Drake Langham
Name Drake Langham
Faction Terran
Function Martian Official
Alt Mode None
Type OC


"Mankind's destiny lies in the stars."

A born leader. British-American upringing, graduated magna cum laude from Harvard with several fecning championship trophies. Entered U.S. Navy, spent twelve years as a fairly skilled pilot. After leaving the military, pursued political career. Now is ARENA's head of Martian operations, as well as the Martian ambassabor to the UN. Seeks to stablize human security in the galaxy.



  • Active around 1996.
  • "Langham" comes from the character's OOCfinger. The character itself was only @named "Drake".
  • According to his Rank, was a Division Chair (Minister of Finance) of... something.
  • Ten to one no one remembers what ARENA was. I sure don't!



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