Harvest: One. Transformers: Zero

Who: Boomslang, Dreadwind, James Bailey, Jayson Redfield, Ultra Magnus, Rampage, Ransack, Red Alert, Shockwave
IC Year: 2030
Location: Earth Orbit
TP: Solar System Risk


Earth Orbit

As you enter orbit above the blue-green surface of Earth, you peer through the clouds and see various possible landing sites...


Autobot Flagship <Orion Pax>

Risk - Harvest-One

Risk - Copernicus Station

Terran Sensor #8438


Obvious exits:

      Starport <76> leads to Starport 76 -- Landing Pad.

      Escape Orbit <EO> leads to Terrestrial Planets <Sol>.

      Eastern Hemisphere <EH> leads to Stratosphere above Eastern Hemisphere.

      Western Hemisphere <WH> leads to Stratosphere above Western Hemisphere.

Ayotizinco <land0> Cairo Spaceport <land1> Houston Spaceport <land2> Autobot City <land3> New York City <land4> EDC <land5> Korean Spaceport <land6>

Risk - Harvest-One

      This is a 200 km diameter asteroid named 16 Psyche. It is the largest M-class asteroid in the belt, meaning metallic and shiny. It's roughly round shape and even has its own rotation. 16 Psyche is a very large Main belt asteroid, well over 200 kilometers in diameter, and likely the largest of the metallic M-type asteroids. It is estimated to contain 0.6 percent of the mass of the entire asteroid belt. This M-type has a fairly pure iron-nickel composition. Psyche appears to be a genuine case of an exposed metallic core from a larger differentiated parent body. Unlike some other M-type asteroids, Psyche shows no sign of the presence of water or water-bearing minerals on its surface, consistent with its interpretation as a metallic body. Small amounts of pyroxene appear to be present. For now though, the EDC has labeled this asteroid 'Harvest One'.

      The massive demand for metal by humans has prompted them to park this asteroid in Earth's local space. From the blue planet's ground, it appears as if another star has emerged in the night sky. Closer to the massive spheroid asteroid, the consumption and industry surrounding its metallic heart is evident: scaffolding and space docks criss-cross over its surface, while smelting factories perch atop miles-deep fissures and wells. Diamond and tungsten carbide toothed bucket-wheel excavators gnash tirelessly against the surface, shunting shards and clumps of space metal down conveyor belts to their final on-site construction or shipping lane destinations.

The Decepticon shuttle ship Despoiler has seen a lot of action in its time, ranging from piracy on the high seas to piracy on the high stars. It's seen a lot of piracy, and this time the magnificant vessel is attacking a port, as it were. The Despoiler drifts towards Earth on minimal power, trying not to draw attention to itself. This has proven more difficult in recent times due to the lack of extra-solar system space travel since piracy went way up. Repeated transmissions sent by Earth Defence Command to the ship have resulted in no reply. Either a ship is in distress or a ship is trying to hide something.

      Shockwave and the other Decepticons are in the Despoiler's deployment bay. They should all have a lot of experience launching from this ship to raid targets. Shockwave is casually going through his own subroutines. He's drilled the plan into the Decepticons (whether they understand it or not remains to be seen). The Despoiler will drift by Harvest-One, suddenly power up, and launch Decepticons to take the asteroid by force.


Rampage's head slides down to his chest, his body rising upright. His robot head appears where his beast mode head had just been, and he now stands before you in robot mode.

Rampage sits in the shuttle, polishing his sword. He's also got a small portable television that he's watching, to prevent him from tearing about the shuttle like a maniac. He'll turn off the TV prior to battle, however, to put him in the right mood.


Dreadwind is stood in the deployment area, well when you say stood in his case it means slumped against a nearby wall which for him is actually a fair amount of effort. Mostly because Shockwave is forcing them all to go to their agonising doom while trying to raid this port, spacestation or whatever it is. He doesn't really care he knows that whereever they are going it's going to mean more suffering and pain, just what existence wants and he's going to be the one suffering for it. Knowing his luck he'll be taken out by the first volley of defensive fire or at the very least given a painful wound that will bring him agony eveytime he moves.


Ransack idly hums to himself as he finishes checking over his blaster, eager to begin the drop and get to the violence. After the Whalicon debacle, the warrior has a lot of built-up aggression to work through, preferably on some unsuspecting Autobots. He nods in approval as he adjusts the trigger and then looks over to Shockwave. "Are we there yet?"


Boomslang is just finishing up clamping on the set of liquid-fuel boosters that the non-space-capable Seekers have to use when working EVA missions. "Commander, any special objectives I should pursue? They'll never see me coming."


Autobots' turn

Red Alert was monitoring space radio traffic when the report of an unidentified shuttle drifting towards Harvest One. Now, of course, it could mean nothing, nothing at all. Any sensible person would dismiss the matter and let the appropriate human authorities handle it.

      This is Red Alert.

      He pilots the Golden Age (not pictured) towards the general area of the Despoiler and, not-so-coincidently, towards Harvest One. There may or may not be others in the shuttle (probably may). Now and again, he checks the signals to see if the general communications failure code has been transmitted, but so far no dice. Finally, he activates the radio himself. <<Unidentified shuttle, this is the Autobot vessel Golden Age. Be informed that you are drifting into a restricted zone. Please report your status.>> Red Alert, naturally, suspects a trick, but he is Red Alert.


Red, of course, isn't alone. Jayson has a need for excitement, danger, and just plain adventure. So here he is, accompanying Red on the shuttle. He peers out the window as Red attempts to contact the other vessel, a few strands of hair in his face. His exo-armor, Pegasus, is in the storage bay and ready for use if necessary.


Oh, haha! Look! Red Alert isn't here at all! It's Rodimus Prime piloting the Golden Age! He's not nearly +msummon ultra magnus


Alone? On the Golden Age? Perhaps. But there is the possibility of another. A bot by any other name would be... well, a bot by another name. But this particular bot doesn't seem to be around... or is he? It's really hard to keep up with him. Sometimes he's there and other times? Well, he's just a... Mirage.


Damned animation errors.

      Yes. It is Red Alert piloting the shuttle. Not Rodimus Prime.


James Bailey drops Exo-Jet Apollo <James Bailey>.

Risk - Harvest-One

      This is a 200 km diameter asteroid named 16 Psyche. It is the largest M-class asteroid in the belt, meaning metallic and shiny. It's roughly round shape and even has its own rotation. 16 Psyche is a very large Main belt asteroid, well over 200 kilometers in diameter, and likely the largest of the metallic M-type asteroids. It is estimated to contain 0.6 percent of the mass of the entire asteroid belt. This M-type has a fairly pure iron-nickel composition. Psyche appears to be a genuine case of an exposed metallic core from a larger differentiated parent body. Unlike some other M-type asteroids, Psyche shows no sign of the presence of water or water-bearing minerals on its surface, consistent with its interpretation as a metallic body. Small amounts of pyroxene appear to be present. For now though, the EDC has labeled this asteroid 'Harvest One'.

      The massive demand for metal by humans has prompted them to park this asteroid in Earth's local space. From the blue planet's ground, it appears as if another star has emerged in the night sky. Closer to the massive spheroid asteroid, the consumption and industry surrounding its metallic heart is evident: scaffolding and space docks criss-cross over its surface, while smelting factories perch atop miles-deep fissures and wells. Diamond and tungsten carbide toothed bucket-wheel excavators gnash tirelessly against the surface, shunting shards and clumps of space metal down conveyor belts to their final on-site construction or shipping lane destinations.

Exo-Jet Apollo <James Bailey> Jet cruises around on patrol in the spacespace between Copernicus and the Harvest One asteroid. James' spot in the patrol rotation isn't until tomorrow, but someone else wanted to trade to catch a game. James does his best to help out the Exo-Pilots under his command - it's good for morale, and you never know who might be the next Michael Briar.


Ultra Magnus looms behind Red Alert's chair, tall, menacing, and patriotic. "I don't like the looks of this.." mutters Ultra Magnus.


Decepticons' turn

"No," Shockwave drones back to the Insecticon. A monitor next to the deployment hatch shows the progress of the Despoiler. There's icons for Earth, the shuttle, and Harvest-One. To Boomslang (a trooper he can count on to be competent, well-known aiming issues notwithstanding), Shockwave states, "The objective is complete control of the asteroid and the removal of all non-Decepticon forces, Boomslang. Civilian personnel are expected to evacuate, however we will require you and Dreadwind to ensure we have the aerial superiority. Rampage, Ransack, and I shall take the asteroid itself and defeat any ground forces."

