Name Dreadwing
Faction Decepticon
Function Starfighter
Alt Mode None
Type Combiner


Dreadwing is the combined form of Darkwing and Dreadwind, in this mode the pair can streak across the stars spreading their message of gloom and doom. In most gestalts the merging of minds is quite fractured and causes difficulties as the personalities clash from time to time. Dreadwing doesn’t suffer as much with this as Darkwing and Dreadwind are so alike you barely notice the difference, although Darkwing’s more proactive personality lends to him being the driving force of the gestalt and possibly why he is also the engine section. Dreadwing utilises all the weaponry carried by Dreadwind and Darkwing.


Codependent combiner.


  • Upon returning to duty after imprisonment, the Super-jet combiner leveled London Bridge in a mass strike on London.


  • In theory, Dreadwing is the most intelligent and well-spoken of any gestalt, with the possible exception of the Autobot tape-gestalt Slamdance or Beastbox. He doesn't even use ALL CAPS unless he feels especially capsy. Unfortunately, though, the truth is that writing poetry about "black seas of emotion" and reading novels about vampires in leather pants doesn't make you smart. YOU JUST GOT DEFENSOR'D
  • Dreadwing is also the least dangerous gestalt, again with the exception of Slamdance who is only about as powerful as a single regular Transformer. Dreadwing, by comparison, is approximately as mighty as a particularly well-armed shuttlecraft.



  • The Terrible Secret of Planet Omega! - When a distress call comes from an isolated mining colony, a team of Autobots goes to investigate! But little do they know, Dreadwing is hot on their heels!


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