Name Harmony
Faction Autobot
Function Aerial Tracker
Alt Mode Great horned Owl
Type OC


"War is part of our lives, whether we like it or not."

Harmony serves as an advance scout. He elects to perform this function because he isn't much of a fighter. However, Harmony doesn't let this fact inhibit his genial demeaner and pleasant attitude. In his owl mode, he's been equipped with concealable rocket engines that enable him to hit speeds up to and including mach 1. However, he much prefers to use his wings to get around, and enjoy the freedom of flight. He also can emit immense waves of sonic power in owl mode, and his talons can rip through just about any substance. In robot form, he posseses electro-magnetic nets, a light laser system, and dual retactable blades in his forearms. Unfortunately, he's a little claustrophobic, and can't stand being confined for too long.



  • Harmony had an extensive rivalry with the Decepticon warrior Redshift.



played by IAmCK

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