Name Hazard
Faction Autobot
Function Combat Engineer
Alt Mode Jeep
Type OC


"If I could just reach my... Autobot Utility Belt!"

Hazard is an Autobot engineer with a creative (and often destructive) streak. An inventor, Hazard's inventions usually end up doing more harm than good, and he often has trouble finding Autobots willing to be test subjects. Beneath his eccentric, and absent-minded nature, Hazard is a loyal Autobot, and possesses an immense drive once he puts his mind to something. In his jeep mode, Hazard can attain speeds of up to 120 MPH, and often puts his skills to use as a field medic; zooming through a battlefield to rescue fallen Autobots. In his robot mode, Hazard is capable of holding his own in battle, armed with a modified plasma blaster, a hypervelocity slugthrower, and whatever gadgets of his are working at a given moment. He is also equipped with a jetpack, allowing him to fly in short bursts. Hazard's inventions and weapons are prone to breaking and exploding at just the wrong times, often leaving him vulnerable in battle.


Nothing too spectacular; Hazard has always been a medic in one form or another. When Optimus Prime left for Earth, Hazard stayed behind to support the resistance with Ultra Magnus. With resources and soldiers dwindling, Hazard eventually took up arms himself to support his allies on the field. Today, Hazard likens himself as a Field Medic, or Combat Engineer: able to wade into the thick of battle to rescue fallen Autobots.




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