Name Gaze
Faction Autobot
Function Surveillance
Alt Mode Delorean
Type OFC


"Even in war there is time enough to appreciate the beauty of the sun and wind."

Often found watching the night sky, or the waves crashing against rocks rather than her assigned post, Gaze's name is rather accurate. She has a bad habit of being easily distracted, espescially while on duty. Possibly one of the most passive, and at the same time most violent bots. She's been known to lash out in fury at even her own commander when interrupted from a particularily interesting reverie. Onboard systems include a parabolic radar dish that extends from her right shoulder, capable of picking up and filtering out noise from 10 kilometers away. A special retractable visor allows her optics to view objects perfectly at distances up to 20 kilometers. Both of these are recordable. In robot mode she carries a gatling laser, capable of extended rapid-fire bursts. In her vehicle mode, a Delorean, she is capable of reaching speeds of 350 km/h, given smooth enough terrain. Apart from her aforementioned daydreaming, her only real problem is that her joints tend to lock up at times.



  • Was listed on the "FEMMES FC LISTING", making her a part of the actual "Femme" subgroup (rather than just being a random female Autobot).
  • Available for application in May of 1996. As an OFC, created sometime before then.



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