Name Dredclaw
Faction Decepticon
Function Tracker/Terminator
Alt Mode Sweepcraft
Type OC


"Six million ways to die... choose one." Lives for the hunt... the Sweep most adept at close-range pursuit and capture. Inspired to frightening levels of ferocity when a target lies in his sights. Rarely opts for the quick kill, gets murderous pleasure from making the hunt as drawn-out and painful for his prey as possible. As sweepcraft, has infrared and ultraviolet optical sensors, faster-than-light capabilities, and high-powered ceramic dart turret. As robot, has laser rifle he often disdains in favor of his claws. Prone to carelessness due to overconfidence... isn't quite as good as he thinks.
Skills: Hunting, Torture, Pack-tactics, Weapons-design/mod



Who's bad?


  • Dredclaw was the only OC to survive the Sweeps' transition to OFC status. (Circa '96 I believe)
  • Dredclaw, Sunder, and Brigand survived the Sweeps' transition back to OC status in '09.
  • Dredclaw turned over the XO reins to Sunder after being trapped in a subspace anomaly for the better part of a year.
  • A.K.A. "The Ambitious One"
  • Often the only other Sweep able to tolerate the antics of his brother, Brigand



  • Nevada Showdown - Guiltor continues his reign of terror with his next victim - Arachnae. Can Onslaught, Compile and Dredclaw fend the fiend off in time?
  • Outing in Ottawa - When Dredclaw and Sunder decide to go watch Astrotrain's antics in Canada, they get more than they bargined for... one mad Dinobot!


Dredclaw is an OC. He has and always will be played by
You can visit his player's pages on deviantArt to learn more about the man behind the Sweep.

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