Layla Bastet
Name Layla Bastet
Faction Terran
Function Nova Commander
Alt Mode Power Armor
Type OC


"Life is an adventure, mine shall be filled with many wondrous things."

Of General Wolf Red Cloud's command staff, Layla looks the most forward to new adventure. Not for any lust of blood or riches, but a genuine joy of new discovery. Before joining the Militants, took part in archaeological digs at home in Egypt, as well as taking part in dives looking for the island of Atlantis. This interest led her also to the Nova division, and the chance to explore space firsthand. She also has secondary training as a field surgeon, as her armor's stellar capabilities are not always required.



  • Layla's last name, Bastet, is shared with the Egyptian goddess of the sun and war. Bastet (also Bast, Ubasti, or Pasht) is considered the patron of cats. Wikipedia Article



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