scoops the corpse up with his claw. "I shall give you a proper American burial, my friend... in America!" Crying out loudly as he takes to the sky, Americon soars upwards...

Some time later, in a Budweiser exhibit, a curator guides a group of tourists around the complex. "And behind me you can see the World's Largest Mug of Beer, and yes, it is filled to the top with Budweiser beer."

"Uh, sir?" one of the tourists asks. "What... why is there a body in there?"

"Wha?" the curator says, and looks... to see Keith Howard's lifeless body floating in the amber brew. "Oh... oh my God!"

Tourists scream, run, or begin to vomit uncontrollably!

Foxfire darts through the seen, jumps up, transforms, and inserts himself into Blaster's chest!

<Autobot> What ansi(nw, is) ansi(nb, a) Sky Lynx says, "Now-- the question is.. how.. to move.. without destroying stuff..."

<Autobot> Saboteur Foxfire almost purrs. "I missed Blaster's cozy..."

<Autobot> Grimlock says, "Why am yous Sky Lynx smashy stuff?"

<Autobot> Sky Lynx says, "well, when-- you bigger then the medical bay..."

Avalanche shakes his head, and grasps the Dinobot's wrist. The Horrorcon pulling the weapon to the side, as he chuckles at Grimlock. "That toy is nothing for warriors like ourselves..." He says, but sparks, as his body had been through hell and back apparently. Also, it didn't help the gigantic mech that he's low on energon, and also surrounded by the enemy. "Two of your brothers have fallen before my might, and Ill make sure that you do as well..."

Raindance flies back into Blaster's chest too, like a swallow on acid. "Oh Primus, aaargh!" he emits, transforming to tape mode

<Autobot> Blaster says, "Foxfire..home sweet home has returned."

Surprise registers on Grimlock's visor as Avalanche causes his gun to shoot awry! (The blasts impacting in the sea and a-sploding some stupid fish, thankfully).

"Who am you again?" Grimlock asks- even as he lashes out with his sword streaks out in a hissing red arc, aiming to carve quite the chunk out of the annoying Decepticon. "You leave! Me Grimlock have more 'portant stuff to deal with!"

<Autobot> Saboteur Foxfire says, "I feel so much better now. I thought that fever was gonna kill me!"

Shock, as dendrite becomes circuit, as oily flesh and tendon and muscle becomes armor and servo and hydraulic, Quickswitch's scrambled mind struggled to reestablish itself within its smoking, weakened body, stared back at itself, loathing and fighting what this demanded of him. Relief, resigned, warring with rage, his form tore transformations through its modes as fast as it could in an attempt to right itself. He felt the familliar and confounding scaffolding of his modes pulling his mind always too taut, the sheer magnitude of them all carving near swaths right through him. The segments struggling to realign themselves and resentment and rage for it, and knowing the neccesity of it. The Sixchanger's base systems activated. There were many forms here, all in weakened condition. He could easily outpace most of them. It was the other neccesity, as units registered to another part of his system not goverend by the mind. He slowly rose to his feet, body smoking, optics backlit and barely alight. He glanced around himself, his blasters clenched hard in his fists. He looks around himself, face grim, barely aware, registering each one carefully, then, the vocalizer crackles to life, the distinctive sound recognizable.

Quickswitch beamed, smiled, "All right! Where's Foxfire?"

<Autobot> Sky Lynx growls and hrms at the situation.. "I could melt the cieling...

<A-TAPES> Raindance says, "Wow Foxfire do you have SPACE AMNESIA too?"

"In heeeeere," comes Foxfire's singsong voice from inside Blaster's chest.

<Autobot> Chief Medical Officer Peacekeeper says, "Don't. You. Dare. I'll clip your wings if you try it, Sky Lynx!"

<Autobot> Sky Lynx says, "I don't think you have enough room to clip my wings.."

<Autobot> Saboteur Foxfire giggles a bit.

<Autobot> Grimlock says, "Me Grimlock can clip wings! Me have sword!"

