Missing image
Name Gizmo
Faction Autobot
Function Engineer
Alt Mode Hover Transport
Type OC


"Elegance lies in efficient design."

He thinks of himself as an artist: his creations are elegant in design and one might expect to find them hung on a wall somewhere. He is often inspired by nature. He was built on Cybertron to service the massive and complex computer systems at Iacon. In his vehicular mode (a hovering tec light transport) he can fly 300 miles at 75 mph. His cargo module is really a portable workshop, with which he can service or replicate almost any needed part. In Autobot mode his hands can be replaced by a variety of modular tools and instruments, all of which serve more than one function. His laser welder doubles as a small weapon, though he rarely gets an opportunity to use it as such, since he spends most of his time designing, reparing, or building things under time constraints. He is well known for his efficient and high-quality work. Frequenly he gets lost in thought while contemplating a new design, oftentimes leading to a high-speed collision.



  • Active around 1996.



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