      The intercom next to the deployment hatch suddenly beeps, and the voice of an unidentified Decepticon is heard, <<Autobot shuttle incoming. They're making hails. Talon class exo-suit also in the area.>> Shockwave toggles the intercom and replies, "Let them have static." He lets go of the toggle and turns back to the other Decepticons. "Ransack, we are now 'there'." A warning light begins flashing as the deployment airlock cycles through its opening sequence. The Despoiler's running lights all turn on as it repowers itself, arming its weapons and thrusters. "Decepticons," Shockwave states, flying out into space and transforming into gun mode, "Attack!" He descends towards the asteroid.


Dreadwind attempts to lift his head to look at Boomslang but fails instead turning it slightly so he can at least see him with one optic, "Not see you? They always see us coming, it's as if someone sends them a message telling them exactly when and where we'll be so they can set up their perfectly timed ambush. Either that or they placate us with a light resistance till the larger force arrives and then obliterates us, well the lucky ones anyway, those like myself are allowed to escape merely critically wounded." Dreadwind barely seems to register the go command for the assault from Shockwave maybe he'll start moving in a little while, or not, it's hard to tell sometimes.


Rampage transforms and LEAPS out of the shuttle, charging out for battle and growling savagely. Searching for a target that may be close at hand. The theme from Judge Judy racing through his mind as he runs. He'd better not be missing Pop-Up Video for this!


Rampage collapses down onto all fours, his beast head replacing the position of his robotic head. He now stands before you in Tiger mode.

Ransack launches out of the ship behind Shockwave, eager to get to the action before the cyclopean commander blows everything up. No sir, that would not stand. Mass destruction was /his/ job. The Insecticon ignites his thrusters and flies towards the rocky surface of the asteroid.


Boomslang loads a magazine of 20mm magnetic slugs and works the bolt, a sound he finds comforting before an engagement. "Aye aye, Commander!" As soon as Ransack is out the airlock Boomslang jumps out after him, triggering his thrusters towards the relative cover of the asteroid while pecking away at the incoming enemy ship with his rifle.


Combat: Boomslang sets his defense level to Protected.

Combat: Boomslang strikes Autobot Flagship <Orion Pax> with his 20mm Gauss Rifle attack! [Pulled -3]

Autobots' turn

"Neither do I, Commander," Red Alert replies to Ultra Magnus, eyes narrowed warily as he glances once more at the sensors - and then they widen. "They're on the move! Incoming Deceptico-" and then the Golden Age is hit. "Incoming Decepticons. Coming in for a landing on the Asteroid to give us room to work," he reports, doing just as he says. OOC note: anyone who wants to load out of the shuttle on their pose can claim to have jumped out as it came in, or something.


"Great! Another fight!" Jayson seems a little more enthusiastic than he should be. He darts toward storage, climbs into his armor, and then makes for the hatch, just as the ship is hit. Regaining balance, Pegasus launches out, and not being spaceworthy (yet), it stays afloat close to Harvest One thanks to its thrusters. Jayson smirks as he spots Rampage. "Here, kitty..." He aims an arm-mounted gun, and fires.


Jayson Redfield drops Exo-Armor Pegasus <Jayson Redfield>.

Combat: Exo-Armor Pegasus <Jayson Redfield> misses Mecha-Tiger <Rampage> with its Laser attack!

So. The Bot That Defragged Me has never made himself visible. Or was he visible the whole time and just not saying anything. Really, Mirage is so confusing sometimes. "Well. This is one party that I won't mind crashing." With his minimal level pun thrown into the mix, Mirage takes this time to actually disappear and is probably getting himself off the shuttle and doing something else. It has to do with combat. Honest. It has nothing to do with sipping an Enertini before the battle truly gets under way. Really.


Exo-Jet Apollo <James Bailey> Jet picks up the activity on long-range scanners. James is able to correctly identify the Decepticon shuttle and attack group using a few tricks he's picked up around sensors - and by the fact that when a giant purple-themed shuttle dumps out transformers who start shooting at Autobot shuttles, it's kind of hard to mistake what's going on. He adjusts his throttle and races for the asteroid's surface, selecting an approach vector that will leave him in a covering position above the Autobot ship. As he spots Jayson's Exo (again, kinda hard to mistake that one), he begins transmitting additional sensor information from his vantage point outside the ship.


Combat: Mirage activates his cloaking field and vanishes from sight!

Combat: Exo-Jet Apollo <James Bailey> analyzes Rampage for weaknesses Exo-Armor Pegasus <Jayson Redfield> can exploit.

The camera within the shuttle's bridge shakes with the sound effects of Boomslang's barrage. Magnus further sells it by stumbling as if in a earthquake, he quickly stabilizes himself by grabbing hold of a console for support. "Try and put er down out of the conflict zone, Red Alert!" suggests, orders the City Commander as he made his way to the center of the bridge. A hole opens in the floor allowing a rapid exit.. Thankfuly the humans were already inside their ships. Out comes Ultra Magnus, rolling as he hits the rough surface of the asteroid, his rifle already out and charging.


Decepticons' turn

The Tiger turns and snarls as laser blasts dance around his hind feet. He whirls around to face Jayson in the Pegasus. "Human in a can. Perhaps I should let him out!" Mecha-Tiger <Rampage> exclaims. His golden optics glow brightly with rage, and the big metallic kitty pounces and lashes out. Oh yes, this kitty has claws.


Combat: Mecha-Tiger <Rampage> strikes Exo-Armor Pegasus <Jayson Redfield> with his scratching post time! (Punch) attack!

Ray Gun <Shockwave> streaks 'down' towards the asteroid. The camera tracking him loops around, ensuring the point that there is no up or down in space is obvious to the children watching at home. Shockwave watches every enemy that exits. An EDC exo-suit and Ultra Magnus. Along with the other inbound exo-suit and the assumption that there's a pilot on the Golden Age, Shockwave calculates that the Decepticons have a decidedly notable advantage. "The odds are satisfactory. Decepticons, proceed with the attack," he transmits over the Decepticon shortwave broadband frequency. The biggest threat to this take-over, of course, is Ultra Magnus. The gun soars in that direction. "Ultra Magnus," he transmits, "Again you have come to thwart my plans. This time, however, I suspect the end result shall be different." Shockwave fires a blast that explodes the rocky ground near the City Commander, possibly messing him up in the process.


Combat: Ray Gun <Shockwave> strikes Ultra Magnus with his Shoxcannon attack! [Pulled -8]

Dreadwind finally gets the energy to move or maybe his servos finally got the message, either way he finally trudges along and disembarks the ship heading towards the surface or at least the air space over the surface as he almost lazily drifts down to lead the assault from the rear. Dreadwind grumbles over an open frquency to anyone that is listening, most l;ikely noone. "Oh great a whole Autobot shuttle, that means there's a large force defending this area or there is something decidedly more deadly already here and the bots have just sent reinforcements. So either they get us or some giant mutant metal eating space creature devours us or far far worse."


Boomslang puts out a hand to grab ahold of the asteroid, his image warping and twisting for a half-second before he disappears completely, moving silently over the surface towards the communications arrays in a low jog with his rifle held close.


Combat: Boomslang activates his cloaking field and vanishes from sight!

Ransack lands on the asteroid's surface, big yellow feet crunching into the rock. "Finally! Let the ruin beg-eh?" He spins around to look at the landing shuttle, hand gripping the handle of his favorite gun. "Well, I guess I can start there first!" With a quick pull of the trigger a sonic blast erupts from the barrel and streams at the Golden Age, intending to blast the shuttle...but instead hitting the pilot as he emerges from the vessel


Combat: Ransack strikes Red Alert with his Concussion Blaster Gun attack! [Pulled -1]

Autobots' turn

Red Alert /just/ manages to get the shuttle landed - as far away from combat as he can reasonably manage, but considering some of the Decepticons are already attacking it, that's not very far - and is just in the process of rushing out of the shuttle when he's blasted by a concussion blaster, knocking him off his feet. "What the-" he shakes his head, hand to it, then scans the are. Space hampers many of his advanced sensors, much to his annoyance, but he can still spot who fired at him easily enough. He begins to rush towards one of the craggy outcroppings, hoping to use it as cover, and as he does, he returns fire. "That was a cheap shot, Decepticon!" he 'shouts' over an unsecured frequency. "But you're still going to pay for it!"


Ultra Magnus paitiently waited to be sought out by the by the biggest, baddest mofo on the rock; Shockwave. The Ray gun hammers the ground beneath him with radiation lasers, causing it to explode, showering him with space-metal shrapnel as well as send him flying away, the artificial gravity keeping him anchored to the planet... But rather then being a blessing, it just meant that there was something to drag him back down to the surface, the City Commander smashed against the ground with enough force to rattle ever nut and bolt in his form.

