Name Huffer
Faction Autobot
Function Construction Engineer
Alt Mode Truck
Type FC


"Molecular Structure is the key to success."

Grumbly, dour, and pessimistic, Huffer looks at the world through sludge-colored windshields. Often unhappy and homesick for Cybertron, and not too sociable, but absolutely reliable. Will say it can't be built, then builds it anyway. Arm sensors can test materials for strength, heat resistance, elasticity, etc. Extremely strong. Exceptional mathematical and geometrical abilities.

Recent History

  • Huffer had a rather embarrassing incident which apparently involved a squirrel. Not all the details are known, but it shook him up pretty good. You may have heard about it.



  • You might think that Huffer and Pipes would be best of friends, but they hate each other just as much as everyone else hates them.
  • As per his official boxart, Huffer is some horrific crippled monster



  • Squirly Huffer -- Huffer can't stop talking about an embarrassing incident without a little help.



Huffer is mech enough to pull the trailer.

User:DarkSir -- May 2008 to October 2009

User:Huffer -- October 2009 to Present

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