<Autobot> Whirligig says, "...guys? What's goin' on?"

<Autobot> Grimlock says, "Me Grimlock can HELP."

<Autobot> Sky Lynx says, "Don't. You. Dare!"

<Autobot> Saboteur Foxfire says, "Down, Grimlock!"

<Autobot> Whirligig says, "My head's all fuzzy and woozy. My memory core is still rebooting."

<A-TAPES> Blaster says, "It's all over now, gang."

<Autobot> Quickswitch says, "...I--I'm...."

<Autobot> Sky Lynx roars and slamming can be heard, "..must.. get.. out.. of door.. cramped.. to big.. bloody all why must you autobots make such small bases!"

<Autobot> Twitch says, "Uh..."

<Autobot> Twitch says, "Can't you..."

<Autobot> Twitch says, "Can't you transform and walk out, like the dinobots?"

The Horrorcon's optics go bright, as he's too damaged to even dodge the wicked sword of Grimlock's. "Ahhh!" He says in pain, as part of his shoulder armor falls to the ground, the pauldron slamming into the ground with a loud -thud-. For a moment, Avalanche just stands there, grasping his exposed shoulder. Though, the massive Decepticon hefts himself up into a full stand.

"I am Avalanche..." Before he continue, a spark causes him to falter back into a hunch. "...Im also your worst...nightmare...." Though, this act is probably enough to get a lark out of Grimlock.

<Autobot> Saboteur Foxfire says, "This is why being a cassette is a good thing."

<Autobot> Quickswitch says, "Foxfire...?"

<Autobot> Saboteur Foxfire says, "Yes, Quickswitch?"

<Autobot> Sky Lynx says, "I.. could, but here is the problem.. again, not enough room."

Blaster walks, slowly, towards Avalanche, until he's standing behind him. "Leave."

He doesn't sound like he's asking a question.

Arachnae twitches a wing, waving a taloned hand in a 'not awake leamme alone' gesture at something that pierced the comfy veil of sleep she's currently nestled in. Optics kindle, briefly, her internal displays showing her why she should remain curled up where it's warm. But still, the external sounds infiltrating her moment of peace begin to irritate as well as make sense. Thusly she sits up, blinking owlishly before hissing air out of vents with an irritable wheeze. "Slagnabit.. I think I hurt..." trailing off to look around, perplexed for a moment, "Worse now...." Holding hands up to look at them, noting imperfections, damage. Wings flex outwards as she looks over first one shoulder, inspecting the panels, then the other, flexing a pinion. Her glance falls upon her former self, the host form, call it what you may, and a frown works it's way across her vulpine features. "How peculiar. And so small..." Gently, gingerly, she scoops her host-human form into a hand, giving it a brief scan. Her head snaps upwards, optics slitting and scanning her immediate surrounds, a mask sliding over to cover her rapidly shifting expressions. A brow lifts over an optic shaded a light golden hue as she peers about, seemingly unconcerned for the moment. Or not completly 'awake'.

<Autobot> Quickswitch says, "Are you a-all right?"

Jetfire grins lightly behind his faceplate and levels his rifle at Avalanche. "Leave."'s not a question.

<Autobot> Saboteur Foxfire says, "I'm fine...but those humans...the bodies we had...they're..."

So, let's count...Jetfire, Blaster, Grimlock, versus Avalanche. You do the math!

<Autobot> Quickswitch says, "I...see him. Mine. I mean. It's not moving."

<Autobot> Sky Lynx says, "Cause you see, in my design, I was not ment to be indoors. In order to detach into my.. ahem.. two forms, there is a latch mechanics.. and there isn't enough room from my hieght to allow that 'upper' half to break away freely, thus-- I can not transform."

"Me Grimlock say, you am LUNCH!"

And with that, the Dinocommander transforms- all the better in this mode to show off a set of very, very pointy teeth. With a growl, he lunges forward for the reeling Decepticon, aiming to lay his jaws into Avalanche's body- and then, with a practiced *JERK* of his head, he tosses the Decepticon out towards the open sea! Well, most of Avalance, at least.

