Name Ecto
Faction Junkion
Alt Mode Ambulance (Ecto-1)
Type OC


"I ain't afraid of no ghosts."

Ecto views his purpose in the universe is to remove any troublesome spooks that may be around and, by Primus, he's ready for 'em. He's all tooled out with his proton pack, ghost traps, and loud siren when he has to get to a Ghostbusting emergency in a hurry. Unfortunately what he most finds causing all the trouble are groups of unruly Decepticons but he's not shy about scuffling with those either. He can spin his ghost traps around before using tossing them to strike Decepticons with surprising accuracy or using their bright light and noise to distract Decepticons prior to attacking them. In Vehicle mode he can use his high pitched siren to temporarily deafen Decepticons prior to a retreat.


Long ago there was a Junkion who heard of these human creatures called “ghosts” and was entertained often by the tales of the three(and later four and possibly five) humans who battled them. He trained himself in their techniques, even adjusting his altmode and weapons systems to match their vehicle and equipment, and set himself up as Junkion's sole Ghostbuster. His true purposes is to bust whatever ghosts he finds, but he's finding Decepticon busting more steady work these days.


At the moment Ecto currently lacks the Siren Noisemaker ability in mode 2 because otherwise he would have a really bad FRP stat with it. But watch out, Decepticon players, cause in time your audio receptors will be busted!



Ecto is currently the creation of the person who currently plays Octane and Onslaught and was assisted in this process by The Internet.

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