      Groaning and shaking off the pain, Magnus rose up once more, battered and his armor marred, but still well and ready for some of that old tough love. "You're right, Shockwave!" agreed the Sentinel of Justice as he took aim, "This time you don't have a Seeker with a hammer-", a damn fine hammer at that, "To help you!" And with this wity quip, Magnus squeezed the trigger, loosing a few rounds of photonic lasers at Shockwave's floaty-gunny form.


Combat: Red Alert sets his defense level to Guarded.

Combat: Red Alert strikes Ransack with his High-Energy Particle Beam Rifle attack! [Pulled -4]

Combat: Ultra Magnus misses Ray Gun <Shockwave> with his Laser Blaster attack! [Pulled -3]

"Hey!" Jayson glares at Rampage through the monitor. "What did I tell you about scratching the paint? Go play with your catnip!" He searches for a weakness, analyzing the data that James has sent him. "Hah, there we this!" He opens fire with his machine guns.


Combat: Exo-Armor Pegasus <Jayson Redfield> misses Mecha-Tiger <Rampage> with its Medium Machine Gun attack!

Exo-Jet Apollo <James Bailey> Jet drifts down towards the now-landed shuttle and then begins circling over it in a slightly jerky figure-eight pattern. Not picking up any aerial presence, the pilot steers down further, flipping the Jet over in transformation to land robotic feet-first on the upper hull of the shuttle.


Twisting and shifting, the Apollo transforms into an exo-suit.

Silent movement is a mastered art of the SpyBot that's hidden somewhere on the asteroid's terrain. It could likely be assumed that he's taken up residence at a very awesome vantage point, in which he could possibly be taking aim with his own cool weapon of choice. But without being able to spot him... that assumption could lead to certain Transformers making afts out of u and me.


Decepticons' turn

"Ohhhh, I'm goona do more than scratch your paint. I'm going to make Pegasus Pie!" the Tiger retorts. "With catnip flavoring!" He dodges the incoming bullets, and decides to answer with some of his own. "Too bad, we haven't got any swiss cheese. How about I make it out of YOU?" His side gun ports open and the Predacon opens fire on the Exo.


Combat: Mecha-Tiger <Rampage> strikes Exo-Armor Pegasus <Jayson Redfield> with his Gun-Ports attack!

Combat: Shockwave sets his defense level to Protected.

Ray Gun <Shockwave> takes note of Red Alert's presence and recalculates the odds of a Decepticon victory. With the numbers still being 5 against 4, he is confident in a Decepticon victory. He also suspects his troopers are tougher than Ultra Magnus's, though he has learned the hard way many times not to underestimate how incompetent they can be. With Ultra Magnus temporarily down, Shockwave maneuvers for a second shot. But before he can pull it off, Magnus has recovered and retaliated. The gun seems to split apart, transforming back into robot mode as he cuts his thrusters and lets gravity send him to the ground, thus evading the rounds of photonic lasers.

      Shockwave lands hard in a controlled crouch behind a rocky outcropping, using it for cover. "Granted," he admits to his counterpart, "However I believe you are forgetting that I also battled Kup during our battle on Mimas. Had he not interfered I calculate I would have been victorious with 54.4% certainty." Shockwave's bravado fought against his analytical mind and lost. Hence the less than stellar bragging. The Decepticon rolls out from the other side of the outcropping, fires several blasts at Magnus, and then ducks back behind it.


Ray Gun <Shockwave>'s barrel and handle splits into arms and legs as Shockwave transforms into robot mode.

Combat: Shockwave misses Ultra Magnus with his Infrared (Laser) attack!

Combat: Set custom attack name for laser to .

Combat: Set custom attack name for laser to 'Laser'.

"Cheap shot? Of course i-urgh!" Ransack stumbles back as his smack talk is interrupted by Red Alert's own attack nailing him in the chest. He tries to shrug it off and continue. No one interrupts his banter. It's the /best/ banter. "Of course it was! I'm a Decepticon, cheap shots are what we do!" The Insecticon fires more shots from his blaster gun, though it's unclear whether he's actually aiming at Red Alert or the cover he's using.


Combat: Ransack misses Red Alert with his Concussion Blaster Gun attack!

To Dreadwind's surprise no defences or defenders turn in his and fire, not that that actually means anything after all it's probably just taking longer for a giant planet destroying laser to target such a dreary and insignificant target such as him. BUt at least the end should be swift with only minor agony as he is essentially obliterated then again if it misses and barely catches him he could find himself stuck in a world of even greater agony than he is in already. Finally reaching a combat altitude Dreadwind transforms, not as one would think so that he can scan the area with radar but more so that he doesn't have to put effort into moving his arms or head around. He could help his companions.. no associates... people who force him to go to increasingly insufferable places, but why bother it's not like they're asking for any help and there aren't any Autobot fliers around either. So he's quite unhappy for now to circle the battle and wait for the inevitable retreat.


Dreadwind leans forwards allowing his body to fall towards the horizontal as his chest flips upwards concealing his head, while his legs pivot and his arms join to form the lower fuselage, to reveal a deadly F-16 Falcon.

Boomslang glides across the battlefield unseen, darting from crater to pit to crevice on the rugged asteroid made more rugged by the mining procedures. Appropriate application of a micro-fusion grenade with good old duct tape to the base of the communication tower, a wire strung from the pin, and Boomslang scurries away, yanking the pin out at an appropriate distance. A silent flash as the communication tower crumples, half falling slowly to the surface while half drifts away into the void.

      Not content to rest on his laurels, Boomslang moves quickly to flank the Autobots, another grenade in hand. He slings it from the darkness towards the human craft and the others fighting around the Autobot shuttle, flickering into view as he approaches...


Combat: Suddenly, Boomslang appears out of thin air!

Combat: Sneak Attack!!

Combat: Boomslang strikes Ransack with his Frag Grenade Area attack!

Combat: Sneak Attack!!

Combat: Boomslang strikes Exo-Jet Apollo <James Bailey> with his Frag Grenade Area attack!

Combat: Sneak Attack!!

Combat: Boomslang strikes Red Alert with his Frag Grenade Area attack!

Autobots' turn

Jayson winces. "Ugh...hold still, would ya?" The Pegasus banks around, attempting to get to Rampage's blind side. He studies the weaknesses again, and then fires another laser blast from the armor's arm-gun.


Combat: Exo-Armor Pegasus <Jayson Redfield> misses Mecha-Tiger <Rampage> with its Laser attack!

"Well, if you paid more for your shots, maybe you'd actually be able to hit more often!" Red Alert snaps back at the Insecticon as he ducks beneath his makeshift cover. He frowns and, proceeding to put his metaphorical money where his radio-mouth is, takes some time to line up his own shot. His focus on Ransack is enough that, combined with the fact that he can't truly 'hear' or 'smell' in space, he's caught off guard by Boomslang's attack, one that pounds him into his cover and tears multiple holes into his back. He hisses /something/ into his radio on the Autobot frequency, and then takes aim at Ransack once more.


Combat: Red Alert sets his defense level to Protected.

Combat: Red Alert takes extra time to aim his next attack on Ransack.

Ultra Magnus's shots were avoided, streaks of light zipping off into infinity. The act was not wasted however, Shockwave having decended to ground level in order to avoid being zapped brought him into Magnus' element.. and prefered altitude. He was just about to charge the rocky obsticle between them when Shockwave popped out and opened fire. Still smarting from the last indirect hit, he decided it would be best not to simply be a sitting target. He dove forward, dropping out of the firing line and into a soldier's crawl, elbows and knees scooting him into some low cover, his chest and belly dragging along the ground.

      When the shooting stopped, Magnus peeked out. He could only guess that Shockwave was inviting him into a gun filled evening of Peek-a-boo.. The City Commander had other ideas... Jolting up to his feet, Magnus charged the rocky out cropping itself, barreling forwerd with all his might and bulk to crash into it, hopefuly smashing it into heavy peices that would soon be coming down around Shockwave's antenna... This might hurt a bit.


Combat: Ultra Magnus strikes Shockwave with his Put your back into it (Smash) attack!

Combat: You took 13 damage.

<Decepticon> Start Wearing Purple! Thrust says, "Catechism, I need your assistance."

Exo-Jet Apollo <James Bailey> is blasted off of the top of the shuttle by the force of the grenade, and goes flying in a tumbling, smoldering arc that takes it farther than expected given the decreased gravity. It bounces off the surface of the asteroid a few times like a skipping rock, each impact scraping sparks off of Exo or asteroid before finally coming to a stop hundreds of meters away from the shuttle. Inside, James takes a moment to reorient himself before triggering the firing controls, sending a stream of autocannon fires back in Boomslang's direction.


