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Name Ion Tzil'Macht
Faction Terran
Function Combat Engineer
Alt Mode Alien
Type OC


"Peace may be the right of all sentient beings but it is a right that must be earned and protected."

A warrior of peace from beyond the stars. Born on the peace-loving planet Nebulos, Ion's life was going well until the Decepticons came and loused things up. Now, one fight for freedom later, Ion's not so keen on letting them pull the same act on anyone else. Normally a pleasant creature with a curious mind, this young Nebulon becomes a staunch warrior when things go bad, putting the knowledge gained while combating the Decepticons as a rebel on his homeworld to good use. Now on Earth, Ion feels a little out of place but doesn't allow it to get to him. Instead he seeks to learn more about the brave men and women of Earth that have helped the Autobots keep the threat of Decepticon domination in check for so long.


When MotorMaster took Nebulos by storm, thrusting it into a short, dark time, many people bowed, cowering into the shadows and hoping that their oppressors would take what they wanted and leave. Others stood up, taking up arms and fought to regain their freedom. Ion was among these people. His entire family took up the cause; mother, father, and sister. They did what they could, sabotaged the machines that were ravaging their world of its resources, harrying MotorMaster's forces.

The Decepticons had their vengence. Before they withdrew from his world to return to Earth they left bloody reminders. His sister was lost in a blundered attempt, his father losing his arm in the same tragic event. With the departure of these fiends the world rejoiced, mourned, and rebuilt. Many of those who took up arms now set them away; Ion could not. The Decepticons had left their mark. He could never look at his world without thinking about how easily these titans had come and conquered it.

Resolving that it would never happen again, Ion collected his things and made for the epicenter of the conflict... Earth.


  • Far and few, far and few,
  • Are the lands where the Nebulans live;
  • Their hair is green, and their skin is blue,
  • And they went to sea in a Sieve came to Earth in a Spaceship.
  • Ion Tzil'Macht is a private in the EDC's Med/Tech/Ops. He is also one of several exo-suit pilots in the EDC.
  • Ion is fortunate in that he is the only Nebulan on Earth without a Headmaster or Targetmaster partner. and Velum are two Nebulans on Earth without *Master components.


  • Logs with Ion in feature here.


Ion Tzil'macht

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