Name Lanz-lot
Faction Junkion
Function Knight
Alt Mode Unknown
Type OC


"Any man, who would be a knight, and follow a king, follow me!"

Lanz-lot is a very confused Junkion. A shuttle accident years ago left him stranded in space. Countless hours of watching Excalibur and reading la Morte de Arthur took its toll on the Junkion, and his personality began to change. He sometimes believes himself to be THE Lancelot, Knight of the Round Table. His friends, who he refers to as other knights, have managed to cure him of most of the trauma, but he still remains dedicated to the ideas of Chivalry. He strives to be the best Knight (and Junkion) he can be, wielding his massive sword in the name of Chivalry!



  • Active around 1996.



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