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Name Infest
Faction Decepticon
Function Skirmisher
Alt Mode Ant
Type OC


"I am willing to die for the Empire, Autobot. Are you?"

Look who just came to ruin the Autobot's picnic; Infest! A vicious and dedicated Insecticon who is always willing to ruin the Autobot's day. This Insecticon is a triple threat, able to convert into a tiny machine in order to sneak up on enemy positions unnoticed, transform into a gigantic ant and wreak havoc with his huge metal rending mandibles, acid spray, eye firing disruptor rays, only then to transform into a battle ready robot to tear Autobots apart with his left arm pincer, and automatic pistol. Combine this with the strength to lift twenty times his own body mass and you have a bug that won't go squish easily! A soldier that is feircly loyal to the decepticon chain of command, hardly making a move without their say so. This hard and trained carapace hides a curious spark however, one facinated by all things wooden! When not making life hectic he can often be found working it somehow, be it clear cutting a entire forest or simply whittling a branch.


Born of a recycled Lasercore and easily replaced parts and armor, Infest was made to be the perfect soldier, quick to obey, slow to retreat, and utterly expendable. Another bug to fatten the insecticon's ranks and wreak havoc on the general populace of earth.


  • +finger info contains the term 'spark' which is widely discouraged and unthemely compared to the lasercores all G1 Transformers are ought to have. :/



Ion Tzil'macht

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