Combat: Exo-Jet Apollo <James Bailey> strikes Boomslang with its Medium Machine Gun attack!

<Decepticon> Catechism says, "Did you misplace your Jazz hands again?"

From his vantage point upon a large boulder of asteroidness, Mirage can see everything that's going on right now. And it definitely looks like his Autobuddies could use some assistance. Keeping with his silence, not really having the need for witty banter as he watches the communications tower fall to pieces, Mirage narrows his optics in search of the reason for such... oh. Boomslang. Should've known.

      The Rocket Dart Rifle (sometimes referred to as the PP9 for some Oddjob Reason) is aimed in the general direction of Boomslang, before Mirage suddenly appears out of nowhere (still on his rock) and pulls back on the trigger! Sniper!

<Decepticon> Start Wearing Purple! Thrust says, "If today was only that simple. I want to make Ramjet a present and show him why Thrust is the bestest."

Combat: Suddenly, Mirage appears out of thin air!

Combat: Sneak Attack!!

Combat: Mirage strikes Boomslang with his Rocket-Dart Rifle attack!

Decepticons' turn

<Decepticon> Catechism says, "Thrust, I think you should bake Ramjet an enercake with a metal file inside it. I think he would really enjoy that present and find it useful."

"Dreadwind," Shockwave states over the Decepticon broadband. Oh yes, he has noticed the combiner jet slacking off. "Cease your idling. Make yourself useful and engage the enemy." Shockwave says this even as he puts his back up against the outcropping, trying to determine Ultra Magnus's next move. He saw Magnus diving but doesn't think he managed to hit him. After that, silence. No additional shots come blazing this way. Is Magnus coming after him? Aiming his gun and just waiting for Shockwave to stick his head out in order to blow it away?

      Were Shockwave the sort to get nervous, this would be the time for it. Instead he begins calculating probability totals. He didn't calculate Ultra Magnus crawling towards him high enough. Nor that he'd just bash down the entire outcropping itself. Without warning, the rocks come crumble down around Shockwave, striking him all over his form and nearly burying the mech. The Decepticon goes tumbling as rocks land on and around him. Landing on his tushie, Shockwave smacks a particularly large rock with his hand, sending it hurling back towards Magnus. "Clever," he admits.


Combat: Shockwave misses Ultra Magnus with his Roll out? No... ROCK OUT (Punch) attack!

<Decepticon> Start Wearing Purple! Thrust says, "Very well. Will you assist me?"

<Decepticon> Catechism says, "I can... oversee, I suppose."

"Hold still? You've gotta be kidding me," Mecha-Tiger <Rampage> growls. He rolls onto his back, hoping to catch the Exo in his back legs. He then starts kicking, like a tomcat in an alley fight. So much for not clawing the furniture?


Combat: Mecha-Tiger <Rampage> misses Exo-Armor Pegasus <Jayson Redfield> with his Alley catfight kick (Kick) attack!

<Decepticon> Start Wearing Purple! Thrust says, "Excellent. As you command, my commander!"

Boomslang continues his turn from throwing the grenade, whipping up his rifle as he puts his shoulder into the minor incoming fire from the human. He works the bolt and smiles a humorless and malevolent smile from behind the scope as he lays the red dot over the Apollo's cockpit... when suddenly a rocket-powered flechette comes out of nowhere and plunges through his thigh, *thwock*ing into the rock beyond. "Ngh! What...?!" exclaims Boomslang, who was SURE there was nothing in that quadrant. "You!" he hisses at Mirage with his flanged, metallic sneer. "How appropriate. I should've guessed only you could make that shot. But now you must realize that you're exposed... to my vast advantage in RAW FIREPOWER." Boomslang springs into the air and rockets directly towards Mirage, releasing a general-purpose bomb at almost zero altitude and trusting the low gravity to let it hit after he's already passed out of the blast radius...


With the usual ratcheting sound, Boomslang spins and flips and turns into a fighter jet.

Combat: Boomslang sets his defense level to Fearless.

Combat: F/A-18 Super Hornet <Boomslang> strikes Mirage with his Mk.82 GP Bomb attack!

Ransack's aim for his next attack is thrown off by the sudden explosion of a fragmentary grenade. "Agh! Where the slag did /that/ come from?!" With his armor pierced and his preperations for his next shot thrown off, the slightly dazed Decepticon decides to roll with it. As soon as he regains his footing, he makes the shift into his alternate mode, and as he so often does, charges directly at the enemy, guns (or in this case wiggling antennae) blazing.


Ransack's limbs fold as he falls forward onto his locust form's legs.

Combat: Gigantic Locust <Ransack> strikes Red Alert with his 20kv electricity attack! [Pulled -3]

F-16 Falcon continues to fly above the ensuing destruction and combat and carnage below, almost like gloomy angel of suffering part of what occurs below but not part of it, an outsider even here. Of course this is disturbed as Shockwave realises that Dreadwind has yet to engage a target, "If you say so Shockwave but it won't do any good, it'll just end in our suffering being enhanced. Trying to alter our existence never works, i would have thought that you would have been able to compute that by now but then so few realise the terrible truth." Slowly, seemingly reluctantly Dreadwind pulls around setting himself up for an attack run on someone as he looks for which enemies are actually around, he really hadn't bothered before.


Autobots' turn

Ultra Magnus's little ploy was a painful one. The impact shook him and left a ache in his shoulder that the medics tending to him after this would never hear of. He'd be too busy ordering them to fix the shuttle. Straightening, Magnus locks optics with Shockwave just in time to see his next trick coming. The rock comes hurtling at him and Magnus is ready. A long arm strikes out with a open hand, the arm reeling up and charging the tension disks in his shoulder with kinetic energy that is used to propel the open hand down and into the rock as it sails towards him, the chopping hand cleaving the space-stone in two with a single, mighty stroke.

      The stone, split in twain, veers away to either side, parting like a set of curtains to reveal the City Commander's stern visage to Shockwave, his large optics gleaming with determination and eye lasers.


Combat: Ultra Magnus strikes Shockwave with his Eye Lasers! (Disruptor) attack!

Combat: You took 3 damage.

Exo-Armor Pegasus <Jayson Redfield> banks again, avoiding the kick. Jayson's getting a wee bit annoyed. Usually he has better luck in a fight, but maybe his aim is just off today. He backs up a bit, then fires once more. This time? A simple disruptor.


Combat: Exo-Armor Pegasus <Jayson Redfield> strikes Mecha-Tiger <Rampage> with its Disruptor attack!

Exo-Jet Apollo <James Bailey> begins marching towards the Autobot shuttle again, to get back to something resembling cover and also to get back to where James can keep an eye on Jayson. Inside, James notices a new contact quickly approaching on a tactical display. Glancing out of the main viewscreen he quickly spots what looks like a quickly growing dot in the distance. With a practiced hand James centers a small reticle on it. But rather than a target lock, this is a pointer for his scanners. A line diagram of Dreadwing's form appears on a small side display, rotating and displaying points of interest such as weapons, engines, and suggested areas to attack.


Combat: Exo-Jet Apollo <James Bailey> analyzes Dreadwind for weaknesses.

Red Alert screams in pain as Ransack's electricty arcs over his body. Not that anyone can hear him. Because he's in space. Where no one can hear him scream. Then he paints, which is also a noiseless action, and activates his radio, which creates mock-noise for his teammates. Despite the pain, however, he hasn't lost his targeting lock on Ransack, and now he opens fire with one of his rockets, though it is obvious from the damage all over his frame that he won't be here much longer.


Combat: Red Alert strikes Gigantic Locust <Ransack> with his Shoulder-Mounted Rocket Launcher attack!

Mirage's optics have about a half-second to get wide as the bomb is dropped. And it hits... hard. Literally, the rock that Mirage was on gets blown to bits and the Autobot is sent sailing off in the general direction of some more of the asteroid. The metal upon rock crunching happens as Mirage smacks into the ground, rolls and manages to slide backwards as he returns to being on one knee. Shaking his head, he immediately looks up. "Well. You certainly have an explosive personality." is the quip that's said without raising his British accented vocals.

      There's cover, nearby, but Mirage is going to need a moment to get to it. And thus, one hand is raised with a Ran-Dum Laser Pistol and potshots are sent into the air, in the general direction of the flying beast that is Boomslang. Just need to buy some running and diving time.


Combat: Mirage strikes F/A-18 Super Hornet <Boomslang> with his Shooting The Breeze (Laser) attack!

Decepticons' turn

F/A-18 Super Hornet <Boomslang> takes a hit in one of the external oxygen tanks that he was using to run his turbojet engines in a vacuum, and immediately loses power in the left-hand engine. He swerves towards the asteroid, transforms and impacts in a rising cloud of regolith from which he does not appear to emerge.


