Elita One
Name Elita One
Faction Autobot
Function Femme Commander
Alt Mode Pink Tech-Car
Type FC


"I will not rest until Cybertron is at peace again."

The leader of the female Autobots, Elita One tries to maintain the same beliefs and goals set by Optimus Prime for the Autobots before his death. Strong-willed, but tempermental and patient, she spent millions of years leading a resistance in the underground of Cybertron, before eventually rejoining the Autobots with her command. Has the ability to freeze time in an area for a limited time, but this ability comes at a heavy cost, since it will deactivate her. Never would send a Femme to do what she could do herself, and strives to make sure her troops are accepted under Rodimus Prime's command.



  • Matesprite - Optimus Prime Kismesis - Shockwave Moirail - Firestar Auspitice for Repugnus/Autobots
  • Elita One is the opposite of Arcee in that she is actually exactly as tough as she looks.
  • Elita One is hot for....Hot Spot currently. What's not to like?
  • Elita One is one of two FCs that have died on the MUSH, along with Red Alert. She was obviously brought back later.
  • She is doing quite a bit to shy away from the 'helpless femme' stereotype, though she's still something of a glass cannon.
  • She also had her Time Warp ability upgraded slightly so it no longer causes a near death experience, just a short term backlash that freezes her as well.
  • She is also the moral crusader for the Autobots, overly dramatic in her role perhaps, but earnest in her beliefs.
  • Has dropped Cyclonus in combat with help admittedly, sent Galvatron packing at the U.N....with help admittedly. And has finally pushed Shockwave into a retreat. This does not reflect a winning ratio on her part.
  • Has a tendency to get blown up by mortar fire.
  • Enjoys technology, and has picked up Weaponsmith to aid her versatility.
  • Speaks in palevioletred1 much to the chagrin of everyone.
  • Military CO for the Autobots for 2034.
  • Gold Medal winner for 2035 Olympics - Team Battle
  • Elita One has been in temporal stasis since the events at Retoris, when Shockwave stabbed her in the time stopper with a Dark Energon blade. Its been theorized that she's frozen in a single moment, undoubtably filled with the pain of the assault. A fate worse than death.


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  • Oh, Canada! - The Autobots respond to a Decepticon strike in Canada!


Formerly played by Zero.