Name Gantry
Faction Autobot
Function Strongman
Alt Mode Crane


"Someone has to be the voice of reason round here"

Some call Gantry slow. Some call him stupid. In fact he is a very practical Autobot. Fantastic with his hands, he takes great pride in construction, being able to build and repair objects to a good standard. He may not know all the theories, but can certainly do all the actual physical work. Hating sneaky plans and cold logic, he is very much the centre of common sense, following his heart and his gut first and foremost. Many underestimate him, which is to his advantage. He is in fact a very powerful and tough fighter, although he is reluctant to use these skills. To him, loyalty, honesty and integrity are the best traits a person can have. In his alternate mode of a crane he has tremendous lifting power, and enjoys nothing better than quiet labour. Sadly, the war has meant he has had to take on a more active role as a fighter.



  • Gantry managed to get himself killed by a Walking Eye in his first appearance. This was all Springer's fault, apparently.
  • For his valor and sacrifice, Gantry is the only Autobot in history to have attained rank 90, albeit posthumously.



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