The F-18 produces that distinctive transformation sound as it flips around and pops out limbs to assume a humanoid shape.

Combat: Boomslang activates his cloaking field and vanishes from sight!

The rock was never meant to hurt Ultra Magnus but instead buy Shockwave the time to get back up to his feet. The area around the two is full of loose rocks due to the collapsed outcropping. Standing upright, Magnus locks his gaze on him. Shockwave reacts quickly by charging at him, planning to crush the Autobot with a shoulder check. Half way between where he was and Ultra Magnus, Magnus's eye lasers slam into the shoulder in question. It does little to Shockwave other than weaken the armour, but that might cause a problem if the shoulder smash is successful. "Your combat prowess once again impresses me, Magnus," Shockwave admits. "Tell me: Have you ever considered simply disposing of Rodimus Prime and leading the Autobots yourself?" It's very hard to gauge Shockwave's tone of voice, so it's tough to tell if it's a serious question or if he's just being a prick.


Combat: Shockwave strikes Ultra Magnus with his Shoulder Smash (Smash) attack!

Combat: You took 3 damage from that attack.

<Decepticon> Boomslang says, "Commander, I've lost power, I can't keep up under these conditions. Permission to withdraw."

<Decepticon> Shockwave says, "Very well."

F-16 Falcon's somewhat lazy attack move finally finds a target, one of those squishy cans that always seem to follow the Autobots around like pesky rust spots, "So doom has come at last, but to which one of us?" He asks mournfully, "Perhaps our shared suffering of existance shall at last create for me someone who understands the universe as clearly as i do." Yes Dreadwind is more likely to talk his foes to death or maybe suicide than actually kill them as that is a lot of effort. Still he opens fire anyway laser blasting towards the can-o-man kowing full well that they'll miss and take out one of the other Decepticons.


Combat: F-16 Falcon misses Exo-Jet Apollo <James Bailey> with his Laser attack!

Taking a rocket to the face is generally something you want to avoid, regardless of species or affiliation with evil forces. In this particular case, thanks to his blind charge, Ransack's so far impressive record of avoiding such a thing has been tarnished. The locust mecha is blown off his feet, flying through the air and landing on his back. "...Rgh...okay, lucky shot, Autobot." With a couple quick kicks, the damaged warrior flips back right side up, and having apparently learned nothing, launches himself at Red Alert feet first. "Too bad you're not going to get a chance to repeat that after I KICK YOUR HEAD OFF!"


Combat: Gigantic Locust <Ransack> misses Red Alert with his Kick to the Head! attack!

The Tiger takes the disruptor right to the chomper and is dazed for the moment. Giving his opponent an opportunity to escape his clutches.


Combat: Mecha-Tiger <Rampage> takes extra time to steady himself. [Pass]

Autobots' turn

"It's not a lucky shot when you're rushing right at me like a /MORON/!" Red Alert snaps back, then stumbles backwards to avoid the kick. Not good - that electrical blast damaged his hydrolics control, and Red Alert is not the strongest mechanoid out there to begin with. He can't afford a close-quarters battle. While he stumble-scrambles back, making sure to avoid letting Ransack get between him and the Golden Age, he takes a moment to take another quick shot with his rifle - however, with his focus on avoiding shots and putting distance between himself and Ransack, his aim may be a bit off.


Combat: Red Alert strikes Gigantic Locust <Ransack> with his High-Energy Particle Beam Rifle attack!

The two titans collide, Shockwave's shoulder slamming heavily in to the City Commander's chestplate, the armor caving inwards and shattering the chest-windows of his inner form. He is put on his heels, staggering to stay upright, rocks fowling his foot falls or simply crumbling beneath his weight. "R'right.." the Sentinel of Liberty stammers, digging his heels into the hard surface of the asteroid, "Because that has worked quite well any time a Decepticon ever tried such a ploy." remarks Magnus with a rare light of humor shined into the conflict.

      The City Commander attempts to lay those powerful hands of his onto Shockwave, trying to lock him in his iron grip and work him into a off-balance position while throwing his hip into the purple menace's middle. "There is more to being a leader then just being strong in battle, Shockwave. It takes more then just the cold, hard edge of logic." he continues trying to work the mech over his hip and send him slamming to the ground, "After all, that's why you arn't the commander, isn't it."


Jayson listens to his earpiece. "I'll play with you later!" he emits to Rampage before taking off toward Red Alert and Ransack. "Hey, gnat!" he calls to the Insecticon. "Try picking on ME!" Another blast is fired. Hopefully he'll be on the mark.


Combat: Exo-Armor Pegasus <Jayson Redfield> strikes Gigantic Locust <Ransack> with its Laser attack!

Combat: Ultra Magnus strikes Shockwave with his Ultra Crush attack! [Pulled -3]

Combat: You took 13 damage.

Combat: Ultra Magnus's attack has damaged your Firepower!

Metal feet are still doing that thing where they have Mirage running and he literally leaps into the air with some cool somersault move that just adds to his showmanship, before landing and rolling to get behind his cover. The Ran-Dum Laser Pistol is thrown aside in favor of his PP9 Rocket-Dart Rifle. Strategically located, peeking around the corner of this rock allows Mirage to get a better view of the battlefield, so that he may know how to assist his comrades better. Taking a bit of time for strategy is better than the impulsive rushing in of fools, no?


Combat: Mirage sets his defense level to Guarded.

Combat: Mirage takes extra time to steady himself. [Pass]

Exo-Jet Apollo <James Bailey>'s marching brings it to a spot next to the Autobot's ship...just in time to duck behind it as Dreadwind makes his attack run. Inside, James nods in satisfaction as the shuttle's heavy armor absorbs the Decepticon's shots without noticeable effect. He even considers adding a page to the EDC exo-tactics manual: 'When an Autobot vessel is present always take cover behind it'. Then he gets back to business, training his Exo's weapons systems on Dreadwind as the Decepticon pulls away. Not sure if he can nail the moving jet with a ballistic shot at this range, he instead powers up the Exo's head-mounted energy weapons and unleashes a rapid-fire barrage of energy bolts.


Combat: Exo-Jet Apollo <James Bailey> strikes F-16 Falcon with its Disruptor attack!

Decepticons' turn

"Every Decepticon leader has gained their position," Shockwave retorts. "Their successes vary. But no, I suppose you would not even entertain such a thought, regardless of Rodimus Prime's mismanagement." He knows it is mismanagement because even Galvatron seems evenly matched with him. Shockwave tried to knock Magnus away, but the City Commander is too mighty and full of justice and righteousness to get very far. "Despite all your courage and power, Ultra Magnus, you continue to think small."

      Magnus advances, and Shockwave meets it, lashing out with his fist to smash the Autobot's face in. But they don't call him Ultra for nothing, and Shockwave finds himself off balance as Magnus grabs him with those huge hands of his, picking him up over his shoulder and slamming him down on the ground. The rock below them shatters, spewing little chunks of asteroid in all directions. Shockwave is now laying in a sizable crater, looking at Ultra Magnus up on the rim. His upper body is mangled and dented, but the would-be Decepticon leader is not licked yet. He aims upwards, firing a titanic blast from his arm cannon towards Ultra Magnus's chest.


Combat: Shockwave strikes Ultra Magnus with his Arm Cannon Megablast attack!

Boomslang slips away, returning to the Decepticon ship under cover of the asteroid's penumbra and his own stealth capabilities, to lick his wounds and reload his guns.


F-16 Falcon should really curse its luck at not hitting the target like any good little Decepticon but then again Dreadwind really doesn't care either way. In fact missing might just save him suffering down the line, but not much, with a lot of luck it may get him a slightly swifter death instead of the agonisingly long one that he knows will eventually overtake him. Of course the return fire finds its mark with suspiciously unerring accuracy, burning into his defences. He could turn and try for another attack run but with that annoyingly bright Autobot ship in the way the human would likely hide behind it again so he transforms ending with one arm pointed towards the enemy, "We don't have to do this, we're all going to die for nothing anyway so why rush toward the inevitable?" His wrist weapon flares a number of times maybe it'll cause a small amount of damage but not likely.


Combat: Like the wind, Boomslang is gone!

F-16 Falcon suddenly halts it's forwards momentum and pulls up as it bends in half. The body of the jet twists and unfolds to become legs, while arms extrude themselves from the fuselage sides.

