Name Groove
Faction Autobot
Function Scout
Alt Mode Motorcycle
Type FC


"War is always a problem, never a solution."

A full fuel tank, clear skies, and open road -- that's all Groove wants out of life. Relaxed and easygoing, he's typically happy no matter where he is or who he's with. Has trouble reconciling his pacifist views with his sense of responsibility. Combines with fellow Protectobots to form Defensor.


  • Past... future... just live in the here and now, man.



For being a pacifist, this guy has a lot of guns


That's right, lure in his players with promises of candy.


Heavy metal thunder.

  • When Groove feels like coming back in out of the wilderness but he's not ready to go hang out with the Autobots yet, he lives in Arcata, California. This is because Groove is a big hippie.
  • The guy has shin guns, what's not to like?



  • Lost My Groove - The Junkions are under the influence of Juice, and raiding a space station. But their cause can be too alluring for some...
  • Road Rage - When a small Decepticon force attacks Los Angeles' freeways, can the Autobots stop them before they do too much damage?


  • For want of Ham - Tremor decides to stop by Arcata and wreak havoc! Groove attempts to ward him off, and Andi's quite the helpful lass!
  • Limestoned - Come for the Lime, leave stoned? Not really.
  • What Lies Beneath - Crosscheck takes a crack team of adventurists into the chasm accidentally discovered by Markdown.
  • Rebuilding the D-Fence - Specter leads an operation to rebuild the automated turrets wrecked by the invaders.


Mid-April 2009 to early June 2009 - Chuck

August 2009-November 2009 - Yam

February 2012 - Present - Vitacus

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