Grimlock pauses, then takes a moment to pick a few wires out of his jaws as he looks to Blaster & Jetfire, entirely casual about it all.

"Me Grimlock have everything under control." he rumbles, and then spits out a chunk of Avalanche with a *ptoo!*

"Him no taste good either."

<Autobot> Whirligig says, "Mmph. Human bodies... they're all dead..." Long pause. "...can't get stupid thoughts straight. I need a reboot."

<Autobot> Blaster says, "AUtobots...they weren't real. I mean, they weren't alive. They were us. We live..without us, they're material. Don't mourn."

<Autobot> Grimlock says, "Me Grimlock can make big hole in side of Metroplex, so him Sky Lynx can get out."

<Autobot> Saboteur Foxfire says, "Blaster..."

<Autobot> Sky Lynx says, "I was going to melt a wall down, however Peacekeeper did not wish this.. but I am running out of logical results."

<Autobot> Durango says, "Crikey! These muffins are small!"

He's going, he's going! HE'S....not in the ocean, and like that, Avalanche takes flight, and just barely misses the other -stupid- fish. Curse them, CURSE THOSE FISH! Though, Avalanche clenches his form, as he slowly makes his way through the air. His head turning back, and his optics burning hatefully at the Autobots. "Soon, Dinobot...soon..." Is all the leaves him.

Jetfire raises his rifle and....finally turns towards Amber...and kneels down. "and see why I wanted to keep it hushed up."

<Autobot> Saboteur Foxfire says, "...What, Durango?"

<Autobot> Durango says, ""

Arachnae slowly gets to her feet, shaking her wings out. Telemetry does a quick count for her and she realizes that most everyone else seems to have departed with undue haste. A soft static noise, of one clearing intakes or dispelling static in their vocoder emits from the medic hunter. "Excuse me?" Peering at Jetfire.

Amber MacKenzie collects her camera, miraculously untouched, almost in shock at still being alive. Galvatron would have launched an attack for sure, but this predecessor of his behaved differently. She looks at the Autobots, just in time to see Avalanche... Aleksey?... almost take a dive, and then retreat, stage left, cursing. She checks herself over, finding little more than a few bruises, and that from her fellow human beings. Also checking her over are three curious gazelles. After saluting them with a perfect EDC salute, she hears Jetfire and turns to look at him. "I found out what was going on days ago, thankyouverymuch, and knew that it wasn't for public consumption." Normally, she'd be annoyed with him, but she's just too tired right now.

Jetfire chuckles at Amber. "Good night Miss Mackenzie." He says before looking to Arachnae. "Feeling better?" he says looking her body over. "No undue damage I hope."

Arachnae gives a testing flick of wings, wincing. "Nothing some medical time and fuel won't fix." Headtilting, careful to keep her hands out in front of her, the universal gesture for 'dont have guns out, please don't shoot me'. "Is that Ms MacKenzie you are bespeaking?"

Robot T-Rex! (Grimlock) blinks, and rumbles over towards Jetfire, tromping up behind the jet-commander. "You leave too!" Grimlock growls, a mean grin on his dino-face, as he thumps his dino-tail on the ground. He glances over at Blaster, and lets out a little growl.

"Me Grimlock think me can throw her farther than last one!"

<Autobot> Sky Lynx says, "And we are out of this tiny Medical bay!"

Jetfire nods to Arachnae. "yeah. She's apparently run off for home." He then looks at her hands. "I'm not gonna shoot you. This is one of the few times where I have more reason not to shoot you than to do so. Get going. Get repaired up.' he then looks to Grimlock. "you know where Swoop is?"

<Autobot> Sky Lynx says, "and I can see the.. ow.. ok.. so after a nice recharge.. then go see the stars.. bloody all.."

<Autobot> Saboteur Foxfire says, "Blasteeeeer. Can we go home nooooow?"