Gigantic Locust <Ransack> hits the dirt again as the Autobot's beam pierces his right hind leg, reducing the locust's already miserable agility further. The attack also has the side effect of making the battered Insecticon even angrier. Due to his rising temper, the shot to his antennae from the Exo-Suit causes Ransack to /snap/. It was one thing to be beaten by an Autobot, but he'd be scrapped if he was going to lose to a /human/. Ignoring his previous target entirely, he twists around and fires another electrical charge, this time at Jayson. "BUZZ OFF, INSECT!"


Combat: Gigantic Locust <Ransack> strikes Exo-Armor Pegasus <Jayson Redfield> with his 80kV electricity attack!

Combat: Dreadwind strikes Exo-Jet Apollo <James Bailey> with his Single Wrist Blaster (Disruptor) attack!

Mecha-Tiger <Rampage> clears his head and finds Mirage in his sights. He charges at the Autobot, uttering a roar of rage. "I think I found my new chew toy!" he snarls. The Tiger pounces, jaws agape. Suddenly the jaws go *SNAP*...


Combat: Mecha-Tiger <Rampage> misses Mirage with his bite (Punch) attack!

Autobots' turn

Okay. Here's the issue with paying attention to everyone else... Mirage forgot about Rampage. Which is not a good thing. And that's why he's not ready when the Mecha-Tiger is pouncing in his direction. Okay, that's kind of a lie, because the whole 'chew toy' thing kind of alerted the great Spybot, which allows him to roll off the rock and away from the pouncing cat of doom! "Obviously, no one ever told you not to play with your food." And that's Mirage's snippy reply, as he spins and sends the heel of his foot to meet Rampage's head. Can he kick it? Let's hope he can.


Combat: Mirage sets his defense level to Neutral.

Combat: Mirage misses Mecha-Tiger <Rampage> with his Footloose! (Kick) attack!

Red Alert finds himself, for the moment, badly damages and without an opponent. He's not quite ready to throw in the towel yet, but nor is he suicidal to charge headlong into the nearest or biggest threat, like some Lamborghinis he could name. So instead he crawl-stumbles back towards his outcropping to use that as cover while he attempts to aid his teammates. The Security Director focuses on one fight in particular, turning all his sensors (all the working ones, anyway) on Shockwave before transmitting the data he gathers to Ultra Magnus.


Combat: Red Alert analyzes Shockwave for weaknesses Ultra Magnus can exploit.

"Who are you calling an insect?" Jayson snaps. "Look in the mirror lately?" He winces as his exo is further damaged. The armor reaches out a foot and tries to kick the insect, as if trying to crush it. (Not that Jayson would ever actually do that, but hey, it's an Insecticon.)


Combat: Exo-Armor Pegasus <Jayson Redfield> strikes Gigantic Locust <Ransack> with its Kick attack!

Exo-Jet Apollo <James Bailey> is scorched by Dreadwind's latest attack, though the Exo's black color scheme makes it hard to tell how effective the attack is. Inside, James' gaze flicks to a tiny window that opens on his main display, noting his Exo's updated systems status without taking his eyes too far off of Dreadwind. Twisting at the controls, he sends the Exo running forward, bringing it's hand held gunpod up to fire a spray of ballistic rounds without taking the time to aim.


Combat: Exo-Jet Apollo <James Bailey> misses Dreadwind with its Pistol attack!

Ultra Magnus reply is cut short by the glow of Shockwave's arm-cannon. The purple glow from the nozzle illuminates him. Point blank range.. there's nothing he can do but grit his teeth and hope he can still stand afterwards. For a moment there is darkness, the City Commander blacking out. When he came to he was several yards away, the blast having launched him licke a rocket through the air. When he finaly came to it was to Red Alert's voice and datastream. He could barely read the feed through the static in his optics but it showed him what he needed to know. He hauled himself to his feet, limbs slow and sluggish, the radiation having fried his primary servos, secondary systems struggling to make up for their loss.

      In his gaze, a targeting reticle appears, bouncing and hovering over Shockwave befor locking on the point that Red Alert had pointed out. "I don't need to see the big picture, Shockwave. I'm a Soldier." is Magnus' answer... well.. that and the pair of missiles that just launched from his shoulder and were even now zeroing in of the mech.


Combat: Ultra Magnus misses Shockwave with his Shoulder Missile attack!

Decepticons' turn

Mecha-Tiger <Rampage> manages to not get his head kicked in by Mirage. But the attempt angers him and he tries to pounce again, having missed the first time. "Where do you think you're going?" he snaps, "You're not ripped to shreds yet!" All four sets of claws come out, and fangs are bared. Full feline fury is about to descend upon Mirage...


Combat: Mecha-Tiger <Rampage> misses Mirage with his Mauling attack!

"There's a difference between 'insect' and 'Insecticon'. Insects are tiny and organic, easy to squish." Ransack twists away from the kick but is unable to dodge it, the Exo-Suit's foot smashing into a wing. Instead of pulling away, though, he dives at the leg, jaws open and ready to clamp down upon it. "Just like you'll be when I tear that metal play suit of yours apart!"


Combat: Gigantic Locust <Ransack> strikes Exo-Armor Pegasus <Jayson Redfield> with his Chomp attack!

Dreadwind groans internally as he finally nails a shot, finally being one and one but to him that's still losing as it is carrying out the will existance spreading the suffering that it enjoys so much and feeds on, far better to sit and do nothing, just wait for your pre-destined end. There is after all no point struggling against the terrible inevitability of it all. Dreadwind starts to drift slowly down towards the human after all he prefers nice close up battles, lot less of that needless moving around that happens at long range. Somehow the human manages to miss him, probably a devestating on target attack will follow it up. Dreadwind smoothly draws his guns and aims once more at the human, "If you would just give up perhaps you could be my friend, i wonder what that would be like... having a friend?" A gentle almost imperceptible squeeze of the triggers sends twin blasts of energy towards the target.


Combat: Dreadwind strikes Exo-Jet Apollo <James Bailey> with his Thermal Melters attack!

Shockwave sees Magnus's form vanish over the lip of the crater he caused. The City Commander doesn't reappear for several seconds, and Shockwave tries to move. He finds his right arm is not functioning properly. It refuses to raise any higher than chest height. Damage from the shoulder slam, no doubt. His chest and head is battered, and Shockwave's condition is nearly pitiful as he forces himself to a staggered position using his gun arm. It is then that he sees Magnus reappear, spouting his righteous nonsense. "A lack of ambition is a serious character flaw," Shockwave drones. His optic is smudged with dirt, but can still be seen flashing.

      When the two missiles launch, it is clear Shockwave isn't in good enough condition to avoid them. Instead he falls into an offensive firing stance and blasts at the missiles with his arm cannon. The two missiles are shattered before they make it half way to him, shot out of mid-air. The resulting explosions nearly shatters the cliffside Magnus is standing on. It kicks up a dust storm, obscuring the vision of both combatants.

      It is out of this dust storm that a pair of immensely powerful radiation blasts fly. The first is aimed for Ultra Magnus himself. The other for the cliff itself in an attempt to send Magnus down into the crater where he'll be buried. As the dust falls, the hovering form of the Shoxcannon can be seen, already gearing up to obliterate the rest of the Autobots.


Combat: Shockwave sets his defense level to Aggressive.

Shockwave's arms and legs connect into a barrel and handle as he shifts into Ray Gun mode.

Combat: Ray Gun <Shockwave> strikes Ultra Magnus with his Shoxcannon attack! [Pulled -5]

Autobots' turn

Paying close attention to the close quarters battle that's happening right now, Mirage can't really make room so that he can get a bead on this crazy metal feline with his PP9. Watching with focused optics as Rampage drops down towards him with all the fury of a ticked off kitten. "Oh my. That was just... clawful." Perhaps there was a smirk to accompany that snide remark, but Mirage is too busy swinging the butt of his rifle towards the pouncing Rampage. Alpha Counter!


Combat: Mirage misses Mecha-Tiger <Rampage> with his Butt Out! (Punch) attack!

"Not likely..." Jayson grins, despite the situation. "You wanna get in here? Not in a million years, punk!" He fires the disruptor. "Eat this!"


Red Alert winces as he feeds Ultra Magnus his targeting information, and Magnus... misses. Ah, well. Magnus still has the information, and Red Alert still has no pressure on him. As he overhears a report on the EDC frequency, he turns his attention to Redfield, the one keeping Ransack occupied (and thus preventing Red Alert himself from being taken out of the fight). The security director decides it's time he returned the favor in a different way, as he now scans Ransack and passes the data to Redfield's Exo-suit.


Combat: Red Alert analyzes Ransack for weaknesses Exo-Armor Pegasus <Jayson Redfield> can exploit.

Combat: Exo-Armor Pegasus <Jayson Redfield> strikes Gigantic Locust <Ransack> with its Disruptor attack!

