Doc Dinblinkitzkavsky
Name Doc Dinblinkitzkavsky
Faction Terran
Function UN Secretary-General
Alt Mode None
Type OC


"If I can think it, I can build it."

While he is considered one of the most intelligent and scholarly men on the planet, his studies have focused on the scientific and technological side of things stemming from his intense desire to build and create things. What he lacks in physical prowess he more than makes up for with his adept social charm and sense of humor, known to dazzle many a female. He carries a laser pistol and an adaptable stun gun of his own design for defense. His one major weakness is that he needs to be in complete control of every situation, and can get easily flustered or agitated if things erupt into chaos around him, or don't turn out his way.



  • Active around 1996.
  • The character was only @named "Doc". His last name comes from his OOCfinger. His OOCfinger also suggests the character actually was a doctor of some sort.
  • Seems to have been active at roughly the same time as Vera Harrogate was ALSO UN Secretary-General. Evidence points to her having been the SecGen immediately after him, however.
  • One of the TPs ideas listed on an old "TP Ideas for Earth" object was "Trial of Airwolf for abetting Doc's escape while charged with murder". Apparently he may have killed someone?



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