Arachnae ahhs, then flintches at Grimlocks assessment of her throwability. "That won't be necessary. I simply wanted to tender my thanks to Ms MacKenzie before the usual madness insued. Fleeting moments of a lifetime and all. As this would be the only time I can do so, and it is proper."

In Amber's opinion, the Dinobots are as great a danger to Earth as the Decepticons. "You're welcome. Better get the hell out of here, Arachnae," she calls, annoyance trying to resurrect itself at his presuming to answer for her. "I'm on my way out." With that, she matches the words to the actions and heads for her car in the parking lot.

<Autobot> Twitch says, "So everybody's back to normal again?"

<Autobot> Twitch says, "Yay!"

<Autobot> Saboteur Foxfire says, "Yeah, Twitch! We're back! Come join me and Raindance in Blaster's chest!"

<Autobot> Blaster says, "Fun for the whole family!"

Robot T-Rex! (Grimlock) doesn't even spare a glance at Amber (though, for the record, he's an AMERICAN CITIZEN, dammit. He's a protector of earth! Well, at least the durable parts). He still growls a little bit at Arachnae- though he's not making with the biting and the throwing and the maiming...yet.

"Hrr. Me Grimlock miss old days." he scratches a little bit at his head. "Get to SMASH septi-cons more than talky-ness." he pauses, and then cants his head at Jetfire, gears a-turning...

"Am her septi-con you Jetfire's girlfriend?

<Autobot> Saboteur Foxfire says, "Family~ I like the sound of that!"

<Autobot> Twitch says, "Well I'm technically an adoptee but, that's okay!"

<Autobot> Saboteur Foxfire says, "Hey, technically we all are. Doesn't make us any less of a family!"

Arachnae shunts her Ahmed body into subspace, nodding at Amber once before her optics shift emerald, then flash crimson, "I don't think I need to warn the lot of you about the dangers present in causing any harm to that particular human, do I?" Wings half span outwards, lending her the apperance of a demon or a fallen angel. "No, Grimlock, I am not." Smirk as her mask falls away, "In any case, wind to thy wings." A half crouch, then the medic leaps upwards, taking wing to head home.

<Autobot> Grimlock says, "...What you tiny-tapes DO in there?"

<Autobot> Saboteur Foxfire says, "...Um..."

<Autobot> Twitch says, "I usually sleep."

<Autobot> Blaster says, "Knitting."

<Autobot> Raindance says, "Magnetize Foxfire"

<Autobot> Saboteur Foxfire says, "Hey!"

<Autobot> Raindance *BZZZZZZZZZZZ*

<Autobot> Saboteur Foxfire says, "Blasteeeeer! Raindance is picking on me!"

Jetfire smiles at Arachnae. "She won't come to harm, Arachnae. he says before waving. Then looking to Amber. 'Want a ride? I promise I won't sonic boom your house."

<Autobot> Raindance says, "Be nice to me Foxy, I have /space amnesia/"

Blaster knocks on his chest a few times. "Keep it down in there!"

<Autobot> Twitch says, "What's the difference between space and normal amnesia?"

<Autobot> Saboteur Foxfire says, "I'm your little brother! You be nice to *me*!"

<Autobot> Raindance *BZZZZZZZZZZZ*

Twitch soars down from the air above, homing in on the gathering of transformers assembled all about. The little tape bird orbits about once, before finding his chosen perch, settling for none other than the shoulder of a certain Autobot cassette deck, metallic claws magnetizing with a faint *TIC*. Soundwave no longer has a monopoly on bird-type tapes to prance around with like a pirate's parrot!

"Hey Blaster! Glad to see everyone's back!" He chirrups. "I had a job! I was delivering pizzas!"

"That good." Grimlock says. "Him Jetfire can do better." It's a good question just HOW the dinobot knows this, but he's big and fighty enough to know that everything he says is absolutely right anyway.

And hey, look, it's Twitch! "...Why you Twitch not bring pizzas?" he rumbles. "Me like Pizza!"

