Here Comes Tomorrow

TP Characters: Praxis, Sixknight, Greatshot
IC Year: 2107
Run By: Blueshift


It is the year 2107, a dark future. Cybertron is no more, Earth is devastated, and the Autobots and Decepticons are shattered. The crazed Cybertronian scientist Praxis rules over what is left with an iron fist, and seeks to cement his power with his time travel experiments...




  • Brothers In Armour - Sixknight vs Moonracer. Greatshot vs Astrotrain. One of them will die today.
  • Living The Dream - Sixknight kills Daniel, again and again and again. And then... I, WARMONGER!
  • Lair Of The Beast - Praxis summons his minions to him to prepare for the final conflict
  • Final Crisis - The forces of Praxis fight the forces of Grimlock in an epic battle to determine the fate of the planet, past and future

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