Exo-Jet Apollo <James Bailey> is blasted again by Dreadwind. This time it's easy to see how badly damaged it is despite the matte-black armor plating - because quite a few of those armor plates are burned off, revealing the lighter grey infrastructure of the Exo-Armor underneath. James is bathed in sweat at the sudden wave of heat, and even after climate control system manages to reduce the interior cabin temperature back to comfortable levels again he's still sweating. His Exo can't take this kind of damage much longer. Adjusting the controls, he causes the Apollo to twist to present it still-armored side to Dreadwind. The gunpod now extends across it's chest, and the Exo's other hand comes up to cradle the weapon's barrel to hold it steady.


Combat: Exo-Jet Apollo <James Bailey> strikes Dreadwind with its Medium Machine Gun attack!

Ultra Magnus simply couldn't move in time. The blast cut into him, frying systems and fusing circuitry. His targeting system threatened to go offline completely. The cliff gave way beneath him, rucks and rubble tumbling with him down to the bottom where he was burried beneath debris. Almost offline, Magnus finds himself entombed, the stone and ore crushing down on him. It's almost enough to make him give up. His conciousbness wanes, slipping away. Memories dredge up, burried things, things he had wanted to forget so badly. Confined in the realm of The Fallen. locked away in a coffin. No sight, no sound, only the knowledge that someone, somewhere was wearing his armor, misleading his soldiers.

      A frantic conciousness rushed through him, claustrophobia granting him strength enough to erupt from the rubble, exploding into the open air. Nemesis Prime was now long gone and beyond the reach of Magnus' sudden thurst for vengence... Shockwave, on the other hand, was not and that was just fine by the City Commander. Hefting his laser rifle and charging it to it's lesser capacity, Ultra Magnus sought to educate Shockwave on a character flaw of his own.

      Not finishing what he started.


Combat: Ultra Magnus misses Ray Gun <Shockwave> with his Laser Blaster attack!

Decepticons' turn

Gigantic Locust <Ransack> growls. "Punk? /Punk/?! I'm not a punk, you fleshy worm, I am RansBRRZTT!" That's right, brrztt. The next shot from the Exo-Suit hits a big red bug optic, knocking it entirely off Ransack's head. He stumbles back, growling in anger as he fires off blast after blast of electric energy, shooting blindly in anger and, well, blindness.


Combat: Gigantic Locust <Ransack> misses Exo-Armor Pegasus <Jayson Redfield> with his 80kV electricity attack!

The Tiger rolls out of the way of the rifle butt, then transforms. He levels his pistol at Mirage. "Hold still!" he says to the Autobot, "Lemme shoot you full of holes!"


Rampage's head slides down to his chest, his body rising upright. His robot head appears where his beast mode head had just been, and he now stands before you in robot mode.

Combat: Rampage strikes Mirage with his Pistol attack!

Dreadwind's dismay is almost a palpable field that clings to him perhaps that is what shields him and guides his aim so unerringly when he just can't be bothered, which is almost all the time. No it is more likely the cruel reality that the universe enjoys his suffering too much and simply will not let him go so easily, forcing him to succeed when he shouldn't. Though his forced success is not without penalty as his body is again caressed with pain not that Dreadwind shows it after all what is a small drop into the vast dark ocean that is his life. "You are very quiet human, having you nothing to say or is your hatred of me such that it renders you unable to converse on any level? Well if that is how you want it then i shall continue alone, so alone, till the end." As he holsters his rifles and aims a powered flying kick at the rapidly failing human vehicle.


Combat: Dreadwind strikes Exo-Jet Apollo <James Bailey> with his Kick attack!

Ray Gun <Shockwave> watches as Ultra Magnus is first fried, and then sent hurtling towards the bottom of the crater that he himself was in mere moments ago. "A brave effort, Magnus," Shockwave drones to what he assumes is an unconscious Ultra Magnus buried beneath layers of rock. "But bravery in of itself is simply not enough." The ray gun picks up speed, planning to circle around and begin frying the other heroes, starting with Red Alert and working his way down from there. But before he makes it there, he detects movement beneath the rubble. "Impossible..." Shockwave can be heard muttering.

      But it is possible and Ultra Magnus explodes out of the rocks in the crater. Several of the heavy rocks fly past the ray gun, nearly striking it and knocking it from the sky. Magnus's rifle is out, and Shockwave takes evasive action. The laser bolt passes just to the side of the logical mech. "You continue to persist," Shockwave states. His tone betrays the notion that he is growing annoyed with the City Commander. "Despite all I have done to you, /you continue to persist/." There's a humming sound coming from Shockwave's barrel. "But your efforts shall not avail you this time, Ultra Magnus. Not this time!" The Decepticon attempts to obliterate the entire crater, firing blast after blast towards Ultra Magnus, trying to finally put him down for good.


Combat: Ray Gun <Shockwave> strikes Ultra Magnus with his Shoxcannon attack! [Pulled -7]

Autobots' turn

So this is the part where Mirage finally takes a hit. Sparks are flying and all of that craziness. Not a good thing. Because it kind of ruins his ability to be all flippy and acrobatical. Which isn't going to assist him in a battle against something like Rampage. "Not a problem." And then, just like that... Mirage shimmers and is gone!


Jayson cringes as he effectively shoots out Ransack's eye. "Ew..." The armor ducks back and banks around, narrowly avoiding each of the electrical blasts. It makes a fist and charges, Jayson giving in to his instincts as a street fighter (although normally, it's not very effective against Transformers).


Combat: Mirage activates his cloaking field and vanishes from sight!

Combat: Exo-Armor Pegasus <Jayson Redfield> strikes Gigantic Locust <Ransack> with its Punch attack!

Exo-Jet Apollo <James Bailey> is struck by the kick, and inside James gets rocked around savagely by the impact, his breath bursting out in a slight wheeze. Noticing a few of his displays dimming, he uses one hand to quickly triggers a damage control subroutine, causing circuits to rerout and backup systems to come online. The other taps in a command sequence for a pre-programmed counter attack. Outside, the Exo shifts it's grip on the gunpod and uses it like a giant club to try and bash in Dreadwind's head!


Combat: Exo-Jet Apollo <James Bailey> misses Dreadwind with its Gunpod to the dome (Punch) attack!

Red Alert continues to study the battlefield, passing around data as he can, but his attention returns to the battle between Shockwave and Ultra Magnus, and his optics widen. If Red Alert has it right, Magnus is holding himself upright by willpower alone... if that! And of course, the City Commander is too damned <s>stubborn</s> heroic to know when to retreat. So Red Alert, the mech who advises caution but all too often acts on his own rather instincts, rushes fearlessly towards the battle between the two titans. "Magnus! You've got to get out of here!" he shouts, firing his shoulder rocket in an attempt to provide cover - and buy them both some time.


Combat: Red Alert sets his defense level to Fearless.

Combat: Red Alert strikes Ray Gun <Shockwave> with his Shoulder-Mounted Rocket Launcher attack!

Combat: You took 15 damage.

Combat: Red Alert's attack has damaged your Agility!

Ultra Magnus simply won't fall. Hammered into the asteroid by blast after blast. Ultra Magnus somehow survives. At the bottom of the crater he rests, kneeling, unmoving. His armor is smoking and charred, nearly completely melted, it is unresponsive, stifling, a cage.

      Once more he feels trapped. Struggling, fighting, he forces a painful transformation, his armor attempting to reform into a trailer, only to reform into a mangled wreck. The cab, battered and wrecked, pulls free and rushes forward. The blasts have rendered the crater wall smooth, almost too smooth for the tires to find purchase.. but they do. And so the white Semi-Cap rushes up the ramp like walls and flings itself into the air with all the speed it can muster, transformational thrusters keeping it on it's sudden collision course with Shockwave.


Ultra Magnus transforms into his Semi-Cab mode.

Combat: The next attack against you will automatically hit.

Combat: Semi-Cab strikes Ray Gun <Shockwave> with his Cab Ram attack!

Combat: You took 11 damage.

Combat: Semi-Cab's attack has damaged your Firepower!

Decepticons' turn

<Decepticon> Ransack says, "Rrgh...I'm barely holding together here. As much as I /really really/ don't want to ask, permission to retreat, sir?"

<Decepticon> Shockwave says, "Nnn... I calculate the odds of our success has dropped below a satisfactory level. Fall back to the Despoiler."

Dreadwind sighs as his effectiveness is no doubt being noticed by Shockwave even as he battles Ultra Magnus meaning that he'll be forced to go on even more missions and probably with Darkwing too. He shudders at the thought and somehow the shudder causes him to dodge the gunpod, nah it was just a poorly aimed blow, surely? "I see, the quiet treatment, trying to scare me perhaps? It won't work, there is nothing to fear once you know the truth of this cruel dream that we call reality, all is stripped away down to the core leaving only suffering. Consider yourself fortunate, your suffering shall now come to an end." A large armoured fist flies forwards trying to put the vehicle and pilot down and out for the count.

