Name Laserbeak
Faction Decepticon
Function Interrogation
Alt Mode Cassette
Type FC


"The only point I like in Autobots: melting point."

Laserbeak takes pleasure in hunting his prey -- usually the straggling survivors of a battle. Will run for safety if threatened in a combat situation, though he often goes on reconnaissance missions into dangerous enemy territory. Flies at speeds up to 250 mph. Uses two independently targetable laser cannons with extreme precision to get information from captives. Noticeably not brave.


Need a laser? Call me!



  • Shockwave loves when Laserbeak returns and he can tell Galvatron about it. Seriously it's like the highlight of his day. (The rest of Shockwave's day is spreadsheets.)
  • Laserbeak once defeated Trokius during the Quintessons invasion of Cybertron in 2019
  • Laserbeak is also a bit pretentious, being one of the older cassettes. He doesn't play nice, he doesn't socialize and he certainly does NOT talk....aside for SQUAWK. He does that a lot.
  • When left to his own devices and feeling irritated, he enjoys petty vandalism.
  • Laserbeak does not answer to you.
  • He also used his cunning to steal Silver in the 2033 Olympics: Decepticon Free-For-All in 2033. That's right....Silver.

Tales from the Perch

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  • Let's Torture Bob - Every Decepticon wants to torture Bob, agent of MECH, but who will get the right?
  • Who's Afraid of the DJD? - Who's afraid of the DJD, you ask? Well, it turns out, if you aren't already scared, you should be.
  • 2035 Olympics - Light Full - James Bailey vs Battletrap - Laserbeak has to suffer the indignity of watching two far lesser beings compete. Also Battletrap gets shot with a battle rifle. A lot (well maybe only a few times but we'll say it a lot cause it is amusing).


Astracius (August 2014)

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