Platinum Cassette rattles slightly. "But Blaster!" he whines. "Raindance is picking on me!" He pauses as Twitch lands on Blaster's shoulder, then chuckles a bit. "Delivering pizzas, bro? You've kept yourself busy! I should get myself a job. Like, fire rescue or somethin'."

<Autobot> Jetfire says, "All Autobots are invited! I'm gonna bake.....*wait for it*.....PIE!!!"

<Autobot> Grimlock says, "Me Grimlock not believe you."

"But...but..." Twitch blinks, blanching at Grimlock's HUGE frame nearby. "...I couldn't do that! People had ordered them, and payed for them! And it woulda come outta my pay, and Mr Linguini woulda yelled at me and..." A pause, and then his little birdy head quirks to one side. "...wouldn't pizza all gum up your teeth and stuff?"

Jetfire smiles to Grimlock. "I've actually gotta thank Swoop, Grimlock. If it wasn't for him....." he says pointing to the device. "....that device wouldn't have been possible. He got the materials."

Robot T-Rex! (Grimlock) nods to Jetfire. "Him Swoop do good job at whatever him Swoop did! Dinobots best at EVERYTHING!" he grins, and thumps his tail on the ground again. This done, he peers over at Twitch. "...Me Grimlock good at biting things! Besides, me like Pizza, not gum!"

Jetfire says, "you know why Grimlock likes Pizza? Cuz of the word that supposed to come after it. Pie."

Platinum Cassette says, "Come join me and Raindance, Twitch! It's nice and cozy in here!"

"But I didn't mean gum..." Twitch blinks again. "...I meant that pizza would, I mean, I..." A pause, and then he tilts his gaze from one side, to the other again, then down to Blaster's chest for a moment as if to look at Foxfire, or at least where he is. "Uh, I believe you!" He finally offers for Grimlock's benefit, then states towards Foxfire. "It's okay! I needed to stretch my wings some more anyway!" Plus he isn't gonna risk letting Raindance magnetize him.

Platinum Cassette would roll his optics if he was in his main mode. "Yeah, okay...anyway, be glad you weren't humanized. The experience was...interesting, but getting that sick is just...hell."

Raindance simply emits. "Well I wouldnt' know, I have SPACE AMNESIA now"

Robot T-Rex! (Grimlock) hnfs a bit, and pokes Jetfire with one of his spindly dino-arms. "You never make pie when you say you do. You Jetfire LIAR."

Platinum Cassette says, "Shut up, Rainy."

Twitch glances down again. "...what's space amnesia? How's it different from normal amnesia?"

Jetfire laughs. "Oh cut it out, Grimlock. I'll start on them tomorrow. How's that?"

Robot T-Rex! (Grimlock) grumbles. "You BETTER."

Raindance pauses. "Shut up Twitch

Platinum Cassette rattles more. "Don't you tell Twitch to shut up!"

Jetfire smiles at that and places a hand on Grimlock's 'shoulder'. " guys deserve them. Especially Swoop. So i'll start on them as soon as I come online."

Twitch's delicate little feelings have already been hurt!

"I'm sorry..." he says in a quiet voice.

Platinum Cassette growls. "Don't listen to him, Twitch," he soothes the bird. "Raindance is just being a jerk."

Robot T-Rex! (Grimlock) hmms, and gives Jetfire a wary look...and then he wheels around to...peer at Blaster's chest- and then up towards the tapes hovering around outside.

"Me Grimlock wonder how him Blaster get anything done when you tapey-bots is always talking." and he even goes so far as to experimentally *knock* on Blaster's chestplate.

"Me am glad me Grimlock not have tiny bots in me."

Twitch yeeps as he's rocked a bit on his perch. "It's not like that!" He protests towards Grimlock. "It''s...well okay maybe it is sorta like that, but we're used to it!"

Twitch takes off from his perch and flits around several circles before settling on the top of Grimlock's head instead. "...woo! This is pretty high up!"

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