<Decepticon> Ransack says, "Right away. Grumblegrumbleslagginhumangrumble."

Combat: Dreadwind strikes Exo-Jet Apollo <James Bailey> with his Punch attack!

<Decepticon> Dreadwind says, "Is this a general retreat now or do i have to keep on fighting?"

Boomslang meanwhile has been keeping the Despoiler's engine running for just such an occasion.

<Decepticon> Give him some catnip Rampage says, "Awww, we have to go now? Oh well, my chew toy just vanished into thin air."

Gigantic Locust <Ransack> has had enough of flailing around blindly for one day and starts to turn to leave...only to wind up having another piece of his wing knocked off by a punch from the human robot-wannabe. Insult and injury all in one. He so wants to stay and destroy the human, the remaining Autobots, their shuttle, possibly big chunks of the asteroids, but the missing eye and creaking noises as his frame barely holds together reminds Ransack that dead 'cons tend to be less effective at such things. As such, he finally kicks off the ground with his good leg and blasts off (slowly, with lots of smoke puffing out of his thrusters) towards the Despoiler.


Combat: Gigantic Locust <Ransack> begins retreating, leaving himself vulnerable to parting shots from Semi-Cab, Mirage, Rampage, Boomslang, Exo-Armor Pegasus <Jayson Redfield>, Exo-Jet Apollo <James Bailey>, Dreadwind, Red Alert, Ray Gun <Shockwave>, and Autobot Flagship <Orion Pax>

<Decepticon> Darkwing says, "Wow, that actually got you out of your corner without me? I'm rather surprised you could be bothered, Dreaddy."

Rampage growls as the retreat is called. "Very well," he growls back into his commlink, then he transforms and returns to the shuttle, where his little TV is starting to show the beginnings of Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares.


Combat: Rampage begins retreating, leaving himself vulnerable to parting shots from Semi-Cab, Exo-Jet Apollo <James Bailey>, Ray Gun <Shockwave>, and Autobot Flagship <Orion Pax>

Ray Gun <Shockwave> /again/ fries Ultra Magnus, and /again/ the Autobot City Commander refuses to die. "Will I have to destroy this entire asteroid in order to see you offline, Magnus?" Shockwave asks rhetorically. "If that is what it takes then I assure you it would be well worth the effort." Shockwave is lining up for another shot on Magnus. The barrel hums and the Decepticon strategist prepares for another blast. Just as he fires, a missile slams into the side of the ray gun, obliterating the right side of the barrel half way between the tip and the handle. it was once Shockwave's wounded shoulder. The rest of Shockwave's the barrel is connected via his left arm and several wires and cables. His shot goes way wide.

      Knocked back from the impact, Shockwave reorients himself, firing at Magnus, nearly striking the semi-cab as it roars towards the crater. Shockwave fires again, causing a massive pothole just in front and to the side of Magnus, but it fails to stop him. He fires again, obliterating the smooth crater side, but Magnus has already ramped off it. The semi crashes into Shockwave, crushing his barrel and sending him hurtling out of the sky. Sparks shoot from the ray gun as he struggles to maintain his position. His handle thrusters ignite, propelling him back towards the Despoiler with the rest of the fleeing Decepticons.


Combat: Ray Gun <Shockwave> begins retreating, leaving himself vulnerable to parting shots from Autobot Flagship <Orion Pax>

<Decepticon> Dreadwind says, "Shockwave insisted, i told him it was pointless given our numbers but he didn't listen, no one ever does."

Autobots' turn

Nobody knows where Mirage has gone. But rest assured, wherever he is, he's making sure those Decepticons are truly retreating. CLOAKED OPTICS GLARING.


At this point, all the Decepticons but Dreadwind have retreated. Ramarkably, the Autobots have gained a victory here. Red Alert crouches and watches Dreadwind warily, alert in case he doesn't decide to do the /smart/ thing and retreat, but otherwise makes no agressive action. Mostly, he's thinking, 'Slaggit. I'm going to have to pilot that thing back, won't I?'


Combat: Red Alert takes extra time to steady himself. [Pass]

And thus, one of Optimus' words of wisdom shines true once more.

      "If all else fails, hit it with a truck."

      That magnificent bastard.

      The Peterbilt sails back to the surface of Harvest one, transforming and contorting into the naked form of Ultra Magnus befor slamming into the rocky terrain feet first... and then promptly falling over.


Exo-Jet Apollo <James Bailey> swings and misses with the gunpod, then Dreadwind's return blow sends the weapon spinning away, the fingers of one hand unit damaged beyond function. Inside the pilot's compartment, James depresses a pair of foot pedals, causing the Exo's jets to activate and lift it up and out of hand-to-hand range from Dreadwind. James does this almost absently, directing the Exo to set down gently on the upper surface of the Autobot shuttle again with a faint ripple of jetwash. At the same time he scans for the lost gunpod, then shakes his head when he spots it - too far. Instead he begins rerouting extra power to the energy weapons, building up a powerful charge. <no attack>


Combat: Exo-Jet Apollo <James Bailey> takes extra time to steady itself. [Pass]

White Peterbilt 352 <Ultra Magnus> transforms into his Ultra Magnus <Inner Robot> mode.

Jayson pants a bit, grinning. "That was awesome! We are the *masters*, baby!" He heads over to check up on James, for starters. "Yo, Captain!" he emits. "You okay? Need help with this guy?" He keeps his weapons activated, in case a stray Decepticon decides to come play, or Dreadwind decides to not retreat. Whichever comes first. <no attack>


Combat: Exo-Armor Pegasus <Jayson Redfield> takes extra time to steady itself. [Pass]

Dreadwind connects yet again, his fight rapidly becoming a one way tide of destruction and pain with him not on the receiving end, which in itself is depressing enough. Of course the inevitable happens and a familiar command is heard and Dreadwind is suddenly left very much alone as the other Decepticons quickly scurry for safety. His arms dropping pathetically to his sides as his opponant also scurries to a safer position. "I am sorry human, it seems that you will not find release this day, your suffering must continue as does my own." With that he drifts slowly into the sky and hopefully the Decepticon spaceship will still be waiting for him, surely they won't have forgotten leaving him behind on his own?


Combat: Dreadwind begins retreating, leaving himself vulnerable to parting shots from Ultra Magnus, Exo-Jet Apollo <James Bailey>, Ray Gun <Shockwave>, and Autobot Flagship <Orion Pax>

Ray Gun <Shockwave> lands back in the Despoiler, transforming to robot mode. His right arm is missing nearly everything from just below the shoulder to just above the wrist. Only several cables are keeping his hand attached to the rest of his body. His chest and head are dented in, and one of his antennae has been snapped in half. Shockwave slumps against the bulkhead of the Despoiler before pressing his gun up against the intercom toggle button next to the deployment airlock. Dreadwind flies in, and Shockwave states, "We are all aboard... get us back to the Absolution."

      This was a crushing defeat and Shockwave knows he's going to hear about it from Galvatron, Scourge, and Cyclonus. He does not look forward to the pitiful gloating they're going to subject him to, but it doesn't matter. The mission was a failure, but it is only a setback on the longer path to ultimate victory over the Autobots. Lessons were learned, and errors will be corrected. It is a step back, but a step nonetheless. "We will rebuild, we will repair, and we will ultimately triumph," Shockwave states to apparently no-one as he heads to the command centre.


Ray Gun <Shockwave>'s barrel and handle splits into arms and legs as Shockwave transforms into robot mode.

From Exo-Jet Apollo <James Bailey>, James Bailey leans back and lets out a sigh of relief, almost triggering his weapons systems reflexively as Dreadwind departs.

Rampage curls up in front of his TV, watching Chef Gordon Ramsey-sama. He purrs, despite his minimal damage, or perhaps because of it.


Rampage collapses down onto all fours, his beast head replacing the position of his robotic head. He now stands before you in Tiger mode.

Dreadwind finally manages to catch up with the more rapidly fleeing Decepticons aboard the ship, his wounds seem superficial at best and yet once safely inside he almost immediately slumps down in a dejected pile, seemingly badly damaged.


Boomslang slaps Flattop on the back of the cone (yes the name is ironic). "You heard the man, get us out of here." The loyal gumby eyes Boomslang resentfully, remembering when he was rather recently a gumby too before he started turning invisible and putting on airs, but spits out a "yes sir," and blasts off for the outer edge of Earth space, where the Decepticon flagship waits.

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